Panera Bread

1005 Stafford Market Pl, Stafford
(540) 288-1392

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Joshua Bagwell

Absolutely terrible food. Only reason they get two stars is because the service was good and the workers were friendly and helpful.The flood was covered is food. You can tell the fireplace hasn’t been properly cleaned in months it’s got caked food against it. How do you guys ruin a steak a cheese sandwich? I got some tomato basil cucumber salad. Just terrible. Should have just ordered a turkey sandwich that seems impossible to make disgusting.

Keith Cohen

Great place for foodGood bagels sold here along with great cookies and other stuff also

Valarie Bolling

This location never completes our orders and consistently have no problems taking your money for items paid for and not delivered. They are notoriously unrexponsive and never answers the phone to address incomplete orders. We called this location for 45 mins to no avail. Not one associate nor a manager picked up the line THEY designated for customers with issues with their orders. That is the epitome of poor customer service. We are simply and righfully looking for a refund for items in an order that was paid for and not delivered!


Food was great. However, the facility was dingy and dirty both in the dining area and restrooms.

Jesse G.

Double-check your order. Triple check it. Don't take their word for it and DEFINITELY don't take that useless little checklist they tape to the bag, that's just for show, it's absolutely MEANINGLESS. I sat there tonight and WATCHED the idiot who was supposed to be checking orders check all the boxes without opening a bag tonight, then, when I asked her about it, she lied to me to my face and said "she did." (No, you didn't) Oh, I was there because I had to drive back to get credit for a salad they missed on MY order. Why did I have to go in? Because for some strange reason they can't credit the card on an online order if the card isn't present, which is STUPID. Oh, and if you want to show your UTTER CONTEMPT for your customers, hang up on them over and over and over when they try to call in with a problem. I got hung up on FOUR TIMES before I gave up and drove back to the restaurant - Good thing I did, because it's not like they could have done anything for me over the phone. Poor excuse for a restaurant staffed by useless people who are obviously not hired for their brains... I keep trying to give them another chance because my wife likes their salads...but I think at this point even she's given up on them.. (Because of course, what's the point of driving 40 minutes for a salad you like if they DON'T PUT IT IN THE DAMN BAG.)

Gwen J.

I placed a delivery order with Panera bread from the Stafford Virginia location as I normally do when I'm working during the day if I'm busy. I go to retrieve my order that was left on the porch by the door dash driver within 3 minutes and my pizza box is sitting outside of the bag on the porch!!Normally Panera Bread puts all the items in one big bag. I find this to be a problem because it's unsanitary, especially this time of year with all types of crawling insects. Yes, the Pizza Box had the Panera seal on it; however, not around the entire box. For me that's unsanitary and not consumable because I don't know what crawled in the box, on the box or could be in the box on the pizza that doesn't belong. I immediately contacted Panera and expressed my issue. They blew it off like it was ok. The manager stated that as long as they seal the pizza box, they have met their requirement. They seal the front. There are still other openings around the box. He even tried to blame it on door dash when they are the ones who package the food, knowing He could possibly be left at the door. Wow! No apology, no reasonable, solution. He was nonchalant about even caring. Very disappointing. I won't be ordering delivery from them again and very possibly not even use that location at all in the future. Where they were getting plenty of my business, they will not be receiving any of my business at that location. I'll take my $30 - $60 order elsewhere, where Customer service, concern and satisfaction matter.

Ryan Kelley

Panera in the Stafford marketplace has always been very popular local destination. The food is always reliably good, and the staff is always very polite. There orange scones are a regular staple of my visits.The only negative to this location is the traffic in the area. It's death-defying to get off or on to rte 610.

Monica S.

I've never had any issues with customer service but the restaurant shows obvious signs that it's rarely, if ever, deep cleaned. Dust, dirt, and trash under the garage cabinets, and around the edges of the carpet and tile floor, bathroom stall walls are very dirty, every surface area in the bathroom is dusty and dirty. Grime along the trim between the carpeted and tiled areas. The creases between the seat and backboard of the booths are full of dust and crumbs. I just hope they do a better job with the kitchen. Anytime I'm there I usually see employees doing surface cleaning, but it's obvious the restaurant doesn't do any deep cleaning.

Dallas H.

Visit on 7/14/2021 at 9:30 am: Great counter service - fast, friendly, accurate and answered multiple questions happily. Food delivery was quick, and modifications for my eating restrictions were made happily and accurately. I tried the chipotle chicken wrap and multi grain bagel and egg sandwich. The wrap was a bit spicy for my taste, but otherwise these dishes are fantastic. The ingredients are fresh and the flavor just crushes similar burritos at comparable price points. Panera can be expensive, but I've rarely had a bad experience at this one, and today's visit was particularly pleasant. Come support this great place!

Ad La

Amazing food, came quick even though it was super busy. Bear claw is definitely worth the added dollar to your meal!

Andrew Johnson

Great experience, it is nice to see a restaurant get online orders right! I was hungry driving down 95, had a sleeping kid in the back and didnt want to eat junk food. I was disappointed to see this Panera bread didnt have a drive through but I took a chance and pulled into one of the curbside pickup spots. I went on google and placed an order. I then called the restaurant to explain I was outside. Within 5 minutes I was on my way with a delicious meal. Great attitude by the gentleman who brought my food out.

Mariah Nelson

Great food as always with Panera. However, their mobile pickup system really needs work. We were sitting outside for nearly 30 minutes after marking we had arrived with nothing. Go in, they said because we were not in the designated pickup parking..... The app had an option specifically saying that we were not parked in one of those spots. No one called us, either.

Starlight Kittens

The service is amazing and all the employees are so kind and really helped make my meal health for me as I am a diabetic! For that they deserve this rating!

Jacqueline P.

I want to say a big thank you to Team Manager Amanda for being so kind and helpful when my order was incorrect yesterday. I know lunch rush can be hectic but she was so kind when I mentioned it and she took care of it right away. I went in today to get the correct order and she went above and beyond and was so kind and gracious. Thank you Amanda for being one of the few who care for your customers. This young lady deserves all the praise and a raise!

Jose Marrero

Although the food was good, the cleaness if the rest was very bad. Fireplace all dusty and restroom not clean.

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