Pollo Campeon

46950 Community Plaza, Sterling
(703) 444-2245

Recent Reviews

Michael S

Best Peruvian chicken in northern VA. Great charcoal flavor to it, perfect amount of spices, moist breast meat. The fried plantains and beans are also outstanding.

Marlene Borda

Good service, Good environment for eatingCleanliness is a great place. Delicious peruvian restaurant.Food: 5/5

Andrew S

Placed an online order, was charged, and sent a receipt. Went to pick up the order for my family to be told that the online ordering system was down and they did not receive my order. Fine whatever. Then they refused to make my order because they didn’t want to start a new chicken. So after paying and driving to the location, they refused to make what I paid for. As I wrote this message, their online ordering service is still accepting orders…

JaePal Jang

Just a great experience with very tasty dishes, nice people and a cool atmosphere. And, of course, if you are a World Cup fan the TV will be playing soccer!Food: 5/5

Marlene Carolina

Good service, Good environment for eatingCleanliness is a great place. Delicious peruvian restaurant.Food: 5/5

walterio lucas

I just ordered a quarter charcoal chicken to go for lunch.Opening de food box just found a overcooked quarter leg, very dry, not fresh, looks, and I'm sure, the meat it was reheated and I'm sure it's a old chicken probably from a day before or more days ago.I don't recommend you this place. You can do whatever you want but be careful.The good thing of my lunch today it was the soda.

K H.

Delicious food! The chicken was perfect and the ceviche was so fresh and tasty. Great atmosphere, too.

Ricardo Melendez

The chicken was good and priced well. Good service too


Other places have dry chicken, this one was delicious, very crispy yuca, and the Chaufa rice was also delicious.

Luis Morales

Used to have better food and better service with previous management.

Julio Salas

Finally we have the authentic Peruvian flavor in the area. Charcoal chicken is a must go and as if that were not enough, on the last weekend of each month they serve “Chancho a la Caja China” , which is a delight…

Pamela D.

The best peruvian food in the area! Good ceviche and tallarines verdes Nice and clean space

Mitchell B.

There are many great rotisserie chicken places in the DC area; this is not one of them. We walked in near closing time, and they acted like they did us a favor by selling us tepid leftovers. It's obvious that the food was warmed over from cold, and that the fryer was already turned off. The chicken had been reheated in the microwave, with soggy skin. They left out the extra sides (fries, yucca) we'd ordered, and when we went back to the counter to complain, they acted like we were imagining things. The woman disappeared into the back for 3-4 minutes, and brought us fries and yucca which were still white, and looked and tasted like they'd been dumped into oil that had cooled down. It would have been better to tell us that the fryer was off, instead of first trying to cheat us out of the sides we'd paid for, then finally giving them to us half-cooked. The yucca was better after I gave it 25 minutes in a 425 oven, but it shouldn't be my job to cook their food. Overall, the counter service was indifferent, bordering on unfriendly. Perhaps she was resentful that we didn't add a tip in a self-service restaurant? (What's with the increased demand/expectation that customers tip where they carry they own food to the table, then clean up the table afterwards?) This restaurant is close to a business we frequent, and we were hoping that a stop for chicken afterwards might become a regular thing, but that isn't in the cards.

Drain B.

We went to this place about a half hour before closing and ordered chicken and sides to dine in. That is plenty of time to eat a leg and a thigh at a fast casual chicken restaurant. The lady bagged it all to go and played d**** It quickly became obvious she was pushing us out the door because she knew she wasn't giving us our side dishes despite our having paid for them, and because the chicken was microwaved and gross. When we finally sat to eat, after begging for our side dishes and playing a round of "no speaky English," they were kind enough to start stacking the chairs on the tables and turning the lights off to close. They don't care about their customers or the food they serve, and they even steal your food. She spoke enough English to take the order and issue a correct receipt, but not enough English to give us our food. How could they be any worse?

Ally J.

I rarely write reviews. But this place? This place deserves it. I've been to many, MANY similar restaurants, and I can wholeheartedly say this is the best one. 1) FOOD IS AMAZING! And there is a huge variety. There is not one thing we ordered that we didn't like. 2) The sauces for the chicken are absolutely amazing and yes that matters! 3) Staff is very friendly 4) Food gets to you fast! 5) Humongous portions. Even my 1 year old (who has tried many pupusas) proved that this place makes his favorite one yet! I highly recommend it. Eating leftovers as we speak

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