Best Buns Bakery and Café

8051 Leesburg Pike, Tysons
(703) 552-5120

Recent Reviews

Desiree B.

Love coming here when I'm in the area. The staff is always nice and so friendly. I haven't had anything that wasn't tasty. It's always clean as well.

Candice H.

The kind of place I need to avoid. Soooo many delish baked goods, I couldn't narrow down my finalists and ended up "trying" too many. Yummy, and the service was amazing.

xavier i.

this is definitely one of my all time favorite bakeries with plenty of delicious and tasty items. The carrot cake cupcake is amazing, the monkey bread is great, the cinnamon roll is very good, and the carrot Bundt cake is good. I definitely will be returning in the near future to try even more delicious items.


One of the best places to go for bakeries and breads. I love their double raisin and pecan bread, also their monkey bread.No matter how busy they are, it still has the relaxed atmosphere.

A G.

Best bakery in the area and I always am now going to have to come here when I'm in town. The service was great too. Such friendly staff

Justine T.

Cute cafe with yummy food. Can't wait to come back! It's clear their pastries and treats are made with expertise. I tried the cheese danish, and the pastry was flaky and sweet with the perfect cream cheese filling. Their almond walnut croissants were outstanding and is a new favorite - I will definitely be back to buy more of those! The croissant was nice and buttery, with gorgeous, flaky layers and a scrumptious filling. I also got to try their double cheeseburger which was surprisingly delicious - the patties were thin and juicy, and the buns were so soft and buttery! Would definitely get a burger next time, too. They also offer some starbucks drinks - I got a caramel frappucino and it was great, but could've had a stronger caramel flavor. The cafe itself is super cute inside. There wasn't much seating available on a Saturday around noon, but there wasn't a long line to order, either. Service was quick for the pastries, but we had to wait awhile for the burger (it's worth the wait!). Check out Best Buns Bakery for amazing food and desserts!

Mimi I.

I ordered an chocolate walnut cookie, which was about $3.50. A little more than I'd like to spend on one cookie, but it was good. It was chewy, not too sweet and had enough walnuts. My friend ordered fries, which I heard was also good. They have a good amount for the serving. The place was clean and so was the bathroom. This was mid afternoon on a busy weekend. The help was okay. I wouldn't say it felt the most welcoming. I'd recommend if asked specifically, but it wouldn't be the first on my list. I probably won't go out of my way to return.

Chuck C.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich was great , our first visit. Great food we will be back on our next visit to Falls Church Va.

Paige J.

I love this place and my service yesterday made me love them even more! I placed an order via their app but they ran out of the size cupcake I was looking for. They called me to let me know and then replaced my cupcakes with smaller ones. When I arrived to pickup my order the price was not modified to account for the smaller cupcakes. When I mentioned this to one of the managers, he asked me if I'd like to get anything else. I decided to try a bacon/cheddar scone. When I opened the box that evening, he gave me two scones and a morning bun. I was pretty excited! I appreciate the customer service and kindness. #HappyEating

Jenn G.

Their pastry's are really good and everything, but there was a lady who was so rude when I tried to just apologize about ordering over the phone. I appreciated whoever took my order, they were very kind to do so. But this lady cut me off to make her point when I was just trying to apologize about any inconvenience it may have been. I don't really get why she was so defensive, maybe she was having bad day...

Ailun H.

I tried some of the catered food from Best Buns today for lunch and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of their ingredients. Most importantly, the bread that they use for their sandwiches left a positive impression on me as the texture is soft yet chewy/bouncy which I really enjoy. I particularly enjoyed the GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH and found that I liked the watercress on my sandwich! The tomatoes provided a nice sweet taste, too. I tried the FRESH MOZZARELLA & TOMATO SANDWICH and MIKE'S FAV SANDWICH. Both were good, but not as good as the grilled chicken. The ROAST CHICKEN SALAD was also really enjoyable as there were a good amount of chicken in there that weren't too dry. My favorite part was the pine nuts, which i don't see too frequently in salads. The champagne vinaigrette was sweet & tangy, which went well with the salad, overall. We also got some cookies catered. The oatmeal raisin was standard, but good. I also liked the chocolate chip cookie (with some spots of toffee?) that gave it a crunchy and almost nutty texture. Unfortunately, my stomach wasn't big enough to try the other cookies that were in our cookie platter. I'm glad I was able to try the sandwiches, salads, and cookies here! Someone I was eating with asked if this food was from Panera. Rather insulting comment since this quality of the food is fresh and doesn't taste like plastic. I'd order the sandwiches from Best Buns if I'm ever in the area!

T Foley

Starbucks coffee, fresh baked goods makes this a worthy stop. It did get fairly loud at times, but was short lived. I’ll be going back for more ??

Peps A.

Best Buns Bakery is a great place to go for a quick snack or a light meal. They have a wide selection of bread, desserts, sandwiches, and salads. I've only tried the desserts, but they're all really good. The cupcakes are fluffy and the cinnamon rolls are delicious. The coffee is also great.

Patrick Jourdan

I will never stop loving this spot! Their breakfast sandwiches have become a favorite of mine over the last few years. They have a good amount of indoor seating, and if you order ahead on the app it makes for a pleasant dining experience. Their bread is also fantastic, and there is abundant parking.

Petru Efros

Really liked this place. A lot of good pastry, tasty burger and good coffee

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