176 Maple Ave W, Vienna
(571) 223-6136

Recent Reviews

Stefania P

Carlos and Erin are two of the kindest people I know. Whenever I walk into CAVA they manage to put a smile on my face and make me feel welcomed as if I was walking into their own home. Thank you for making CAVA even more amazing!!!

paria maghsoudi

I don’t know if this is happens only in this location but this CAVA is the least generous when it comes to its mains. When they charge you extra for braised lamb they give you maybe 3 strands and that’s it. Extremely stingy will charge you so much for it. A bowl that consists of barely any meats and will charge you extra for it should not be 15 dollars

Kripa Patwardhan

Service was prompt and the fixings are excellent, but the brown rice was practically raw, so I had to eat around it.

Alex Edwards

Standard fast casual place. Mediterranean fair is a personal favorite though so I'm biasedFood: 5/5

Alexander Edwards

Standard fast casual food. But it's tastyFood: 4/5

Mubarak Alnaemi

This location has the best chicken well well cooked. Ask for Silvia she is very polite and nice.

Jin Park

My Falafel Pita was delicious and the staff was friendly.

John Y.

Amazing food and staff. Store is so clean and rarely busy so its so fast in and out. Team is great with allergies too

Neeraj Athani

This is the second time I've accidentally selected this location for a mobile order vs the Pike Plaza location. Normally I would not mind, because the quality of food I would imagine is consistent across all Cava locations. However, this is now the second time we were skimped on our portion sizes. Pike Plaza and honestly other Cava locations provide a healthy quantity of food. This location however seems notorious in providing about half of what other locations give. I will not make a third mistake, and come to this location again. For those in the Vienna area, visit the Pike Plaza location. It's far better than this one.

Jo L.

CAVA is a great place to grab a quick but relatively healthy bite to eat. It's a good place for grab-and-go or for a casual outing with friends. There's a good amount of seating inside the store; the place is clean; and the staff here are friendly. You also get a lot of food for the size of the bowl (overflowing!), and the shop doesn't skimp on the protein. Overall, a great experience!

Chad W.

Every time I come here, everyone is so wonderful and nice. They always treat me well and go above and beyond when I don't ask much from them. Thank you all for being wonderful :)

Farid Al

The food and the customer service were fantastic. The cleaniness was 10/10. The team here were very polite and friendly.Definitely a 5/5 restaurant

Kayla M

They have really good customer service and where really kind.There food is always fresh whenever I go.

Craig M.

Horrible customer service. Initially, I thought the manager was having a bad day and I gave him the benefit of doubt but his behavior has been consistently unprofessional and blatantly rude from Fall 2021 through Summer 2022. It's about time both the manager and his team are replaced or receive customer service training 101.

Yalda Soroush

Ms. Cecilia, she is so amazing and kind. She remembered me from my last visit. I truly appreciate her kindness and her wonderful customer service

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