Crust Pizzeria Napoletana

8415 Old Courthouse Rd, Vienna
(703) 663-8233

Recent Reviews

Iolanda P.

Crust has one of the best authentic Neapolitan pizza in the DMV area. Excellent pizza!

Lakshmi Tej

Crowd was less even on Sunday afternoon. Went to eat Nepotalian Pizza and the pizza was delicious with right char on the crust. Prices were not too expensive. One Pizza almost 11 inch and one can eat a whole pizza. Highly recommended.Parking: There are about 10 spots and more in the back of the restaurant

Kelly W.

Ever since I discovered Crust, I won't eat any other pizza (or Italian food) in Vienna. Don't bother eating anywhere else. They import all of their ingredients from Italy and it makes the BIGGEST difference. The oven was imported from Italy and it's gorgeous (and makes the best pizza). I like to come on the weekend when Hallie is working - she's the friendliest, most accommodating, congenial host/server. I just love talking to her when I sit at the counter. I'll usually have a draft beer while waiting for my pizza to go. You can't go wrong with any of the pizza options. The meatballs are incredible. The salads are delicious and the fried artichoke is great. Casual atmosphere, good music and fantastic staff. This place is a gem. I keep coming back again and again (or sometimes order door dash) and I'm never disappointed. Great place for a casual date or to bring the whole family. If you want to just order dough and ingredients to make your own pizza, you can also grab these ingredients here. Seriously. Don't miss this amazing place. It's understated on the outside but the quality and food and customer service is above and beyond.

Vivianne C.

Dropped in for a quick lunch. Asked the owner what I should order. He suggested calzone. He was right. Tons of cheese. Crust cooked perfectly. Excited to come back to try their pizza soon.

Rosa M.

We order the Italia Pizza ,MARGHERITA PIZZA and the Meat balls. The food was amazing ! Great customer service!

Billy Gannom

Best pizza in the DMV. I’ve lived in this region for 36 years and this is by far the most delicious and authentic Italian pizza spot we’ve been privileged to indulge. The crust is so flavorful and perfectly balanced with crunch and chewiness. Amazing. This is our second time coming. Initial visit we thought it would be just a run of the mill brick oven pizza experience…we were pleasantly educated that this is not your ordinary pizzeria. Even the spaghetti with meatballs was scrumptious! Thick, smokey and filling.


Pizza was a picture size, fresh ingredients, atmosphere was quaint and the owner as well as staff were very attentive. Best Pizza in this area for sure.

Risa K.

I've heard amazing things about Crust so I was excited to try! I went as a big group and got to try a variety of pizzas like Bufala, vegetarian, margherita, and bolognese. I also got the spinaci salad. Among the pizza, I enjoyed the Bufala the most but none of the pizzas had memorable flavor. Everything was pretty bland. However, their was a good amount of topping and their crust really is really good. The crust was the perfect of doughy and crispy without being too burnt. The spinaci salad was quite disappointing in that dressing also lacked flavor and it was served on a flat dish, which made eating the salad a bit difficult.

Mark B.

Went here to try out their Vera Pizza Napoletena designation. It did it justice. We had the melanzane (eggplant) and bufala (mozzarella) pizzas, rigatoni bolognese, calzone, panzanella salad, eggplant parmigiana, and eggplant for dessert. All were good. Will certainly try the other pizzas if given the opportunity.

Zack C.

Easily the best pizza I've had in the DMV. It had just the right amount of firmness, the right amount of charring, and the cheese/sauce ratio was perfect. I ordered melanzane, and the eggplant was fresh and fried without being greasy. The serving size was generous, and the pizza was really more than i should've eaten in one sitting (whoops). Frankly, the caprese salad was the best I've ever had in a restaurant, with extremely fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, and the perfect balance of oil and balsamic. I'll definitely be returning.

Kimberly Woods

Just discovered Crust and absolutely love it. They live up to their name, the crust is perfection, crisp but chewy and baked with just enough char. The desserts are delicious as well, as is the customer service. Highly recommend!

Ben O.

The pizza has good taste but is sooooo floppy. No crisp. Salad meh. Cannoli meh. I got a pepperoni pie and a margarita pie. Both tasted good. The sauce has a really nice tang. But when you pick up a slice it just falls over and everything falls off. The dough is thin so it should have been crispier.

Beth J.

This place is incredible, and we've quickly become regulars after discovering it via Yelp a month or so ago. If you've ever had actual Neopolitan pizza you'll appreciate this. It's the real thing. My favorite is the Diavola pizza, which has a spicy sauce and a real kick in the salami on it. Incredible quality to all the ingredients. My husband loves the Margherita (with or without buffalo mozzarella). Salads are good too, the staff is incredibly friendly, and shockingly, there is never the crowd that this place should by rights have. Very, very, very, very good.

Lindsey M.

I was craving pizza and ordered Crust for delivery. I was worried the pizza wouldn't hold up in the delivery time, but it was still crispy and delicious when it arrived. I also ordered the crispy artichokes which were delicious. The only thing that missed 5 stars for me was that the pizza was pricey. That being said, I will order it again!

Jessica Howard

Wonderful place to have lunch. I enjoyed the pizza lunch special today. I have also had pasta from this restaurant. The food is fresh and well made. Great staff and wonderful service.

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