Lei'd Hawaiian Poke

8032 Leesburg Pike Suite D, Vienna
(703) 972-1070

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eterno ka

Always a 5-star. (Name is Knox) we ordered couple of items extra online over special notes and the manager/staff kindly explained the additional charges. Really hoping that they will bring the macaroni salad back to the menu… those were so good and was always hard to get because they sold out quickly. Did not get to order often. Fresh salmon and great seasoning - not salty marinades!!!

Diallo Bushongo

Loved everything about this place. From the friendly and helpful service, to being able to sample before choosing, to helping place the order on the screen, to saying bye on the way out. You really couldn't ask for anything more. But they even topped that! The dole whip machine was out of order, so they even comp'd us on that for the next visit! I can't imagine things going much better than that! Oh yeah... The food was delicious! Almost forgot that part! ?

Brianne Fischer

Love visiting Lei’d Hawaiian Poke. The fish is fresh and their flavor combinations are delicious. Staff has always been friendly.They have a list of food allergy items so I was able to see what had gluten and what was gluten free. They also offer gluten free soy sauce packets.We will visit again.

Un Eternal

I've only been to 3 poke places in the area so far but this was hands down probably the best poke I ever ate. Including poke places in other states. It's not a big place but I liked their interior design with popping colors, it's clean and they got free filtered water. I'm definitely gonna come again.

Olivia C.

Delicious poke and great service as always. Fish was relatively fresh and well marinated. I would also recommend the other restaurants in this chain, all top quality food and drinks.

Willahelm Wan

The ingredients are fresh. The service is pretty fast. Although the kiosk is a little hard to use, it allows you customize your orders.

Ofelia Gaitan

This used to be my favorite poke restaurant, however, it is no longer the case. The quality and taste are no longer there. I have gone several times since they've revamped their menu, but nothing tastes the same anymore. The salmon and shrimp are a cheaper version. The taste is bland. I wanted to continue liking the food, but the difference in taste/quality is significant, much so that I have stopped going, though I use to go several times per week.

Chrysta Wright

Always an amazing atmosphere for fast-casual poke! Recently stopped in on my way home from work and was immediately greeted by the Julianne and Sylvie. Was shocked to find out they are going through a rebrand and some of my favorite items were no longer available since the menu had changed. Victor took the time to talk through the new items and let me try their new Taro chips that replaced the nacho chips. He sold me on the new, healthier option! They even surprised me with a gift card. Love it!

Alice P.

I've probably gotten food from here at least a dozen times, and each time, the food has been fresh and tasty. I went today after receiving an email about how they added new items to their menu... but ironically enough, I only noticed that they took stuff away. I haven't been here in a few months, but I see that: 1. They raised their prices (a regular bowl used to be around $12-13, now it's $15-16) 2. They got rid of their "kids' size" portion 3. They got rid of musubi 4. Their ToastTab online order menu no longer has descriptions of the items (I don't remember what sort of sauces "Get Lei'd" or "Sea Salt Limu" is off the top of my head; it'd be nice to have a description in the menu item, which they used to. Not sure why they got rid of descriptions) 5. Their regular bowls seem smaller, now smaller than my hand! And i have small hands! #5 might not be an actual change, as it's possible I just never realized how small it was before... but in the light of 20%+ price increases, the size is more noticeable. Today is also the first time the food doesn't seem fresh. I know tuna oxidizes quickly, so the gray coloring in the photo doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, but it still looks highly unappetizing. Not sure if this is the "sea salt limu" tuna or the spicy sriracha tuna (I got both in my bowl), but either way, I'm surprised a poke restaurant doesn't have the CO "gassing" technology to keep tuna looking fresh. I think the gray coloring, the menu deletions, and the high price increases make me rate this place 3 stars, even though it used to be a 5 in my book. They do have more options than other poke places in the area, but nonetheless, I can (and will) make it at home from now on.

Mitchell M.

Awesome Poke! I had the Tuna with various fruits, it was delicious. Definitely will be coming again!


Very flavorful!! If anything they got it with the marinated bases! So good but I wish either they gave more rice or had more varieties for toppings bc it was a little too flavorful and not enough rice to balance it out. Just didn’t seem enough for $13-$14. Still very good & spicy ? the lychee drink is also soo good!

Andrew C.

Top notch friendly service and quality food. Gave me free dessert and took time to answer questions about the menu.

Don S.

The process of ordering and receiving the food was quick and easy. Good quality product that tastes great, along with keeping adequate portion size. Will definitely come again.

Abegail A.

Love how there are so many protein options to choose from here! Ingredients are fresh, they don't skimp on their scoops of protein/toppings, and the price is reasonable. Ordering could take awhile as you order on the iPad, so have some patience as some customers may take awhile to do this. When I come to Lei'd Poke, I usually get a regular bowl (two scoops of protein) with white sushi rice, citrus yuzu salmon, Sriracha aioli tuna, jalapeños, green onions, cucumber salad, seaweed salad, and tempura flakes. So good! While you wait for your bowl to be made, head over to Teas'N You (one of their sister restaurants) for some bubble tea to wash down your poke.

Amanda M.

My poke bowl was sooo delicious. I got a regular bowl with a salad base, spicy honey miso salmon, classic shoyu shrimp and various toppings. Despite having a salad base, I was filled from the serving. I had the nachos on the side to dip into my bowl. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming. They let me sample a few bits of the proteins before deciding on my order. I will definitely be back soon.

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