Maru Korean Cuisine & Sushi

128 Maple Ave W, Vienna
(703) 273-1744

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elizabeth waterbury

Excellent bulgogi, excellent sushi ! Quick service on a busy Saturday night.

Sarah P.

This local spot never disappoints! I live in Montgomery County and go out of my way just to eat here. Since I've told my friends and family about this place, they've started to do the same. Everything that I've tried is so good. The bento box lunch special is one of my faves. The portions are generous and 9 times out of 10 I leave with leftovers. They also give complimentary salad, miso soup, and pickled veggies with most meals. The staff is soo friendly and make you feel at home. Super cozy atmosphere with minimal seating (and trust me this place gets busy especially during dinner). Also, some of the best tempura I've ever had. I recommend the bento box with spicy pork, the dolsat bibimbap, japchae, shrimp/vegetable tempura, and red devil's sushi roll!

Erica C.

Wonderful! Easy parking and great service. The restaurant itself is pretty small, so there's limited seating. The food was pretty good too. A good mix of Korean and Japanese dishes. There was complementary miso soup and Korean side dishes. Definitely worth the try!

Dog Z.

Having ordered decent take-out from here, I decided to try the in-house dining experience thinking it would be even better. While it was nice to finally enjoy the dolsot bibimbap, the amount of meat was considerably less than the takeout, and I'd rather be full eating out of styrofoam than hungry basking in the warmth of an empty stone bowl. Soups (kimchi jjigae) were good, and rolls were OK. I'm going to stick to takeout from now on, especially after seeing the bathroom.

Mo Fares

Went there for the first time with friends and it was quite delicious. I am not a Korean food guy but the had a nose assortment of sushi boat which was decent. Residing in Vienna my fav place is Yama as I’ve been to all of the local sushi joints but Maru is definitely more of Korean delicacies than the traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. Nice small atmosphere, attentive Covid service and overall okay for me but my friends swear by it as they take their family with kids often. Check it out perhaps you’ll like it.

Justine T.

Yummy bibimbap! Service was really nice and efficient. I just wish they put in more galbi, and the meat could be a bit more flavorful, but it was overall a tasty meal. The restaurant was quite small and had a very homey/traditional atmosphere. I left really satisfied, but don't know if I would go out of my way to eat here. Probably only if I was in the area and craved some Korean food.

M planetmike

Best Korean in Vienna. If you are wondering along the 'strip' (Maple Ave) and hunger for Korean food, this is an excellent choice. This is not a Korean BBQ or some nouveau Korean fried chicken restaurant. Traditional foods are served here. We did not try the sushi but stayed with the Korean savory dishes. All were delicious. They serve alcohol but one can bring their own for a $5/person fee. Ample parking in the back. Come early. It does fill up quickly.

Yesica Hernandez

Friendly & delicious! Loved the sides & dumplings. We had noodles. I'm on a dairy free diet restriction & this place accommodates for it!

Derek Reinhard

A very nice first visit (and first experience of a Sushi restaurant). Service was very attentive and food was plentiful with good portions and a variety of flavors. Plates were well presented as well.

Keno Carag

I loved the spicy pork bulgogi and the mackerel. Also, you get a lot of side dishes, so the value and taste are great.

C Knight

We were excited to see sushi rolls with actual crab meat because we hate imitation crab meat. So we ordered the Maryland California Roll (that is supposed to come with blue crab meat) for 9.99 and a Spider Roll (that is supposed to include soft shell crab) for $13.99. Neither came with the real crab meat, and instead had the imitation crab meat! ugh!!!! I might as well paid $5.95 for the California roll because that’s exactly what we got! We also ordered another Maru roll that seems ok. But the other stuff was a complete rip off for the price.Unfortunately we took this order to go, so we realized the disappointment when we got home!

Peps A.

I was in the mood for some Korean food. I decided to try this small restaurant. It's Korean and Japanese food. The look of the place isn't special. It's a small mom and pop restaurant with generic decor. This is more of an authentic place than a hipster trendy restaurant. I had the bibimbap and it was good. The stone was sizzling and the food was hot. My sushi was decent. The service was fast and very helpful. I can't really complain about anything. At the same time I can't say I was impressed by anything.

Mario U.

My go to sushi and Korean place in nova! I'm new to the area and have tried a few sushi and Korean places but they were all subpar or flat out bad. Maru is reliable, consistent, and tasty! Their roll combo is also an excellent deal if you need to satiate a sushi craving and don't want an extravagant roll!

Adam Taylor

Exceptional Korean food and Japanese food.I go here regularly and have never been disappointed, top favorites are their salmon sushi, tonkotsu and bulgogi, bring a friend or three share some drinks and your plates. You're missing out if you haven't tried it


This place is an absolute gem! Excellent quality sushi and attentive service! There are a variety of lunch special options, not to mention, the Korean food is amazing too. Will be returning!

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