Sushi Yoshi

101 Church St NW, Vienna
(703) 242-1350

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Darrell L.

Sushi Yoshi...the wife loves you and I want to give 4 stars but can't bring myself to do others have mentioned the Chirashi Sushi at lunch is probably the best dish here.

During pre-Covid times you would get a ton of sashimi pieces with a bed of rice along with pickles/radishes etc. The wife loves this dish so we ordered pickup this week. Still pretty good and the pics from other recent Yelpers is exactly what we got. The to-go salad was pretty lame...watered down sesame soy dressing with some iceberg lettuce.  It's the other dishes that have always been just OK to me. In the past I've had the curry, several different bento boxes, the udon, etc and they are pretty mediocre.  Would probably go back for sushi but I've learned my lesson with going non-sushi.

Kelly L.

Sushi Yoshi has consistently been one of my favorite restaurants for practically my entire life.

The staff is very kind and personable. There was a point in time where my family would eat Sushi Yoshi every week. My family and I are ever so grateful that they are still open for takeout!

Paul S.

Seems like this place went under new management before COVID, and there has been some MAJOR issues.

Sister in law ordered a large order for all of us, and she arrived early for the food.  She ended up waiting another 20+ mins

Once the food was picked up, numerous mistakes, missing items, and sauces spilled all on the bottom of the bag

- 4 chirashi lunch -- missed all the rice & veggies, essentially we just paid for expensive sashimi
- 1 teriyaki bento box- sauces spilled all over the bag, and missed the rice & soup
- salad was literally ONLY iceberg lettuce, no dressing, no carrots, no toppings

We tried calling back, and the phone ring and ring, with no one to pick up.  Finally, when someone did pick up when we started telling her the issue, she hung up.  

Seems like the person packaging the food is the one that's screwing up the business.  She's either over worked, don't care, or both.  

I will not be going back there again, and i'm sad that this 10+ year relationship with Sushi Yoshi has come to an end.  

There are NUMEROUS other sushi restaurants in the area, and they're still riding on their reputation hoping it'll carry through.

Buyer be aware, this is NOT the old sushi yoshi....eating here is a lottery...

Steven Cho

We heard about this place from friends but finally I have tried and the experience was great! I have had sushi and sashimi from many different restaurants. I liked the freshness of their fish and good portions too. Good value and yummy food. Will definitely recommend others to try this place.

Michelle Kelly

Ive been here before, pre-Covid, and it was the best sushi in the DMV. Sushi Yoshi is well known as an awesome restaurant. As other reviews have mentioned, perhaps it is under new management or something but it just was not good at all. Mall quality sushi. We were very disappointed with our order quality and probably won’t be back.

Stacy P.

Used to be our favorite Japanese restaurant. We called around lunch time and ordered for takeouts.
We asked to substitute Spanish Mackerel for something else.
We waited more than 40mins and when we got our food, we were disappointed not only to find out they forgot our request to remove Spanish Mackerel, just the overall quality of the food was meh.
With the price we paid, we rather find somewhere else.

Michelle H.

I love how this establishment is taking their approach on COVID. Their food is also really good. They don't do dine in but I'm 100% okay with that. They have a sashimi platter where you can pick and choose the kind of fish you want. The portions are really reasonable for the price and they give you a lot!

Anna C.

My favorite sushi restaurant by far! I've been coming here for years. Whether it's been takeout for dining in, everything has always been fantastic.

Hoon-Jae L.

Delicious!! My favorite sushi place in nova. Highly recommend their chirashi. Portion is hugeee! Fish is delicious!! Wish it was closer to my house because I live about 30-40 mins away but definitely worth the drive. Go go go!!

Lauren D.

You can't beat the price for the DC area. The rolls are huge and pretty good in general. I'd definitely get this sushi again.

Bert O.

I really like Yoshi Sushi. My spouse's colleague recommended it in 2009 and I have been going there ever since. Their prices are pretty good. When I look at their sushi roll varieties, I was one of each. But I tend to go with the Mexican Roll and the Church Street Roll. I've also had their Sashimi and it tasted fresh. The service has not disappointed. They tend to be good about not messing up my order.

Warren Perry

I have been going to Sushi Yoshi for more than 10 years. The sushi and food has been excellent quality from the first experience to my last recent. One of the best sushi places within the DMV area.

Joe Krause

Very good sushi quality. Been a couple of times and it’s legit good. Not great but good.

Ian F.

As a loyal customer of many years, I am very sad to say that I will never bring my business to this restaurant again. On a Friday night, I called at 5PM to order takeout for my family of 5. I was told the food would be ready by 5;45. I arrived at the restaurant at 5:50 and checked in with the lady running the takeout pickup station. She told me my order was not ready yet and to wait. Totally fine. I stepped back and waited.

As I continued to wait, something seemed off.  Seven more parties got their food, and I asked them to check again. Finally starting to get frustrated I asked the last few customers getting their food what their expected pickup time was, and I got answers of 6PM, 6:15 etc. by this time it was 6:25. so I asked the lady again where my food was and I got the same answer:  it's not ready yet and I should be patient and wait. At this time I had had enough, I asked to see the chef or manager. She said they were busy taking orders so I waited for a few minutes before knocking on the window to get the chef's attention. He came out and I explained I had been waiting for 45 minutes now and all this lady could tell me is that my food was not ready. The chef went inside and checked and came back out and told me that they had accidentally given my food to the wrong person. So I looked over at the lady handling the pickup station and asked why she didn't tell me that in the first place. The only reply I got from her was that it wasn't her fault.

The chef could sense my frustration so he offered a discount on my meal but at this point I had waited for 45 minutes and to be honest, money wasn't what I wanted. I simply wanted the lady running the pickup station to take ownership of her role in this mistake and apologize. Not only did she give my food to the wrong ppl, but she also rudely treated me as though I was being illogical and impatient after waiting for 45 minutes. She never asked the chef whether they were even making my order or else the replacement order could have been completed way earlier. All she could offer is that none of this was her fault. After finally getting my food, it was now 6:40, almost an hour after the time I was told I could pick up my food. As I went back to my car it turned out they had forgotten part of my order and I had to go back and get it.

As I was driving home, something didn't sit right. I called the restaurant back and I asked to speak with the chef. Being a long time loyal customer, all I wanted was an apology from the person responsible. The same lady who had bungled my order had picked up and recognizing who was calling, the first thing she told me was that none of this was her fault. Finally the sushi chef picked up and I told him all I wanted was for his staff to apologize for the way I was treated.  He claimed that the issue was not her fault. After speaking with him for a few minutes he became very impatient and started on a expletive laced tirade where he asked me what the **** I wanted and whether I wanted to bring the food back and get a ****ing refund. At this point I hung up the phone.

I will never be returning to Sushi Yoshi again as they don't care about their customers. They may smile and say thank you, but they don't appreciate your business or realize you have a choice. They believe that you should be thankful that you have the privilege to order takeout from them. I guess their business is now so big and busy that they have outgrown good customer service, staff apologizing, and taking ownership of mistakes. I can only imagine how this blatant disregard for customer service might translate into poor food preparation and food safety standards. From what I saw from their official food safety rating in that department, it doesn't look good. I hope they get it together but I won't be sticking around as a customer to find out if they do.

Jason Bau

Sushi Yoshi used to be my favorite sushi restaurant in Northern Virginia. Too bad that it's going down.Sushi is not as good as used to be.I ordered the 4 sushi set dinner and tempura last night. My sushi deluxe is not much different from sushi regular. The fish roe was uneatable, way too salty and fishy.My friend ordered a sushi regular with a spicy tuna roll, but got a california roll.The waitress wasn't very polite neither.

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