Taco Bamba

164 Maple Ave W, Vienna
(703) 436-6339

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Grace S.

Portions - small. I ordered a quesadilla and it was just two large slices. I don't think that's sufficient for 13+ dollars. Knocked a star for that. Flavor: it's really good food. The quesadilla & the sour crema were very tasty. Queso: no go. Grainy. The texture really was off. Would not order again. Overall the flavor is there for the food -- but portions need to be bigger. And as previously mentioned, the queso is not good. I will be back though because I was impressed with the quesadilla's flavor.

Wisdom W.

Taco bamba is probably the best taco place in my opinion. Food - Great, the taco bamba is my favorite. It is still somewhat spicy even if you remove the spicy peppers. Service - Good Parking - There is parking outside. Overall, this place is great.

Kylie S.

Taco Bamba is my go-to everyday favorite place to eat. The first time I went to a Taco Bamba, in Rockville, I wasn't overly impressed because I thought my taco was dry. But I've been coming to the one in Vienna after dance classes and I have now tried several different tacos, all have been delicious. They are all good enough that I get something new each time I come. I especially love that they have breakfast tacos. 2 tacos is usually plenty for me, but even if you get three it's not very expensive. The ingredients are fresh, the sauces are tasty. And if you don't like the first one you try, try others. They have a ridiculous variety, you're sure to find some you like. There's easy parking here. My only mild beef is that they always play loud American rock/metal. I wish they would play Latin American music.

Sia K.

I ordered the chicken tacos and asked them to omit onions. They did not. The chicken was good but too much cilantro and over powered the taco. My sister ordered the Cup O' Meat and they gave her the Cup O' Bamba which is no way near what she wanted. She and I had to pick around to eat portions of our meals. Honestly not going here again.

Sonam D.

Perfect to go spot to get tacos. Hands down, I love their carne asada taco. Nothing else is needed. I mean the others are great too. But you can't beat the carne. Just meat and tortilla. I like the nachos... but I wouldn't order again. The toppings were all on top (I wanted them throughout the nachos & small-ish quantity). Queso is quite exquisite. We love coming here for quick and good food. Quality is always good and it's always clean. Does get packed. The outdoor seating is a nice touch.

Elaine T.

When my fiancé takes this place up as one place he really enjoyed as take out with his coworkers, I was eager to try and compare to the experiences that we've had in California. At best this place is on the somewhat acceptable, but the absolutely awful experience we had for dinner this past taco Tuesday leaves such an awful taste in my mouth that I'm hesitant to return. 1) we ordered a variety of items: taco bamba, birria dirty style, Al pastor, carne asada, barbacoa. The tacos were somewhat decent. Fairly pricey for almost $4-5 a pop. Our dinner came out to about $30 for 7 tacos. 2) while we were waiting for our order, they SKIPPED our order number and when my fiancé came to check on its status after waiting a while, the lady at the counter TOOK our receipt and said she would look into it. Another 10 minutes pass and we're still waiting for food. 3) when she managed to scrounge up half our order, we asked about the missing items and she asked us for a receipt to confirm we weren't lying about the things we ordered. Ultimately we couldn't oblige because she had ALREADY taken the receipt to give us half of the order in the first place. After a little while, we did get the other half of the items. For the price that we're pay at almost $5 a taco, when it costs them pennies to make, we should at least be getting our order in a timely manner and getting all the items we ordered without having to arguing with the staff. For me, the tacos are no where near good enough to put with these shenanigans and with their asking price, I'd be better off going to a mom and pop taco place, bar taco, or El Paso. Tip: keep your receipt and check it here to make sure you're even getting your order.

Jo L.

FOOD The food here is great. The portions could be larger given the price, but the quality here has a good number of competitors beat. We ordered the tinga quesadilla and tacos. They tasted good by themselves, but the sauces definitely highlighted the flavors tenfold. They offer 4 different types of sauces-- verde (mild), taqera (medium), chile arbol (hot), and morita (hot). Sauces are unlimited and are stored in pitchers, so you can self-pour directly onto your meal or into sauce containers. AMBIANCE The restaurant provides a family-friendly atmosphere with tables, a grab-and-go vibe for those who wish to do so, and a bar area for adults to drink and dine should they so wish. SERVICE The staff here are very friendly and patient. We came during dinnertime, and the line to order was VERY long. Even as the cashiers up front went through orders quickly, the line just kept on going as more and more people piled into the restaurant. It only serves to say how popular the place is even on weeknights. PARKING There's ample parking in front and at the side of the plaza that is shared among several stores. Parking can fill up fast, but there are always a couple of spots available even by mealtimes. Overall, Taco Bamba is a great location to visit for a casual dining experience or take-out. It's family-friendly and also has a nice ambiance for a finer dining experience with the bar.

Summer Bighem

They never disappoint! First time back since Covid! Ohh how I missed this place!

Robert T.

All Taco Bambas are great but the Vienna location has the fastest service out of the three locations I've tried: Ballston, Vienna, and Falls Church. Falls Church probably has the best menu but everything from the Vienna location was fantastic. It's also the largest of the three with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. There's a decent sized bar that's not too crowded either.

Kevin P.

4.5/5 Great tacos and solid drinks. $4.5 for a single taco though? I've had better street tacos in LA for $1.50 each but Taco Bamba is nothing to slander. Loved the sauces as well and would come back for more, just not a regular.

Harvey Franklin

Tacos come to life in this lively entertaining eatery venue! Bite after bite deliciousness as you relax in a stream of a musical compilation. This menu has chart topping selections that will stay at the top of your choice options! Freshly made and hand crafted orders for the whole family. Meals to satisfy your mama…go to Taco Bamba!4.8 ????????I’m always somewhere and nowhere.. follow me to see where I am not!Let me know if I have been helpful!

Fernanda Lanzagorta

A good taco place with different options to choose from. They have vegetarian options too and breakfast items.My recomendación is to get the mulita or the huevos rancheros.

Virginia H.

This is one of my few favorite casual taco spots. They not only have a variety of tacos, but they also have bowls, sandwiches and many other specialties to choose from. We tried the Carne Asada and Tinga tacos. They were both very flavorful and the portion size was pretty generous. Their selection of salsas definitely made it more delicious! They were busy during happy hour, but the wait was reasonable. The staff were very efficient and friendly. The parking does tend to get filled up easily in the front, but there are more spaces towards the side and back of the store. They also have $5 drink deals during happy hour!

Ken Pierce

excellent food I enjoyed the atmosphere with the music and also the food was just tremendous

Ana M.

So so so good and each taco bam a has different tacos so it is endless tacos went to three locations and I love them all

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