Teas'n You

8032 Leesburg Pike, Vienna
(703) 722-8410

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C Y.

Got the taro slush which was good. The brown sugar milk tea did not meet the definition of brown sugar milk tea (would do well to check out Meet Fresh's version).

Tova W.

Their drinks and Basil popcorn chicken are still SO GOOD, but the garlic parmesan fries have gone down in quality which is sad. The fries had way too much garlic and barely any cheese, it was like biting into garlic at that point. I think I'd only get their chicken still.

Sal S.

Got the mango tango with 50% sugar and fusion tea fruit with 50% sugar and they are so bad.. literally water with fruits to say the least. Not sure what all the hype is about ...?

John F.

11/10/22 On 10/21/22 The idea of popcorn chicken was on my mind. I found the food to be delicious and the staff were pleasant. All of this is great. However, the last time I tried calling the place (several times I might add), but could get through to a live operator. Today I have a major and it contradicts the price I paid for the items versus what I was charged on my credit card. I will be trying to get in touch with them later on today. What I do not like is being charged for a tip when I said no to it. I wasn't eating in the restaurant, but I was charged for the tip nevertheless. I called back later on and manager fixed the problem. I appreciate the quick response and fixing the problem. It took a couple days for the refund to happen, but the situation has resolved itself. I think I will try this place out at least one more time.

Deirdre G.

I'm a rather big fan of tea and have sampled quite a few options over the years but Teas'n you blew my mind. They have so many different tea options based on what you're in the mood for, including some seasonal options. I tried the the Horchata Matcha tea and it was SOOO good. I've never paired those two flavors together but I'm grateful that the folks At Teas'n you knew how to make magic in a drink. Again - amazing! Unfortunately I wasn't a huge fan of the food options (I tasted both the fries and the chicken poppers), but the tea itself is enough to give this place 4+ stars!

Charles C.

Teas'n You has a great selection of fun drinks to choose from just as any good bubble tea establishment should! The popcorn chicken is to die for. DJ_AZNSAYS: but what really sets it apart are its funny and delightful owners.....

Rush M.

My sister suggested this place to go have a drink, it was a refreshing hibiscus mint tea. No doubt that's The Best summer quencher. To my surprise, I ordered a popcorn.. Oh Boy, isn't it something ? It is !! I highly recommend this place. Best part is they got rewards plan, and after few orders on my phone # registration, I ended up getting a full meal for free from the rewards. Guys, seriously? You gotto be this generous ? Well you just earned immense respect. Once you get the taste, it will seriously make you wanna go back. Gawd I loved it. Don't forget to try their Matcha flavors.. It a Matcha made in heaven, lol!


Feels like Teas'n You planned a well-thought-out, palette-tickling mix of menu items. Fundamentally, the menu does not feel contrived like most other Asian tea and snack fusion establishments are. Teas'n You has a fixed selection of well-planned drinks (many of them rather unique and original) and doesn't offer an option for build-your-own Frankenstein boba drink. The snacks and pastries selection offers unique pairings that have me planning for return trips.Seriously, who else have these delicious items:--> Taiwanese popcorn chicken .... probably the most succulent morsels of breaded chicken I have ever had compared to other establishments.--> 'The 'Dark Side' vietnamese coffee drink ..... this is not the regular vietnamese coffee, the body & taste is much heavier and would likely satisfy those coffee addicts.--> Gigantor cream puffs ...... and I mean big, monster, fist-size cream puffs with 90% cream, not 90% air. These are definitely worth their weight in value with unique flavors from matcha to ube to earl grey. Just look at the pics; these are nearly the same size if not bigger and most certainly heavier than McDonald quarter pounder or a Wendy's double double.--> Macarons ..... not just any macarons since these come in Ferrero Rocher, Lychee, Coconut Taro, Viet Coffee flavors that I typically can't find anywhere else.The formula for this Asian tea + snack fusion place is just right. I will be coming back for sure.

Muz M

Got their lychee berry drink which was amazing! Also loved their chicken sandwich with Parmesan fries. A little heavy on garlic for me though.

Gene W.

Great service first of all & efficient order taking through kiosk/iPad station. Food came out hot and fresh.... made to order so it took a little time. We tried the Taiwanese chicken sandwich, popcorn chicken, garlic fries and downed them with customized not too sweet fruit tea. Both the popcorn chicken & chicken sandwich had the same basil flavor with star anise spice, fried hot & still juicy. There were some sauces (sweet chili & basil sauces that were good). The garlic fries were the star of the show. Lots of chopped garlic on the freshly fried sticks of potato. Delicious. Again, loved the service first and food second.

Wendy Gao

I got a peach tea which was pretty good! I was really disappointed in their popcorn chicken however. The portion size was small and the chicken pieces were also tiny for roughly $10. The breading had little/no taste and even though I got the light spice, there was no spice flavor at all. I was expecting a little pepper heat to it.The decor is cute and there is plenty of room to sit inside and outside. It seems that it does get pretty busy if you come at dinner time though. The parking lot is pretty small so parking can become an issue.Overall, I would come for a drink again but not get the popcorn chicken, it just wasn't worth it or taste as good as I would expect from such a popular place which is disappointing.Parking: Parking lot is crowded and small. Larger cars might have issues or if it's at a busy time.

Christopher L.

We ordered the fusion fruit tea, and we were able to able to taste test it before we ordered which was great! We thought it was delicious, and so we ordered it with less sugar. They told us that what they gave us to sample was 100% sweet, meaning they pre-make their drinks and then dilute with water (or hopefully tea lol). The boba was also really warm, tasty, and chewy!


We ordered the fusion fruit tea, and we were able to able to taste test it before we ordered which was great! We thought it was delicious, and so we ordered it with less sugar. They told us that what they gave us to sample was 100% sweet, meaning they pre-make their drinks and then dilute with water (or hopefully tea lol). The boba was also really warm, tasty, and chewy!

Khanh-Chau M.

I feel like I never got the hype about this place from the teas I'd get... I thought their taro milk teas were average and their fruit teas were generic... but after my most recent visit, I get the hype now. The pistachio milk tea is so delicious! The pistachio flavour is a good level and works well with the milk tea, giving a fresh, nutty taste with the creamy milk. The popcorn chicken was amazing too! It's a little expensive but I was honestly full after eating 2/3 of the box. Great level of spiciness, crunch , and chicken meat. It's a nice dish to share but it was honestly a meal itself. Really love this place for the aesthetics, food quality, packaging, and self serve kiosks. Staff are friendly too so really enjoy coming here!

Rebecca Lee

Love the strawberry matcha bubble tea here! So delicious and they make it well. The staff here look like they have fun working.

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