The Virginian Restaurant

Glyndon Plaza, 169 Glyndon St SE, Vienna
(703) 938-2333

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If you want to feel at home and eat freshly made food visit this place! Very friendly atmosphere, fresh food, decent prices. You’ll be very satisfied in all senses.Parking: Parking was so easy.

Arthur H.

I have been to The Virginian several times now and they haven't disappointed. While the place is small, the atmosphere is huge! Brings me back to the mom and pop breakfast places my parents used to take me too when I was a child. Food is good and enjoyable, this place is what you see is what you get. made this a breakfast routine at least once every two weeks!

Daisy J.

The food was gross. The waitress couldn't help with questions on the menu. And I hate to say this but she didn't really speak English, which didn't help the situation. No service, no refills on the drinks. Not even seated just found our own. Really had high hopes for this place. Lots of options on the menu but when you don't get help on what's good then and your employees don't know anything either than it's a bust. Looking at the other reviews we should have sat the bar. Aw well.

D.J. J.

This place was very overrated. The waiter was not helpful on any of the menu options, and couldn't speak any English. We had to seat our selfs. Waiter didn't come refill our drinks. Food was subpar. Didn't live up to any expectations. I wouldn't come back here.

Lisa Kuniyoshi Sullivan

Food portions were decent, generic diner food. Service was prompt. Local place to grab all-day breakfast.


Excellent service and wonderful food. Simple breakfast menu but very nicely prey. Meals were ready in just a few minutes after ordering.

Jaylin B.

I'm stuck in the middle, the food is good but the service is horrible. There's a older Latin women who will literally squeeze behind your chair to rush to a table of Caucasians, sometimes it seems as if our order doesn't get placed until every non POC is seated, greeted, and fed. They've hired a new server who is wonderful she's very welcoming and prompt with ordering. The last time I was there was the first time I've gotten my food within 40 mins all jokes aside.


Tried this place because of word of mouth. BUT how can you mess-up breakfast??!! By giving only a few bacon strips mostly fat and thin as paper, toast not very toasted, eggs tasteless...shall I go on? I think not.

Melody Dunn

Great little diner. Service is quick and on spot. Pancakes, home fries and turkey sausage are excellent. No one was a fan of the Italian sausage. Definitely go for the turkey sausage.

M Rawaan

This is a hidden gem in the heart of Vienna. It has a classic diner feel to it. Food and service are fantastic. Try the home fries! I always sit at the counter and the service has been nothing short of spectacular. Highly recommended.

Elisabet Reyes

Extremely disappointed with the entire experience. It took 35 minutes just for the waitress to take our order and bring water and coffee. It took another 30 minutes to get the food. The waffles and eggs were COLD. She didn’t check on us once.

Michael B.

It's a basic dinner and it's fantastic; If you are looking for soufflé or crepes go somewhere else. Had the chipped beef and it exceeded all my expectations!

Nicole F.

Found this spot while working.. busy but good service. Coffee fresh and my food was like perfect comfort food. Mom and pop place is a best place to spend your $$.. all the plates that was going by was full and looked good. Service was perfect differently will be back.

T S.

Great diner style food...really good breakfast spot ...clean and bright atmosphere... lovely service!

Laura Ruiz

This place is ALL that you want on a Sunday! Their food is fresh, the flavors are strong and the service is great

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