White Orchid Café

Lower Level, 8045 Leesburg Pike #140B, Vienna
(703) 506-8080

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Sahsha D

Couldn’t find the place, called a bazillion times to ask for directions. No one ever picked up.

Mike Shank

Excellent, friendly service! Great, quaint atmosphere. Delicious, healthy choices to select from. The couple that runs the restaurant are super polite and super friendly. This is a fantastic place for a quick bite. It's a secret little spot you have to know how to find, but definitely worth it if you do!

Nahyung Lee

I’ve tried egg, cheese, and ham croissant and it was freshly made. Grilled cheese was the best! They have variety of menus to choose from with very reasonable price. I’m planning to stop by again and grab some good food.

Jennie Walker

Such a great find! When searching for a sandwich shop around Tyson's Corner, this one popped up and I thought it sounded good. It took a little while to find it - a wonderful man near the Tiffany's building told us that it was through the building's side door and to press the LL button once in the elevator - but once we were there, we found we'd made a great choice. The menu was front and center and offered so many varying choices even for vegetarians. They also had a lot of chips and drinks available. Others got sandwiches, I got a wrap, we were all thrilled with our choices.They seemed to only have cash tipping, so I was glad I brought a few bills with me as the people were very nice! It definitely had "cafe in the basement of an office building" vibes but there was seating and a good environment.


Best omelette around. By far... as in nothing close...

Dawn Peters

it is in the lower level of the building.

Stephen Clarke

I,ve been getting food from Matilda and Steve for years now and never had one complaintJust tried the Korean steak sandwich Its the best !!!Thanks for for all the great service and Good luck with the new system!

Antony K.

The White Orchid Cafe is a regular lunch stop for me and my coworkers. The entire staff is overwhelmingly friendly, memorizing everyone's name and giving them a boisterous greeting each time they walk in. They recently had the entire cafe remodeled, allowing for more seating and open space as well. Regarding the food, everything is made to order, and their hot bar/salad bar is always stocked with freshly-made dishes on a daily basis. They have a rotaing daily special sandwich with free chips for an easy lunch option, as well as options for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan customers. I'm specifically a fan of their California white tuna salad sandwich, as well as their weekly sushi (made in house) from the hot bar. Overall, prices are very fair for the area, especially considering other surrounding restaurants.

Hayley Schaefer

You’ll find great food (especially the warm bibimbap and miso soup combo!) and great service. It’s a place where they know your name and your usual order!

Michelle Meloni

Great food

Christine Kim


Tajh Phifer

Its a cheap in office cafe. The hot bar is about $8 a pound.

Michael K.

White Deli Orchid is more expensive than fast food and cheap ingredient options, but its worth it. (This is coming from a guy who is exploiting the McDonalds App) Located in the Lower Level underneath the Tiffany's office building, White Orchid Deli is a nice family owned deli where they know your name. Perks are the friendly professional staff, recently renovated to provide nice seating for dine-in, they always keep it clean, and you feel all these coming together as they prepare your food. They do daily salad bar and hot food bar (pay by weight). They have a big selection of hot and cold sandwiches with decent Pastrami and Roast Beef options. I tend to order the Hot Pastrami or Hot Roast Beef(?) with double meat.Wednesdays are their braised pork special. Yummy.

Travis H.

Very nice people and the food is good (for breakfast and lunch). But extremely expensive and it's a cafeteria- style setting. If you can afford it then it's great.

Lauren Y

They can customize any wrap or sandwich for you. Sometimes I have them put the special hot meat of the day into a wrap.

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