Buffet City

3877 Holland Road, Virginia Beach
(757) 498-1688

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Demetria M.

I walked in and realized I'd left my mask in my vehicle so I asked if they had them. She said, "Yes, one dollar". I went back and got mine. When I went back inside the restaurant I explained I'd never been there before in hopes that she'd guide me in the right direction or give me a few pointers...maybe even the names of a few popular dishes. She just pointed at an area with disposable gloves and take out trays. I went to the right side rear and saw raw shrimp out and flies around them so I went toward the front thinking I'd at least look at the buffet before leaving. The food all looked dried out and very little portions left in each waiter. I saw a dead fly in the sauce with the wings and immediately left. I'll never return and cannot recommend it to anyone for any reason. Not for take out and not dining in. Horrible place.

Lisa K.

I didn't expect much out of this place considering the price. But I was sooo wrong!! The waitresses were awesome , the cleaning the did was consistent, they were polite and quick. The amount of seafood choices were wonderful... blue crabs, shrimp in 3 varieties, crawfish, fried calamari.... then your regular Chinese offerings- broccoli beef, sweet and sour chicken, Kung Pao chicken, wontons... plus great amount of fruit and deserts. For $9.99 you can't beat the deal!!!

Brian R.

This used to be my favorite Chinese buffet in the area. My gut feels like there's a brick in it now. Old grease and food that's been out way too long coupled with a staff that just doesn't seem to care anymore. Sushi was suspect, wasabi was watered down, and flavor of the food in general was monotonous. Very sad about this, but I just won't return.


I am glad I didn't listen to the reviews on here. We arrived at 8pm on a Saturday, labor day weekend. Lots of people were there which says a lot. Food was very good! I think you should give it a try!

David S.

Sorry if this is to honest and graphic, Only thing on the entire buffet that would temp in this place is the fried bananas and the soup, the shits (explosive diarrhea) started before I even finished my meal, didn't even make it out of the shopping center before I had to pull into a spot and run into Kroger to go again, it's only been 30ish minutes since I left there and have had to run to two additional rest rooms to blow them up, as well, I'm writing this in the parking lot of Target where I had to pull over for those restroom breaks and barely made it into the restroom, sitting here hoping the Pepto tablets kick in soon and that I can make it home without having to either stop again or shit all over myself.

Phyllis Kozakiewicz

Great to get out to a delicious Chinese buffet again!! Yummy

Yanna's Vlogss

When I walked in there was a fly on the food. Child was wondering around by herself. Food look likes it's been sitting all day. On my way out she questioned my guest & I "Are we eating"?

Hayley Welch

Had a meal here earlier with my husband and three kids. The food was hot, fresh, and tasty we are on vacation from New York and are so happy we found such yummy food! The staff were so happy and bubbly I was amazed how friendly they were and how good the service was! My husband wants to move here now ? we will definitely be back on our next trip to Virgina ?

Susan Mccrodden

The staff there are awesome they helped my 85 year old father get his food and get it back to the table. They were very friendly and attentive and very sweet.

Ashpen Olarte

Theyre open again!taking all the necessary precautions As well as Mandatory Gloves While your inside ! Miss the food! Delicious! Chill place to relax and Dine.

Diez Emily

I am here eating at buffet City there food are so good I was so excited that they reopened can’t wait to came back and eat again

James Landsman

the worse food I've ever had and they charged me full price

Stephanie M.

This restaurant is under new management. I went there after going to planet fitness. They have jumbo breaded shrimp, raw sashimi and sushi rolls. They have lots of different desserts. I didn't like the fact that the salad dressings were mislabeled but they had plenty of soup. I would recommend for the price

weird mcr fan

Terrible! The food was cold and the pudding was sour. The only thing that was okay was the strawberry cake. Don't waste your money, and go somewhere else.

Jaime Valencia

This place used to be delicious, now it is simply mediocre. Sushi was ice cold, food bar was messy and with little flavor. Not worth the price for sure.

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