Hong Kong House

3501 Holland Road #111, Virginia Beach
(757) 498-6868

Recent Reviews

Nessa Boo

Don't go to this Chinese place. I ordered from them for the first time shrimp egg foo young, wings, and an egg roll. They throw everything in the egg foo young gravy. My egg roll, and chicken was soaking and soggy in tons of gravy. When I called their attitude is as nasty as their food. The woman didn't apologize and said she don't have time to separate the egg roll and chicken wings and they not a mind reader. They will not give you a refund back of replace your soggy food. The don't deserve any business when they don't have time to respect their customers. This is unacceptable and I will dispute charges with my bank. This my money if you don't have time than give me my money back.

Nancy Lynn Dillon

This has been my FAVORITE Chinese Restaurant for MANY YEARS!!!

Kenneth Washington

Excellent service and great food.

Dawnte H.

I've been living in the area almost a year now and is just finding this place. It's the absolute best I've found in the entire city and I've tried many.

No Longer Afraid

This is some hibachi lvl Chinese food lol the best fried rice around, very high quality food.

Michelle Langford

I ordered the chicken teriyaki, lumpia, and the pork lo mein combination platter. So delicious.

Joyce R.

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant! The food is delicious. They have the best general tso in my opinion. Crispy and flavorful. I love their all day special as well. So much food for a great price! When they were in their old location, my fiancé and I would like eating in. The lady in the front taking orders was so sweet. I've had a great experience with them with takeout and delivery too! I'm moving to a new house & neighborhood soon and I'm sad that delivery won't be an option anymore. Hong Kong House is a must try!

Terrence B.

WORST CHINESE FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD. I truly thank you guys for putting your health at risk and staying open during the pandemic but the food itself is a no. I have tried them on two different occasions during this pandemic because my normal places are closed and ugh never again. They don't season anything. Everything is bland and they don't do the simplest of request such as shrimp fried rice in a combo. Their sesame chicken is overcooked and flavorless. Their fried rice is hard with no taste. Their sweet and sour chicken tastes like fried water, if that were possible. Their shrimp and broccoli even sucks. I thought for sure that couldn't be messed up but that too was terrible. I really wanted to believe in them based on the positive reviews but I tried and will go else where. Maybe, just maybe they would be decent at least if they seasoned their food.

Sarou C.

Didn't feel like cooking dinner the other night so hubby and I decided to order some Chinese. The last few times we ordered Chinese food we were disappointed. I wanted to try somewhere different and Hong Kong House is not that far from my house. When I called in my order, the lady who answered the phone was extremely nice. We ordered 2 Lumpias, a large order of House Lo Mein and 6 chicken wings. She told me it would arrive in 40 mins. When we got the food, it was not piping hot but it was warm. The lumpias were super long. I was not expecting it but it was a good surprise. They were actually tasty as well. I think chicken wings from Chinese restaurants never really fail. They almost always taste the same to me (pls no one come after me for saying that). The house special lo mein was freakin awesome! Had shrimp, chicken, beef and pork in it! It was fully loaded. Hubby and I really enjoyed the food here. I think this will be our new go to :)

Luc Highwalker

Literally some of the best chinese in the area. Their hot and sour soup is absolutely BOMB and the food is fantastic. Awesome lunch deals and will become my go to lunch spot

Aubren Dalton

Food is delicious. Hooked on it

Cynthia W.

Although my food was hot and fresh, I was not a fan of the beef lo mein all day special. It was only 2 pieces of meat. The fried rice (which I normally get and love) was super dry and old. Highly disappointed this time.

Rose S.

New to the area and this was the first Chinese restaurant I tried, and I was blown away by how delicious everything was. The eggrolls were amazing and so was the fried rice (I usually dont like fried rice, I always get white rice but YUM). The wonton soup was really nice too. I got a side of sweet & sour chicken - WOW! So crispy, fresh and amazing sauce. They give you tons of extra sauce for your delivery order, cant have too many sauce packets. Happy I found this place, it will probably be my go-to chinese take out now.

Heather Lewis

This place has the best pork fried rice and egg rolls and TOTALLY affordable! Love it! Oooh and they deliver!

Carol Mellon

The food was awesome and the staff was friendly.

Wanda Elliott

The food's DELICIOUS

Jamilla B.

Best Chinese in town! We love anything and everything but if you dont know... get the garlic wings as and appetizer, extra spicy!!!

Abbas Yousefi

Absolutely the best fast Chinese food I have ever eaten. You can tell that their food is high quality to the point where I'm not sure how they can keep their prices so low. I'm very impressed with their food and I'm spoiled to the point where I can't even enjoy other Chinese food restaurants. I highly recommend it to anybody.

Lisa Glover

Always have enjoyed the food here and when it was across the street from its location currently. Prices have increased so much tho. We used to have them deliver to us at Lillian Vernon all the time. I've been eating food from there since early 2000, atleast 17 years or more. Also been having food from Tung Hoi every since 1994 their prices haven't increased that much. However I love Hong Kong House Holland Rd, Va Bch Va. Their hot & sour soup, delicious....their fried wings delicious and big...(whole wings) LoMein has my mouth salivating as I type this review. I don't kno about all their items. I get the same thing all the time. (All day special) used to be $4.25 and if u ordered double wings it was a 50 cent upcharge...now the (all day special)is like $6.45 same portion amount same great taste but now the upcharge on double wings is $1.50. I go back cause the flavor is delish (imo)the older lady who normally takes your order is friendly too. Clean area while u wait. I usually take out at the newer restaurant. At the other location I have dined in. Jus old and dated space. Maybe that's why the changed their location but not their delicious taste only their prices...

Joyce White

the best shrimp fried rice in VA Beach, they do no short cuts

santa turnage

best place for Chinese food

Kristina White

So ordering was super smooth, customer service was absolutely on point and delivery was super fast...HOWEVER, for almost $15 I definitely expected more food than what arrived. Very disappointed regarding portion size.

Doug Hershberger

I had the General Tso's Chicken and it was very sweet and spicy, just the way I like it!

George Hess

Some of the best Chinese takeout.

brian mullen

Good food

Kim Hill

The best since far East closed

David Gregory

Really depends on who's cooking that day. Sometimes it's right on point, sometimes it taste dried out. Overall still a good place for Chinese food.

Juanita Bennett

Great food. Good prices.

Italia Cruz

stayed at the econolodge and this was one of the best chinese foods ive had in my life !!!!

Rennie Barnett

Great place to eat. I've been going there over 20 yrs.

Amanda S.

It was a cold and rainy night and I really didn't feel like cooking. I also didn't feel like making the hike to our normal Chinese take out and so I searched yelp and found Hong Kong house. I am very happy I did. Our meal was very delicious and everyone was satisfied. The lady who helped us on the phone and when I arrived was so kind and very helpful! I look forward to trying other items on the menu soon.

Ashlyn U.

Ordered delivery while I am in school. Pretty decent Chinese food. Food was extra hot upon arrival and looked to be perfect upon observation. I order general tso chicken lunch combo. Chicken was piping hot a fresh. Rice on the hand taste like left over warmed up rice. (Which I know because I eat a lot of rice at home!) also I ordered a SPRING roll and got a mouth full of pork when I bit into it. Really was hungry but this kinda spoiled it for me. I'll give them another try but I will ensure my they have my order correct before the delivery person leaves!


Great food made quick at a great price. Would recommend for a quick lunch or a takeout dinner any time.

Taylor M.

My new favorite go to ! I've had several bad run ins with Chinese food lately but LAWD this food was so good ! The orange chicken was crunchy , moist , perfect! The Singapore mei fun was hands down so good , the beef and broccoli was okay . They charge extra for pork friend rice which I think is odd . But other than that this food is to DIE FOR ! Side note their pork they put in rice and other dishes isn't the hard fake red mystery meat like most places . It was fall apart yummy pork

Christina L.

I decided to try this place based on all the good reviews. Ordered a couple of standards plain lo mein, crab rangoon, and sesame chicken. ALL of it was burnt and over cooked. Lo mein noodles were almost black and tasted charred. Only thing that tasted decent was the white rice. Going to No. 1 next time.

Belky A.

So glad I found this place in my search for pow hot noodle soup. The shrimp was fresh, lots ai meat and pork and plenty of vegetables and noodles. The taste was amazing the spice was just warm enough. This place is hard to find from the street unless you are looking for it. Great flavors, great service.

Brie L.

Very disappointing... to say the least Food was bland w no flavor Delivery guy was a creep ... won't be ordering again

Chris M.

This is one family-owned Chinese restaurant that has been around for as long as I've been a kid, so obviously, they are doing something right! They've recently moved down the street on Holland Road, and the place is a lot smaller than their original location, which was more suited for dining in. Not a big deal since I usually do take-out with them. I've been a huge fan of their all day specials because their portions are huge; one entrée and two side items, for S6.25! I love their sweet and sour pork and fried rice! Their general tso chicken is probably one of the best in the area as well! I'm getting hungry again just writing this review!

Mission R.

best authentic new york style chinese food in the whole hampton roads! hands down! Been going here since a kid. They're like family now lol I recommend egg foo young, any type Lo mein and the garlic wings. They have fried rice that reminds me of visiting back in New York, you know with the scramble egg onions and sprouts. NOTHING BEATS HONG KONG HOUSE!

DeAnna J.

My family get food from here at least once a week if not twice and i think they know our address by heart when we call. The food is always hot and fresh even when they are very busy its always good eating. The all-day specials are wonderful and filling and they give you so much food. I would say go and eat well at Hong Kong House in Virginia Beach.