Kamugi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

2181 Upton Dr #406, Virginia Beach
(757) 430-8886

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Jo-Marie Maniwang

It has been a long time since my family ate at a Japanese steak house and this was so good. I ordered lobster and my husband got filet. Both were fresh and cooked perfectly. We had a party of 8 and everyone was happy. Our service was top notch. We ate there after church and had reservations but it was not crowded. I highly recommend this hidden gem in the Red Mill area of Virginia Beach. It will not disappoint!


First off, the best part of the Kamugi is that they are away from the touristy beach front area, that may also be their problem. How this place is not better known is beyond me. The Maki rolls here are easily twice the size of what the more famous houses in the big cities are offering, and the fish is just as good and just as fresh. When we were there (on a Wednesday night), Hibachi side of the house was hopping. We were the only couple on the dining side, as we were there for sushi. There was a couple at the Sushi Bar, so one could assume they were also there for the sushi. Kamugi is in a strip mall, away from the waterfront, and in a mostly residential part of town, but it is worth plugging it into your GPS and giving it a shot. They deserve the business and recognition, and you won't be disappointed


Delicious Dinner and amazing service, we have not been here since the new owners took over and so glad we gave it another try.

CarrieLynn 6488

This was the BEST experience! We had so much fun and the gentleman cooking was interactive and held an amazing conversation! We were there for my nieces gymnastics competition but ended up finding out some hidden gems of the area! We can't wait to come back and visit! He was also from Pennsylvania which for us after being away from home for a few days made us miss home. But it was the BEST most amazing experience and when we visit again we WILL be going back! Also the food was/is AMAZING! You can get half rice and half noodles which for us we LOVE the noodles! Absolutely recommend!!

Tiaquana Whitaker

My family and I love hibachi! My daughter and I was out shopping in Va Beach and googled hibachi. This place popped up and we took the chance! Best decision EVER! The chef Noel was amazing! The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing and modern and our host “J” was the best!!!!!! We live an hour away and I do see is return for more! Great job and thank you soooo much for your hospitality ♥️♥️♥️♥️


Nice atmosphere, wonderful service, and delightfully delicious 😋 I definitely recommend!!!!

Lynn Filio

Very friendly and welcoming ambiance. The food are plentiful, delicious and perfectly cooked. In my opinion this is the best Japanese steakhouse & sushi restaurant in Virginia

Michael Simmons

We went here for dinner 2/16 and the food and service were amazing. From the minute we walked in, we felt like family. The chef was impeccable! Not only with his preparing of the food but also his engagement of everyone at the table.He cooked the beef flawlessly and the portions of rice and vegetables were just right. We will definitely be back when we travel back down to VB.

Joy Mason

Food was amazing. Family working was so nice. Best hibachi I’ve ever been too!

Dominique Mayfield

Loved it!! We went here for my daughter's birthday! The atmosphere was nice and the chef was so great! He was friendly and so funny. The food was delicious! We will definitely be going again!

William Hodgson

Went yesterday around 4. It was close by and open before 5 so that was a plus. Seated fast as the place was nearly empty. Drinks, salad, and miso came quick. Drake the hibachi chef was great, kept the energy up with only two people at the table. Food was good, could have used a bit more salt/pepper. Sushi was great no complaints there. After Drake left we were basically left unattended for a very long time, with only 2 tables you'd think we'd be attended to for drinks or just anything really. A second couple came in and were seated on opposite ends of the grill while we were waiting. Had to get up and go to the bar to ask for boxes and check. Never once was offered a refill or if we wanted anything else. While the food is good and the price is fine, the service left a lot to be desired. The grills are also very close together compare to other hibachi places in the area. There is 0 privacy for your party and due to the layout I'm sure it's hard to hear when it gets busy.

Debi Woodard

Amazing atmosphere and service. The chef is so friendly and entertaining. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Coty Harding

Wonderful people and wonderful food… we arrived late on a Saturday night it looked as if they were closing up shop but they welcomed me and my girlfriend with open arms and gave us outstanding service. The best part is a toss up between the food and the hibachi chef Noel. Not only was he really funny but was very attentive to the flavors of the food. By far the best food and flavors I’ve had at a hibachi restaurant it’s a must try!

Cheryl Huggins

We decided to go for a hibachi experience to celebrate a birthday and found Kamugi online. The pictures looked fabulous and the location was familiar so we decided to try it out. Let me tell you it did not disappoint! The decor is beautiful, the service is prompt and attentive, and the food is top- notch delicious. I was struck by the fact that all of the staff were smiling genuinely throughout the experience. They truly seem happy in their craft. Our chef, Noel, was a master of entertainment and flavors. All orders were cooked to perfection. We ordered 2 sushi rolls, which were crafted by June (sp?), and they were delicious as well. We plan to return and hope you will try it too.

Michelle Ekoniak

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, amazing service and wonderful company. The hibachi chicken and shrimp was amazing! The ginger salad dressing was so good.

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