Pizza Hut

1328 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach
(757) 495-9999

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LaTonya E.

Customer service was straight garbage. I waited 10 minutes while an employee was on the phone behind the counter and didn't acknowledge we were even there. If I wasn't so hungry I would have left

Alveeta Nelson

Good service..good food..


I love Pizza Hut, but this location can never get my order right!!

Anthony Cecilia

The worst pizzas ever. Ordered in 2 pizzas, garlic knots and cinnamon buns. The food arrived about 53 minutes after driver was very pleasant. The food was not. The pizza looked horrible from the opening of box. One pizza was pineapple and ham and other was supreme. Both of them cheese crust filled., both of them lacked sauceand looked like they were left overs. They tasted even worse then they looked. The worse pizzas ever,$41.00 for our total order. The garlic knots were fair but not even close to great. The cinnamon buns were great. ended up throwing it in the trash and ordered else were.

Gigi Peaches

Oh no. What's up with pizzas with the crusts with too much garlic and I'm sorry but the sauce tastes like ketchup.

Barry Wilson

Good food and good service. The waitresses were great

Daniel Wilson

Can even make it more fun for me to be atopush give mimore

Pamela Coons

Got there at 11:20 only the salad and fixings were out. The pizzas should have been out by then. The pizzas took 25 minutes more.

Elsa Foston

Food was fresh. The small salad bar is pretty filling. There was only one attendant up front, but it's Saturday, so the crowd was coming in slowly. It was a nice, peaceful environment. Kudos to Cecilia for being friendly, welcoming, and helpful.

Ashley Reycraft

Richard was very courteous and helpful. He was the only one running the front and he and his fellow employees made sure to help us in a fashionable time. We appreciate it!!!

Teresa Gibson

Every time we’ve been we’ve always had a pleasant experience and plenty of food to eat. We usually end up taking home some food because we always end up with too much. Our food is always fresh, delicious and hot when we get it.

William Gibson

Great salad bar, lots to choose from.

Suzanne Compitello

My good was hot and delicious. Service was awesome as usual.

Rob Fenstermacher

Great service and food got out in a rite time

William Gibson

Waitress was friendly and professional. She attended to our needs. Food was great.

The Power Bulb

These days I eat a lot of salads, and they have a good salad bar. The one thing I hate is a warm salad, the items on the bar are kept very cold and fresh. It's only a few eat in pizza huts left and I really enjoy dining here it goes with out saying your pizza come out hot and delicious, and most of the time they got some kind of special going on. Give it a try I think you would enjoy it

Kyle Holliday

Took 3 times to get my order right. Pizza was cold, slimey and barely looked edible. Pizza fell apart into 5 pieces when I picked up a slice. I never leave bad reviews but this is the WORST pizza experience I've ever had. Seems like poor management and not necessarily the employees faults.

Dianne CobbPennisi

It was dirty slow service.ordered pizza with spinach.the pizza had 10 tiny leaves on it. Not a place for people who love vegetables

Kenneth Spencer

The guy working was nice and doing the best he could, he just didn't have enough help.

Jeff Cardillo

Best Pizza buffet in Hampton Roads. Have gone there for years. Highly recommend! !

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

1328 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23464