Taco Bell

5845 Northampton Blvd, Virginia Beach
(757) 689-1099

Recent Reviews

Nioi Onara

Extremely rude staff, I walked in their to get lunch at exactly 2:39 in the afternoon and the employee at the counter told me to leave when I had brought my pet inside because I had no where to go and then I was asked to leave my pet outside of the restaurant with nobody attending my pet or watching him. I am extremely offended and I am never entering this restaurant again and I would NEVER recommend this particular restaurant or company to anybody looking for a quick.bite yo eat.

roselind valentin

Terrible, asked for no lettuce on my taco, and the did that wrong. Second how do you make cinnamon delights, key word being cinnamon, how to you send it out with NO cinnamon on it... smh this place is the worst!!!

Chris Hodge

Nice that this location is on an major route plus it's near an side street to take if going another way if unable to get back out onto Norrhhampton. Never had issues here the few times I have been there. The staff are friendly and helpful in return. Can be waiting alittle depending on the time you go there.

Justin Payne

Can't go wrong with the one dollar quesadilla melts.?

Phillip B

Decent taco bell. Slow but got all the special requests correct.

Micheal Plummer

I was going to give 3 stars, but compared to the one in Oceanview I am compelled to give 4 stars. Only one complaint.. if someone over fills the drink, please use a napkin or something to wipe the spilled portion off of the cup.

Team Thunder

It did have some good food I really recommended it

DWM M1ck3y - Daily Let's Plays

One of the better taco bells I have been to in years.

eboni s

I wish I could give 0 stars. This place is never crowded so it blows my mind why they never have fresh food or can't read the receipt and make what you ordered. I specifically told her NO BEANS!! Its even on the receipt yet I open the box and boom BEANS ARE ON MY FOOD. It not that hard to READ!!! TAco bell PLEASE MAKE READING A REQUIREMENT FOR EMPLOYMENT . I will never go back there.

Dennis Costea Jr.

The crew seemed very busy and I made the mistake of using the self-service order kiosk. The kiosk is arranged nicely but, my unfamiliarity with it lengthened the time spent placing the order. I visited this Taco Bell as a delivery driver for DoorDash, so spending any extra time ordering means a lower income for me! I will not use the kiosk next time unless it's absolutely necessary.

Tabatha Byerly

If I could give them. -10 I would they never gave me my change or reciept and when I came in to let them know. They counted drawer in less then 5 minutes. They told me it wasnt short. Said they have my receipt. But they gave me the change without my receipt. I will never go to another Taco Bell again..Got me for me 9$ really sad how customer service is now..

eric rymal

Simple tacos, not authentic but still fills the crave when your running late. Not gonna lie and say there is any health to the meal. Service is good and timely with a smile.

Cristenna Weaver

Drive thru speaker was extremely rude while we were ordering and all items were not present in bag when we got home. Won't bother going back, felt like a waste of money.

KA Darnell

This has been a good location the times I have been here. Clean facility and good food.

Courtney B.

This is by far the best Taco Bell I've been to, the food came fast and warm. Their root beer was out of syrup though, but that was just a minor problem I wish I could come back here every time I get taco bell, but I'm from out of town. The employees were friendly and happy to make our food, there was no line at all! I highly recommend eating here

Maria Courteau

Have only been to this particular Taco Bell one other time but of times were decent. Had the To chalupa with one Conti taco meal. It was good. Would have probably given them 5 stars for the fact that the food was tasty and I got it very quickly but they did not have root beer which most of the taco Bells that I go to have so that dropped him down a star

KAvienne Business20

This is by far the nastiest taco bell in the area either the food is cold or there is always an after taste this one is closest to my house but I will drive to Newtown one any day over this one. For it to be one of the newest I don't understand how. Whoever is giving good reviews on this one is lying.

Maranacci Wilson

The service was horrible! I almost thought I was not going to be served. Staff looked at me and kept working on drive though orders. No one acknowledged us standing there. Finally, after 5-10 minutes of standing there,( I was getting ready to leave when) 1 member from the line took our order and set our cups on the counter and walked off. I took my own receipt and gathered the cups. I noticed 4 people on the line making food, no dedicated cashier, 1 drive through cashier, no food expidator, and no manager present. Despite all of this my food was fresh and hot.

Tyson Nobles

Oh man, where do I begin. If you arrive at this location after a certain time during late night hours you will hear a message that tells you the store is closed. However, they are actually open and after waiting about 4 mins the employee comes on and finally takes our order. We pay, get our food, and get home only to discover half of the items we ordered. Based on the lack of interest in our order in the first place, we decided not to reach out to the store to have the situation corrected, and will probably just visit other locations. Food was cold and the staff doesn't seem to know the store's operating hours. Lots of other choices on that block. Don't choose this one.ð???

Deborah Pierce

They love my service dog here not just tolerate her as they do many places.

Mrs M.

I know your not supposed to expect much from fast food restaurants but this place is reeeeaaaalllly slow. And apparently they're know for it. Another customer told us to be prepared to wait a long time to get our food before they left. I went inside and ordered because I had to use the bathroom too. My husband sat in the drive through. Both were so slow. And they didn't seem to care a bit. They were in No rush, not very many people working, and the place was packed. Is there anything that we can do to fix poor customer service? It shouldn't have to be like this.

Tricia H.

Drive thru closed and when you go inside they are cash only. Line backed up and workers are talking to each other while patrons just stand there. Several people just turned and walked out shaking their head!

Chad Willy

This place was gross! The lobby was dirty and there was a dirty inside-out polo style shirt tossed right the middle of the sauce and napkin station in the lobby.

Ima Ninja

Fast service and friendly people. Food was delicious made to order and correct. Been here few times and it's always good. Thanks for great service and food keep up the excellent work. Many thumbs up and five stars

Boss Builders

Thanks to the costumer service from josh taco bell was a great experience. She definitely needs an increase im pay for the great attitude!

Ashley Mendez

I was waiting for a good hour, and there service is bad,like i order the $5 box and they gave it to the lady in the window and everyone was getting there food but me and this man saw i didny get my food and he act like everything was okay. But its whatevee i jus recommend if you want taco bell you should go to the one on Newtown rd

Bianca Love

Although the service was excellent the food definitely was a miss. Ended up getting a sour stomach & sick several hours after eating here


Fast service and friendly people. Food was delicious made to order and correct. Been here few times and it's always good. Thanks for great service and food keep up the excellent work. Many thumbs up and five stars

J Jordan

Worst Taco Bell in the Hampton Roads area. Tried several times here due to it being the closest to my home but always something wrong with the order. Even was told one time that I could only order 3 items on the menu because they were understaffed. I have 6 people at home and I can only order 3 items??? Ridiculous!!! I asked if I could have a 12 pack of tacos since thatâ??s an item on the menu and they said no only 3 things.

Santoyo Venegas


Crystal c Watson

The younglady managing the drive thru could stand some cat svc training. It amaze me why a company would hire a someone with no personality. I'm amaze that she doesn't understand my purchase keeps her pocket filled with ð??°. People of you choose to work with the public please understand you must be professional, smile, and know how to communicate with others. ð???

Leah Doran

Gave this one at least 10 tries but every single time they get at least one thing wrong, even on a two entree order. When you try to go in with the bag and receipt to explain the mix up, the staff is rude. Machines are constantly down and Baja is never in stock, which isn't the staff's fault, but the way they relay that info is just mean. Also never sure about the hours, tried going at 8am and 11pm but they seemed to be closed. Going the ones near Pembroke or even Newtown from now on.

Lauren D.

Best, most consistent, bag is always heavy cause the hook you up Taco Bell! I drive a little extra way to go to this location. It's always worth it.

John Bailey

Basic taco bell. If you are in a Taco Bell moment does it really matter? :). The woman at the window was happy and pleasant which made the tacos taste that much better.

Awakened Angel

Food is good. Sometimes take out/drive through food is a bit lukewarm not hot. But the staff are friendly.

Megan collins

waited almost ten mins for our order... not worried, thought that meant it'd be fresh... was cold and obviously old

Salman Zaidi

This place used to be busier and definitely produced fresher and more filling food when it was opened. The quality has declined since and what could have qualified for a 5 star location then now is hardly a 3 star place which had long lines just two years ago now has empty parking lots.

Crystal Hughes

Ya'll always get my order right. I appreciate this and your staff.

christina ware

Always love this place. My favorite thing to order is the nacho cheese tacos sumpreme.

Evelyn C.

I have never had such a terrible customer service experience. I didn't even get my receipt so I couldn't review their store on tell the bell. I was given attitude the entire time I ordered and given one sauce after waiting up front for them to bring my food (there was no line behind me)