Taco Bell

5845 Northampton Blvd, Virginia Beach
(757) 689-1099

Recent Reviews

Shell Back Beau

Good items are being replaced with bad menu items, lack of healthy choices, and poor customer service

Avery O

Staff not friendly AT ALL!! I'm sure management has Alot to do with it.Spoke to a Manager about an inaccurate order, and she showed no professionalism AT ALL!!! Never received an accurate order, ever from this location.

Cheryl Lucas

The drive thru was efficient and precise. Due to that c word (covid-19), the drive thru lines were long at 8 pm. I'm sure that non peak hours the lines would be shorter. Service was excellent, and our order was ready promptly and correct!

Wanda Turner

Food is normally good here when the manager is working. After he leaves it goes down hill. Ordered burritos and tacos and needless to say when we got home they packaged the burritos on top of the tacos. Flattened them like a sheet of paper.

Utkarsh Doshi

The staff was friendly. Only take out or curb site pick up was available. The order was prepared promptly and accurately. Safety was ensured throughout. Buns were used to hand out food and drinks. It was true contactless. Smile of faces of the window lady. Would definitely visit and recommend

Ervin Johnson

B-side using the mobile app due to the Tractor I had service was great thumbs up to the workers

Hayes Crute

Best covid protection anywhere. The one on Northampton is fantastic.

Joshua Warren

Good good but getting expensive. Not offered by the $5 meals anymore was a bad move. Coming about 5% that I use to.

Victor Collins

Food is fine. I mean it's Taco Bell. The staff is friendly. Just seems like there is always an issue with my order. I was missing a burrito this time. Someday I'll learn to check my order before I leave.

darkskin. Reece

Food there was very good and the first burrito made me full

Angelic Scars

I dont really Taco Bell but its ok once in a wjile

Anthony Ericksen

They pretend their machines are down after 10pm. I got food 1 out of 5 times going bc I go late. They say their machines are down. I doubt it. If I can get food its ok.

Daniel Cronk

If you are only going to deliver and run drive through then list it Take off that you do not participate in carry out if you aren’t going to OFFER THE SERVICE!!!!!!

Nikki H

I wouldn't normally review a large fast food chain, but this one is so bad. Its my closest location, so during COVID I'm getting deliveries from here each time I order. They're always so slow, and half the time my order is wrong. I feel AWFUL for the delivery drivers. I see them sitting at the restaurant far past the time I was supposed to have my food, not getting paid any more.


Excellent overall experience. Placed a special order the day before and the order had not been met. I'm not expecting 100% from anyone right now, so I get it. No harm, no foul. I return today with that same craving and order the same thing. As politely as I can I mention the error from the day before and ask them to double-check to ensure the error wasn't repeated. Not only did they make it happen, they gave me my food for free! I fully intended to pay for my food but they were insistent given the previous mistake - AND they were friendly despite the circumstances. That's a customer service mic-drop.

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