Taco Bell

3708 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach
(757) 463-3543

Recent Reviews

Bill Walls

By far the best Mexican food anywhere

Ed Weiss

Awsome service, fast in and out...

Ashlee A.

Reasonable location as my significant other prefers this one over the one closer to town center. Our order was correct & everything was fine. COVID precautions were being taken + kind employees.

MacKenzie Duncan

My friends & I went for a Taco Bell run tonight. There was barely any cheese in the quesadilla. The mini shredded chicken roll up was cut in half. Some of the food was stale. We ordered something without sour cream, and the entire thing was full of it. ??

James Graves

I was hungry. They usually real good, never let me down.


Had to leave early without my food because they were so backed up they couldn't get my food out in time. Several other people were waiting for over 20 minutes.Dont go during lunch, youll be late or you wont eat.

Peggy Lalonde

Good food NOT expensive courtesy of staff

Heather Smigielski

There are many Taco Bells across the country and around the world. I now live in Orange County, California- Home of Taco Bell Headquarters. I've been to bigger Bells, Fancier Bells, Bells with better locations, Tester Restaurant Bells... so many, many Taco Bells over the years... but this one... THIS Taco Bell is home. I miss rolling through the drive thru and hearing my favorite employee's enthusiastic greeting. I can go to any Taco Bell on any street in any corner of America... but my heart will always turn onto Catalina and cut through the BJ's parking lot get home.

Big Daddy

Taco Bell is the most creative fast food chain with constantly changing creative limited time offerings.

jessica wagner

If you want to spend more than chickfillet and be less full without the chickfillet taste drop in

supermonkey ranger

Needs to add nacho box and chees burger plz but serves was excellent and nacho bell good was really great and needs to put nacho frie sauce on tachos

Deborah Calvert

Fantastic service, fixing my dinner just the way I like it.

Chris Harris

I ordered Taco Bell with my

Ron Polizzi

$5 box chalupa very good!

June Connor

I just Love Taco Bell !! The people who work at the First Colonial Rd Location have always been so friendly!

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