Vietnam 75 Noodle

14437 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge
(703) 494-7777

Recent Reviews

Markeyta D.

Classic spot to get some delicious pho and crispy spring rolls. If you're in the mood for a pick me up be sure to try their Thai iced coffee, it will surely give you that burst of energy! The establishment is spacious and the staff is friendly. I'm a regular and every time I bring someone new in they fall in love with the place.

Jessica Pierce

We ordered pho for carry out. It was our first time eating at this establishment. The place is clean and the staff is friendly. The food was terrible. The summer rolls had way too much mint leaves and the peanut sauce was thick and old. The meat in our pho was overcooked and the broth has no flavor. The fried rice was also bland. We ordered chicken and got shrimp which was rubbery. We won’t be back.

Manny Diaz

The iced coffee is good but they burn the eggs to the point where they are brown. Stay away from plates that include a fried egg unless you enjoy severely burned eggs

Thomas P.

Their pho has a very home cooked flavor and that's a good thing in my book. Their spring rolls are also good but could use thicker shrimp.

Elber Y.

Ordered delivery for a seafood pho . The are REALLY cheap with the seafood . Will not order from here anymore . I mean really , i paid 12 dollars for noodles and bean sprouts?

David Byrne

WE LOVE Vietnam 75! Because of the COVID restrictions we did carry out from Vietnam 75 for the very first time. I was a little nervous at preparing the food once I got home but they packaged it so well and made it so easy to assemble. I'd certainly prefer to be in the restaurant but their carry out is the next best thing. Thanks Vietnam 75!

Mary Antonette de Leon

My favorite pho shop in the area. The place is always tidy and the staff are always courteous. The flavors are just how I like it. They also have great vermicelli bowls when I don't feel like having pho at the time. I like the way they make their peanut sauce for the summer rolls too. Reasonable pricing as well.

Jeanelle Simpson

The blue-rimmed plate is all the cartilage I was given instead of flank slices for the B12 dish that I ordered. I couldn't chew it, and had to pick pieces out of the pho. That was 80% of the "meat" in the dish. The noodles tasted funny, but the broth was good. However, if I only wanted broth and noodles, I wouldn't have gone out to eat. I'll be going back to PHO 75 in Arlington; bigger bowls, better taste, same price.

Jenny Chou

Ginger chicken is very dry. Meat are not freshly cooked. It was fast as microwave and served.

Doug C.

Worst customer service. The young girl overcharge $3.00 for take out fee of $40 of food to go. Be careful, and also to the owner, he is never there at the restaurant. I will continue to post more review if this happen again.

Erick R.

Came here with my wife to eat. She ordered her food first because I needed some more time to order. She got her food and then I told the waiter what I wanted , it's been about 30 mins later and I still haven't gotten my food. Bad customer service. Would not recommend . Will not be eating here again.

Panda Bear

Ginger chicken is very dry. Meat are not freshly cooked. It was fast as microwave and served.

Connie Lee

Ginger chicken is very dry. Meat are not freshly cooked. It was fast as microwave and served.


First time getting Pho for my daughter. It was very good and the price was reasonable. We will be coming back.

Karla C.

This places pho is delicious. 100% recommend especially because they have so many types of pho. My favorite.

Paul B.

Fantastic pho food. Very consistent too. It's not the most romantic place to take a date but well worth the food. Great value.

Thomas Jones

Nice place, clean with a friendly staff. The first thing I noticed was that they give you an enormous amount of basil and bean sprouts with your pho order. The large bowl of pho is adequate for less than $10. Definitely a go to place.

Paul Pezza

Blandest Phó broth I’ve ever had. We had 5 different bowls of pho and each diner commented that the broth was bland. Even loading it up with siracha & hoisin couldn’t save it and I could only bear to finish about 1/2 my order before giving up.

Mr. T

We love this place. My gf and I eat here several times a month. The service is super quick and food is consistently fresh and really good. We are glad this place is in Woodbridge. We don't like most restaurants in Woodbridge. Highly recommend.

Jeffrey K.

F this place. 912 pm on a Friday night and the place is dark. Love the broth but hate these hours

naadia H.

First time coming here and first time eating pho I enjoyed it and would go back. We ordered at counter not knowing that was a to go line and you were supposed to sit down if you wanted to eat there after waiting like 10-15 mins I realized what we did and told the waitress she was very accommodating and brought us our food. It was still hot but not like the customer next to us most likely because it had been in a to go bad waiting for us to get it. The regular soup was like $7 and large was less then $9

Cody B.

I use to come here before vietchopsticks opened. It's ok. The pho doesn't really have a lot of flavor to it and the steak was hard in my soup. The service wasn't bad. The girl who greeted me was very nice though. I love pho so if it's pho it's good. Vietchopsticks might taste a alittle better but the servers there suck except for the manager. So chose your battle.

Jess L.

I came here for the first time before I had to go into work. Omg omg omg pho is soo amazing and i had the spicy chicken one. It literally cleared up every allergy i had Hahahaha. They were soo precise on their orders and putting it in the bag as well. I'll be back

Heather B.

The food is the best around and, the owner is so sweet !! Best summer rolls ever. Highly reccomend

Sheila Silva

Food and service is great! Reccomend this place, and definitely will come back.

Autumn Renea

Absolutely delicious! I eat here all the time and the tofu is amazing and perfectly cooked! Love the quiet atmosphere and homey feel

Alfredo Ruano

I’ve been coming to this place for years now. Their menu is no to extensive but that is exactly what it makes it so good (I believe ). Their specialty is their Pho and lemon grass chicken/beef. Their owners work serving the food too and they are very courteous and friendly. They keep it clean, it is not a fancy place, very simple layout but good enough. If looking for a good Vietnamese soup or lemon grass chicken/ beef is what you are craving for, this is the place.


I was looking for an authentic taste and I definitely found it here. I was one of those people that Googled best pho places near me ( I am in Fredericksburg VA) and there are all these places that popped up and all these mixed reviews. I will tell you now if you're looking for authentic Pho it is definitely at this location along with awesome spring rolls

Valerie Drake

The food was delicious and the ingredients were very fresh. I love the fresh mint and cilantro that came with my pho. The hoisin sauce is on the table along with a spicy sauce that i didnt quite care for but the hoisin sauce was great. I ordered a noodle bowl for my son and didnt realize that it comes with peanuts, for anyone with nut allergies its a problem. I asked to get it without the nuts which they did. I appreciated that but they couldnt garuantee that the foid wasnt cooked with peanut oil. It was too risky for him to eat but all in all a very good restaurant with very good food.

Chris S.

I'm a huge pho fan and have been trying to find my number one pho place in Woodbridge for a whole. I'd say it's between this place and Viet Fortune. I think this place has the best pho over Viet Fortune by a nose. Bigger portions, more heavily flavored broth, and very tasty. I do think that Viet Fortune has better service and better appetizers though, which is why I'm only giving this place your stars.

Mia M.

I have been coming here since I was in high school and I will always keep coming back. The service is great and the food always comes out extremely fast and hot. Would highly recommend.

Elias Sanders

They offer a fantastic variety of fresh food. I love dining here. Employees are always very nice, pricing is affordable and the spot is always kept clean.

Erika B.

This is my favorite pho place ever. It's very dated, and I think that can be off putting at first glance. Regardless, the food is so very good and fresh every time we go. The location is conveniently close to the mall and the parking is ample. I've tried many other pho restaurants and none of them are remotely comparable to the flavor at this one.

Jesica N.

Love this place. Best Viet food in the area. We used to live close to Eden Center (aka Vietnamese mecca) but moved down here and now that's too far. Thank God for this place! Very reliable pho, my favorite is the grilled pork with vermicelli noodles, veggies, and spring rolls.

Alex McKay

I am writing review as I eat!!! Was talking to a guy, from one of the stores, and he mentioned I come here for lunch or dinner!I have never been here before. I love Asian food, and I absolutely love pho, so I decided to try it out. The food is oh my heavenly delicious. The broth splendid, and so is the beef and the noodles. The best pho in northern Virginia!!! Will be coming back again. I was wondering what is that brown sauce, that I love so much!

Emily Edwards

Really fresh good food! I got the grilled shrimp with rice and it was delicious! The spring rolls were great too.

Christine Will

The best Pho around! The owner is such a cool, chill dude...if you have questions or comments or just want anything...he goes above and beyond to make you feel good and welcomed into his establishment each and everytime we come to visit. I have had Pho from many places in the NVA area but Vietnam 75 os truly the BEST!! I could eat this everyday!!! The manager even brought out photos for my son to look at the loooong process it takes to make legit, homemade Pho!! Can't beat that...and for under $10 large bowl....We LOVE it!!!

Hyo Park

I come here for delicious noodle soup.

Diane Christine Pang Reynolds

I consider this place my “comfort food” place! You don’t need a good excuse to go and eat here, just go!

Anthony Gaylor

This place was CLEAN! Food was tasty and they give you a big bowl of it for just under 10 bucks. All the employees were quick and helpful. Did I mention this place was clean?