Vietnam 75 Noodle

14437 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge
(703) 494-7777

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Pho is authentic and the service is fast and friendly. This restaurant also offers Vietnamese ice coffee with condensed milk and Thai ice tea.

Margie Nguyen

Came for lunch a few days ago. Nice place with authentic pho. Order some spring rolls for appetizers (theyā€™re huge!) and some Vietnamese ice coffee. Everything came out quickly and hot - good stuff!

Nikki Upshur

I've been going here for over 10 years. Other places have popped up but their recipe ain't right. This is the absolute best place to get Pho when in Woodbridge, no exceptions.

Tamisha Garland

Pho and spring rolls were excellent, service was quick and the wait staff were very friendly.

Alexandann Johnson

An underrated gem. This place has some really good bowls and dishes.

Richard Nelson

Insipid soup not authentic.

Tamara J.

My husband and I have been coming here on and off since they opened. Service and food have been pretty decent over the years - with some occasional issues, but nothing like this evening. To make a long story short, there were BUGS in my husband's seafood noodle soup. The two you see in the pic were not the only ones in the bowl. They were the ones willing to be photographed. (I know it's bad humor, but it helps me not become more irritated about this.) We let them know and they apologized, took the bowl, and brought him a new and much fresher bowl of soup, sans the flies or whatever the bugs were. The kicker was that they didn't mention what happened or why and then proceeded to charge full price for the whole meal. Not cool.

John L.

Vietnam75 is The best Pho in the Woodbridge area. The food is authentic. The service is quick and the price is reasonable. If you don't have time to wait 45 minutes to an hour for your food, this is the place to go to!

Ileah Bryant

Pho and other dishes are amazing. A go to place when I am in the area. Waiters are friendly and helpful. Try the fresh lemonade! It is delicious!!

Logan Venturino

I feel obligated to leave a review for this place, I ALWAYS am sure to stop by when I come home from school. The prices are great and you get a meal that will absolutely fill you up. Probably my favorite food spot in Woodbridge!

Angela Green

I finally found a place near me that has the perfect Pho. It's clean, efficient, and delicious. What more could you need/want? I'll be eating here a lot!

Megan Challender

Pretty good pho. The broth lacks the depth of flavor found at some other local pho restaurants, but the meat was generous and the service friendly and quick.

Blakk Absinthe

Some of the best fried spring rolls, and the peanut sauce for the summer rolls is great. Food comes out very fast, and it's a hearty serving for whatever you buy.

Mario L.

Over 3 years of stops here on my travels and the quality and service are still on-par. ALWAYS look forward to trips to the area just so I can get that delectable bowl of goodness.

John C

The restaurant may not show much from the outside but the food and the service has always been excellent.

Victor P.

I've had the pho and I love it.Very fast,good service.I'm a true fan now.Gonna come again and again.

Michael J.

Cost: $5 -and UP USD Food Quality: Excellent Decor: Casual Service: Very Good Specialty Type: Vietnamese Cuisine, Pho Vietnam 75 serves very good for the area. The authenticity is very high. Pho is a deceptively simple dish. The base is a clear broth packed with aroma. The variety of true Vietnamese food here is above the others in the area. They cater to many variations, but they all begin with beef and chicken bones, stock, herbs and spices and long hours of simmering. While the traditional name of each dish and a description follows the number on the menu, for Round Eyes it's just easier to order by number. You can order any pho dish with shrimp, squid, fish balls and shrimp balls, plus rice noodles. Each steaming bowl of Pho comes with a small plate of bean sprouts, a slice of lime, slices of jalapeƱo and basil leaves.

Jasmine B.

I don't know her name but one of them are just so rude. She doesn't seem happy brings that cart to dump the food right after you get up to leave. A oh there's a bug

Shawn H.

Absolutely love this place nice "off the path" type of spot but quick service seated and ordered my food and drink within 10 mins of being here. I always get B8 with extra fatty brisket which is so good LARGE because I like to take home leftovers and extra sides (basil and jalapeƱo). I did order the summer rolls they are good but would like for them to add basil then I could give them the whole 5/star treatment. Thai tea is one of the best I have tried! Eating pho middle of summer...yeah that's me! Lol when you have a craving for something gotta get it! Wish they served beer and wine that would be a plus also. But overall they are one of the better pho spots in the area by far!

Andrew P.

So far I've had only the Pho, summer roll, and BBQ pork rice plate. Each were all very good and came out quick. The service is fast and pleasant. The pho is good comfort food.

Vietnam 75 Noodle

14437 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192