Taco Bell

5217 Mudd Tavern Rd, Woodford
(540) 805-5913

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todd mcmullen

How this taco bell stays open I this will never know! gave this bell three chances every time it gets worse! this time AGAIN no one in line or in sight or at the drive thru, waited 15 mins we could hear the guy who mic was on saying they can wait den could hear them swearing playing while customers waited! then we get our sad breakfast burritos they should come with sausage egg cheese we got what looked like a 2 year olds art project absolute GARBAGE ! when you dive by this taco bell and its empty EVERY time now you know why trust me keep on going . How google lets this taco bell sit there with 4 stars with all the bad reviews is beyond me .

Anthony Coward

Tractor Trailer Owner Operator worked ALL day finally got a break late night stopped at Taco Bell for a bite to eat 11:15pm. Taco Bell online Open until 12am listed Dine-In, Delivery & Take Out. Arrived doors locked, walked to the drive through window Manager stated they ONLY TAKE ORDERS FROM DRIVERS IN A CAR. I’M a hard working Truck Driver don’t we count? Walked away hungry & Disappointed/Again…????????

Karren Hess

I got a burrito supreme and it was the signs of a double hot dog and you couldn't barely find the tomato or lettuce

sean d

It's taco bell.... this particular location got me in and out of the drive thru pretty quickly, the food was good and hot and the customer service was really good.

Wb Wick

Quick enough, nice cashier friendly and polite. Crunch wrap good, but firsts pairsPotatos.... over cooked.Otherwise I like this place

Monique Walker

Both of the drinks we bought were filled only 3/4 of the way up. My 3 tacos were a tiny bit of meat and with very little cheese and virtually no lettuce. If I had wanted to buy taco shells, because that's what I primarily received, then I would have just went to the market. My husband burrito was about the same. Very little in it, wrapped in a tortilla. The rest of the order was ok. When half of your order is sub-par then you get 1 star

Amber Houston

good food as long as there not rushin

jacob swift

Sucked. Tooled 18 mins to make 1 meal. Weren't even remotely busy at all. Two people working drive-thru two making food, and a lobby person walking around.

April Latham

Quick service. No line, food was good

Dr Sirrap

Drive thru cashier told me they are not required to wear masks. She and her associates had on no masks or gloves and she told me that there are vaccinated but didn't produce a card. Run, not walk from this place. She was annoyed I even asked her... With the Delta impacting vaccinated people, you can imagine my fear of her. Hopefully corporate will take care of this. Don't go. Drive on.

Papa Bear01

Where do we start.... the food tasted amazingly bad, the only thing remotely Mexican about this was the tortilla and the beans, and honestly that was an after thought.Also....is it a corporate policy that they don't even care enough to ask if you'd like sauce....its not just one location. This has happened the last three times I've stopped at a location, different locations each time.....that sauce is the only thing that makes the food chokeable.

Jerry Edwards

New restaurant clean and friendly atmosphere.

Billy O'Neal

The chipotle chicken melt may be the best thing they have

Saerina Kuehner

Fine, slower service in the drive through.

Michael A Kalfas II

Was my favorite place to stop after work, food was always perfect. The quality of service has dropped significantly over the past month or so. Food comes out partly cold, parts of the order are missing, and once I waited over 20 minutes for them to bring me my drive thru order that i eventually had to go in and get as it was forgotten. I hope everything improves, i really enjoyed having such good and convenient food, but now it's not worth the time or money. I'll set it back to 5 stars once service improves again.

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