India House Restaurant

207 Colchester Ave, Burlington
(802) 862-7800

Recent Reviews

Juls S.

I love this place! Their paneer pakora is the best comfort food in Burlington, in my humble opinion. Always super friendly and fast. And they have discounts for college students!

Blair Wolston

Tried Indian food for the first time and enjoyed the spices and flavors. This restaurant has a large menu, seems very authentic, and the waitstaff helped us narrow down what we might want. The water in the pitchers wasn't cold and they were playing loud YouTube videos on their cell phones in a nearly empty dining area but I don't think it was intentionally rude. Very limited beer options for Burlington as well but overall I'd go back to keep trying new things from the menu.

Sharon D

Excellent environment, friendly service, great menu choices and really decent food and at affordable prices. Will be back.â?? â??What a lovely restaurant YUMMY!!!â?? Love Indian food, best restaurant in the Burlington.


I have been leery about going to India House as I had heard and read such mixed reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. All the food was excellent and we ordered far too much. (we only ordered vegetarian food). The service was above average and the waiter was actually friendly. . . The hardest part about this place is the lack of parking and the difficult entrance if you are handicapped. . . For Burlington, it was surprisingly good Indian food.

Yoga Chick

The ethnic food scene in Burlington is a little rough, even the Vietnamese restaurants that have been proliferating lately are not particularly authentic. So, the fact that India House Restaurant does good food that isn't salty and does come in a range of spice options is a nice find

shashank barbhai

Good tasty Indian food and service

Lori Fetters

Very good food, but small portions. No place to park, which made it difficult for us.

Dana Schweers

This says buffet on some listings, but that's on the weekends. We did enjoy the food at good prices. Parking is on the street next to it. Not sure where to park at night!

Tony Amerson

Absolutely the best indian in burlington, want some real biryani? stop here.

Katherine D.

Not too crazy about this place the food was bland it left a horrible taste in your mouth the chicken was dry it was so bad that we couldn't eat it If you ask for a soda they just put a can on the table They don't pour it in a glass and they don't even give you ice with it I like my drinks cold and it was not very cold so yeah very unimpressed

Joshua Lincoln

Excellent food and wonderful staff. Youvwill be in for a treat if you dine here. My favorite place to eat when in Burlington area.


Mediocre food, nice people, over all not worth it.

Dax Marshel

This says buffet on some listings, but that's on the weekends. We did enjoy the food at good prices. Parking is on the street next to it. Not sure where to park at night!

Michael Adams

I really enjoy eating here. I have lunch at India house at least once a week. The food is great. The people are friendly and the service quick.

B Horton

India house is the best Indian food in Burlington. I visit India house at least once a week I highly recommend that the chicken tikka masala.

Mary Kidd

Great food, love their Keema Naan

Brian H.

I come to India House often. This is the Best Indian food in Burlington. You can tell that it's real authentic Indian food by going on Sunday and looking at who the customers are. When people from India visit this restaurant they come because its the food from their country. It's not imitation. It's the real thing!

Sabrina R.

Super slow service and odd atmosphere. Clearly family owned. Food is bangin if you're willing to wait for it

Vik S.

Make sure you have the Tandoori Shrimp. It is very good and by far some of the tastiest I've ever had. They take great pride in their all their shrimp dishes and I can see why. Good stuff

Kaprice Carpenter

Delicious! A quiet, tidy little restaurant with great & friendly service. It was super quiet when I went on a Wednesday night, but that was exactly what I needed. I had the chicken vindaloo, and was happy with my choice. Loved the garlic naan too!

Jake Mooneyham

This place is great! Lunch specials are priced well,


Great Indian food, delivered to my home occasionally from this restaurant. Super tasty, Spices just right.

Tyler Theuer

I am a returning customer and go there every week. Great food and great service. They are truly the best indian food in Burlington. I recommend the Seekh Kebab, it's delicious!

Ruben Fernandez

Nothing fancy, nothing bad! Rice was flavorless but smelled great, garlic naan was burned but regular naan was good, sea food was alright but with a ton of onion a d peppers. First and last visit.

Bronson M.

Went there getting takeout, was told a price on the phone when I got there I was told a different price. The woman at the counter didn't do a good job in explaining why the price was $7 higher and after we paid told us we still owed her a dollar... the entrees we ordered were good and well-portioned. The naan was not the best. Giving the rating due to poor service experienced.

Francine T.

Got the Keema Mattar (ground lamb with peas) which was really good. Naan is excellent. My son had the Chicken Vindaloo, which was a little sweet, but still good. Staff was friendly and attentive.

Lisa Kromer

We love this restaurant. Always gluten free safe!

Ellen Skapski

Good food and good service at a reasonable price. I love the many flavors of Naan bread.

Rebekah M.

I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews but I absolutely loved the food here! I've been here on 3 different occasions and tried different dishes each time (1 vegetable, 1 lamb and 1 chicken). The cuisine matches up to a lot of Indian restaurants I've eaten at in NYC.

Arianna K.

I have been very disappointed in my two prior experiences ordering from India House. On both occasions, my friends and I were missing dishes from our order making the meal unsubstantial and leaving us unsatisfied and far from satiated. We called India House immediately and they were completely unwilling to fix the situation. We were told to call Mr Delivery for a refund or go to India House to pick up the order (which is not possible since we are college students without a car). They were unapologetic and alarmingly unhelpful being that it was their problem to begin with. Will not be ordering from India House again and would suggest you all do the same

Peter Deng

One of the best restaurant in Burlington Vermont. The home for delicious foods

Mark H.

Have ordered from India house for years. Not great, but consistent. Been different recently with orders messed up, changes in foods we have known for years. Tonight ordered Paneer Korma, got it home and it had Lamb instead of cheese. Not great for the vegetarian who ordered it. Called and asked if they could read back order in case we messed up, but it was in fact for Paneer Korma. Asked for credit back on card, they said no. Asked if they could deliver it to us, again no. Asked if we could get credit for a dish the next time we came in, again no. Their only offer was for us to drive back and they would exchange, inconveniencing us for their mistake. Disappointing. Will order from somewhere else next time.


I had never had Indian food before but always wanted to try it and out of the couple of places in Burlington, a coworker recommended India House as well as a few things to try on the menu. My husband and I were not disappointed at all! The vegetable Samosas were amazing and so was the freshly made Nann, we tried the Pratha and the Chicken Tikka, so good! We will definitely be going back!

Maria N.

The main dishes here were pretty decent after they finally come out. We came on a Tuesday and waited almost 35 minutes for our meal. There was one poor guy manning the entire front of the restaurant. If they hired someone else, it would drastically improve their service. Happy to have Indian food in Burlington, but hoped for better.


I read many mixed reviews online. The one about poor service definitely does not apply, at least last night, with the waiter I had. He was attentive, took my order quickly, and brought it out quite quickly. I ordered the Rogan Josh, which was nicely spiced (based on a previous reviewer, I asked for it mildly spiced, which in Chicago, where I'm from would be almost nothing, but here it was just right. The dish was mostly sauce, and not much meat, and the meat was a little tough. But it was what I was yearning for, so it was fine. I also ordered spinach naan, which came out piping hot and freshly made. Many Indian restaurants buy commercially prepared naan and just heat it up for you. So, yes, I would go back. But if you want really authentic Indian food, go to Devon Avenue in Chicago, and you'll have tons of wonderful choices! Oh, and if you want to see the menu online, go to

Stephen C.

Not bad, not bad at all. The service was fast and friendly, I had chicken tikka massala extra hot, the heat level was perfect. I ordered garlic naan and a mango lassi with my dish. Here's the reasons for the 1 star deduction: 1. The rice wasn't hot, it was barely luke warm 2. The mango lassi tasted off. I think because they used unripe mangos. Overall the food was good, so if you're in the mood for Indian, then come check this place out!

Mads A.

I have been going here regularly (weekly) for the past year and am now an India-House addict. I have settled on their Paneer and Chicken Masalas as well as their Lamb Boti Kebab Masala. The amount of sauce works out perfect for dipping their in-house clay-oven-grilled Naan's -- I always order the Paneer Naan (but have had their Onion Naan). Probably among the best Naans I have ever had and consistently fantastic. They also updated their interior with new blinds which helps bring in more light and improves the experience. The only remaining issue is this: India House should be come up with a way to standardize their spice levels. Sometimes a Hot is Medium or Medium becomes Mild. Maybe create a scale that is easy to replicate (# teaspons of chili?). When I order my food Hot, but it comes out Medium, it's a bummer. Same happens with my wife's order. I think they are just erring on the side of caution for Vermonters who may not be familiar with spicy food... Keep up the fantastic work and see you next week!

Eric C.

Had Sunday buffet. It was a little spicy for my taste but what do you expect. The buffet was a small and limited for vegetarians. Good price though. We will be back!


Very good and very tasty, kind service, good prices, very much recommanded. Will be happy to come back next time when we are in VT

Shirley S

We like the food, & atmosphere, so much, we plan visits to a family member in the area to eat at the India House! We live near Rochester, NY, so it's a 5/6 hour drive. We haven't been disappointed!