SoYo Frozen Yogurt

696 Pine St, Burlington
(802) 540-0851

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Brandi Littlefield


Christine S.

Tangy frozen yogurt that tastes like yogurt, served in four different sizes, with any fixin's you like (including apparently real maple syrup in a squeeze bottle for topping). They had three flavors when we went; maple, and who cares about the other two when there's maple. The tanginess of the yogurt did tend to overpower the faint, natural maple flavor. I threw walnuts and heath bars on mine. Bare-bones interior; eat in or take out.

Avi Cohen


Ben B.

SoYo Fro Yo is pretty good, but tasted more like yogurt than I was expecting -- all other frozen yogurt I've ever had tasted closer to ice cream, while this had a distinct yogurt taste. It also wasn't super cheap for the amount of froyo given, but it was good.

Sheryl P.

My husband an I go here WAY too much, and it's perfect & delicious every time! All of their products are as fresh, and local as possible. They always have incredible produce (VT strawberries, raspberries, black berries, etc.). It's also really awesome to see an establishment that offers specific menu items that are not just a healthy alternative, but also vegan options are available sometimes as well. I'd highly recommend their Nutella flavored yogurt if they have it, or the protein smoothie, it's absolutely prenominal!

Destenie Vital

Love your yogurt , I've been a little underwhelmed by the customer service my last two visits...

Jonathan Tornabe

Fast service, different flavors each time

Laurie Griesinger

Great froyo!

Nadine T.

Second time I've tried to order a protein smoothie and was told they were out of one ingredient or another. On this occasion it was "Oh, I only have a quarter of a banana. And let me check if we have protein. We're actually out of that. Do you want a different smoothie?" Don't advertise something if you don't have it. Customer service has gotten really terrible too. Not interested in paying five dollars for frozen yogurt and rude bitties.

Mike R.

Quick, friendly service and the variety of flavors make this an easy local business to support. Plus, you get 10% off with a receipt from adjacent New World Tortilla. Great little place!

Anne Flint Hall

Best tasting frozen yogurt ever, mango my favorite ! I hear they make maple though and haven't tried it yet ! Yum

Marcy S.

I love frozen yogurt and have had it a bunch of different places but we were given free samples and it tasted like soured milk it was really bad . I would not recommend this place at all. I hope you have better luck than we did.

Steven R.

Ate dinner over here and happen to sit next to this frozen yogurt smoothie place. It was really good. They had some unique flavors and it's really refreshing to eat while walking around. They have a few tables next to i you can sit at as well

Lea Terhune

Wow! Taste Riot, dance party of the buds. Headed into Burlington tomorrow to get one of every flavor.

Alice P.

I went into Soyo with high expectations due to yelp telling me that it's better than Orange Leaf downtown. There are pros and cons to this place though. The pros: -Parking is very convenient as they have their own lot in the back -Right next to Zero Gravity Brewery -Kiddie size is offered (yay!) -Rotating flavors that provide variety every time you go The cons: -More expensive than Orange Leaf -Less flavors to choose from than Orange Leaf -You can't put on your own toppings and they charge extra -Charge by cup size instead of weight I enjoyed the experience. The atmosphere at Soyo is very different than the lively atmosphere downtown of Orange Leaf. A suggestion would be to sit at the outdoor patio of Zero Brew Gravity which is a much nicer scene. The inside of Soyo is very small and so is the outdoor space. I don't necessarily think this place is better than Orange Leaf. It really depends on what you like in terms of atmosphere and how you get your froyo. I do give this place props for being more convenient in parking, which can be a pain downtown.

Beck Powers

Awesome customer service and fresh, local, and delicious froyo with creative and classic toppings alike!

Austin F.

This is hands down the best frozen yogurt on the planet. Local ingredients and creative flavors! Please open a store in North Carolina so I can have this everyday.

Helen L.

This place sells heaven in a cup! There is nothing like them. I prefer the sharp tanginess of plain yogurt, finding the candy-like sweetness of most flavored yogurts much too much. Well, this is the frozen equivalent of buying plain yogurt and sweetening at home. This most recent trip I got half chocolate and half strawberry rhubarb with salted caramel chocolate candies. It was absolute perfection. It's probably good for me and my wallet that I don't live closer. The staff are delightful, too.

Glen B.

My favorite! Small batch, fresh toppings and great service...what's not to like! I've been here more times than I care to admit and cycle to burn it all off!! :-) Great work!!

Kristen B.

There's a lot of downsides to an interminable winter season, one of which is SoYo's winter break. I totally appreciate that the frozen dessert biz takes a big hit during the protracted period of subzero temps known around here as ski season, so I don't fault them for closing up shop for January and February, but we so miss them in the off season. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so I was indeed jazzed to reunite with my favorite Pine Street treat on Monday, puffy coat and all. What makes me a regular at the hot pink walled froyo spot that confuses out of towners and locals alike with its quirky name? It's the three P's they're rocking. Product, people, placement. The tangy frozen treat is unbeatable in the refreshing realm, with a light enough body to balance out the many sweet toppings on offer (try as I might to branch out, except for that one time I got experimental on the mochi, I tend to gravitate toward the brownies, nuts, and Reese's pieces). Flavors rotate regularly, and none come across as artificial. If anything, those more accustomed to a highly saccharine chain froyo experience might find the flavors lacking. I, however, appreciate the subtlety of fruit flavors tasting fruity, not chemically infused. Sample them all, if you can't decide on the menu names alone. They'll also let you go halfsies with two flavors. And unlimited chocolate sauce and honey ensure you've got something sweet to cut the tart yogurt after you've scarfed all the toppings. The people behind the counter are great. Friendly, knowledgable, and willing to wear a tee shirt in March. Tip them if you appreciate genuine service. Placement- really I'm talking location. While it may be a downside for some who want to foot it from downtown, I find it's quiet pine street address a plus. You avoid the long lines of the lakeside creemee joints, can bank on a (free) parking spot, and it's got plenty of indoor seating for when your craving strikes before it's warm enough to take things outside. When it is, there's a picnic table out front and a funky (but not super functional - it's a slippery seat) bench made from snowboards as well as a little grassy bank to park yourself while enjoying one fine local treat. Go there when you've had a bad day or a rad day. That trusty wooden spoon will cure what ails ya or pump up the jams. Fan for life!

SoYo Frozen Yogurt

696 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401