The Great Northern

716 Pine St, Burlington
(802) 489-5102

Recent Reviews

Marilyn Ong

Ordered their burger & fries to go and was sorely disappointed. The patty was of low quality, small, and the alioli synthetic tasting. Definitely not worth the 16-17$ !

Amy G.

Stopped in for a late bite around 9 pm and the staff was happy to serve us. No scowling at our late arrival like is often the case late in the evening! Super friendly bartender happy to suggest beer and food that hit the spot. Great local beers on tap. Try the coffee George! Fresh food, tastefully presented, and just the right portion. I had seasonal grilled pork belly over a beat, squash and watermelon salad with some great heat and spice. Mmmmm. Hub had flat burger which he liked even though it was served medium. Crispy and delicious.

Pro Gopro Vlogger 2.

Went on a Saturday afternoon. Great food everyone liked teenager's to grandparents. I think a little explanation about their menu would have been very helpful.

Marc-Andre Seguin

On the first visit, we were greeted with courteous and fast service. Great ambiance and decor. Large selection of local beers and local foods. Loved their homemade fermented veggies! Open-concept kitchen, what's not to love?


I do bot have great expectations for American food. But here it was beyond my expectations and one of the best food that I had in my overseas trip including whole Europe. You must try the brunch. kids menu were also quite nice. Liked the fresh cranberry juice too!

Carter Giles

My wife and I were passing through town and picked The Great Northern based on google reviews. We stopped in for a late lunch at ~ 3:00 PM. They were serving their menu b/w lunch and dinner. We were disappointed with the quality and price. I ordered the chicken sandwich. The bottom of the bun was soaked in the runny sandwich sauce and was pretty much goo. My sandwich was luck warm at best. My wife had the hamburger which was not much larger than a slider but carried the price of a full sized burger. The decor was very modern and it looked like a fun place to hang out. We wondered if we had stopped during the "normal" dinning times if our experience would have been better.


We got the chicken sandwich and reuben. Great service too, which you don't necessarily expect at lunchtime. Pricy but comes with a plate full of delicious food, where some places you could pay a few dollars less and not come close to the combination of quality and quantity here. Also always appreciate the half fry half salad side option. Looking forward to trying an after work drink and side of dirty fries.

J J.

We went for my daughter's birthday. The architecture and atmosphere are great but the food and service are not! Entrees were small for the price--my slice of already oily fish was swimming in an oily sauce with no sides. I am accustomed to sharing menus, but this place comes across as more of a family restaurant where you get meat, potato, etc. Having said that, I love a good gourmet small plate restaurant but this was far from gourmet. My husband described his crispy chicken as hard poops. The salad was soaked in dressing. The oysters were thrown on a plate of melted ice with a quick impatient mumble of where they came from. The waitress seemed tired and offered very little guidance. And she could care less that it was a birthday. Our meals did not all come at the same time. My glass of wine was less than half full. They show $$ for price but I'd give it $$$ because everything is extra and I had to order more wine than I usually do. There are so many great places to eat in Burlington, I wish we chose better.

Brian L.

My experience here was incredible, I had grilled ramp and foraged mushroom gnocchi, and loaded fries with sriracha and smoked pork, both of which were not just delicious but an incredible value for the price. Great selection of local beers, and a relaxed casual atmosphere. Service was awesome and the chefs and owner took time to chat with customers and clearly loved the chance to share the pride they took in their food. I've spoke to some who haven't been 100% on board with some of their more experimental dishes, but my meal here was one of the best of my life, and I travel all over the US and EU for work. Great choice for high end food in Burlington if you have a big group, and can't wait 90 minutes for a table in one of the restaurants near the waterfront.

A. A.

The Great Northern did the catering and bar service for my wedding, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, they knocked it out of the park. Fabulous appetizers (the popcorn is a must), and hustling bartenders kept everybody lubricated right from the start. Dinner rolled out first with salads and then main entrees right on queue. They even printed menus for every place setting that were super classy. Emily was a breeze to work with, and the staff that came with them were top notch folks. If you're only getting married once, do it right the only time!! Book these guys!

Ashley D.

Hands down the best eggs benedict I've ever had. The smoked pork is to die for. Highly recommend if you're looking for a brunch spot!


Excellent choice for a seafood dinner, a vegetarian meal or a meat dish for that matter. The raw seafood bar has a nicely crafted selection of shrimp, ceviche, clams, shrimp, fish and oysters amongst others. They also have a very nice drink selections with many bourbons to pick from.

Patricia Schwartz

Service was good. The dirty fries were really tasty - kind of exotic. The Reuben was pretty tasty but I thought kind of skimpy on meat.

Damon Brink

First time. Was waiting on something else just wanted a cup of coffee and a spot to chill. Tried here, they were welcoming, genuine and served me my cup of coffee with water and a refill. I'm not sure they're really set up for a coffee shop type thing but that didn't matter to those running the floor, very refreshing and I'll be back to order more and see what this place is about. Give it a try if you haven't... Not sure about food, but I bet it's good!


The Great Northern has an indoor and outdoor seating area. We were there for lunch and chose to sit outside.. With good service, we ordered the haddock sandwich, a chickpea burger and the beet salad with fried tofu. All were really tasty and well presented. . Slightly on the pricey side, but the quality justified it.

Tim H.

An impressive and descriptive menu did not do my Fish Fry justice. I was drawn in by the homemade tartar sauce and it surpassed expectations! Not only was this entire dish great tasting, great looking, and a large portion, but also it came with 3 types of cole slaw! I was not expecting such a beautiful and detailed dish and was pleasantly surprised. I finished every bit of what came on the plate and felt great about it. As a bonus, I paired it with a fantastic Pilsner from Hill Farmstead brewery. Next time I'm back in VT I will go again!

Katie S.

This place is so awesome, at least for brunch. We got bloody marys and oysters which was honestly to die for. My pancakes were also fluffy and fantastic. My boyfriend got the eggs benedict, which he still talks about. I'd definitely recommend the brunch-- hoping to try the fried chicken night for dinner soon!

Thayer O.

I'm not even done eating breakfast and I had to review this place. Beautiful place! The food has been wonderful so far. We shared the Dirty Baby fries, wow, what a great balance of flavors! The drink selection is varied and interesting. I can't wait for the maim course. I'm definitely coming back!

Nancy P

We started with Dirty French fries - which are fabulously unique - dressed with chili aioli, spicy pickles and spicy pork - and which disappeared instantly! Our entrees included the scallop and fried chicken specials, beet salad, seviche, and arctic char - all of which were interestingly prepared and delicious. The children's menu gave equally wonderful options - noodle bowl and hamburgers. Service was attentive and helpful - reservations are essential - especially with 10 people!!


Always a great experience! The management and the staff are incredibly accommodating. The food is perfect and the presentation is always pleasing. My favorite is the scallops appetizer and the crispy chicken and rice. Or the tofu bowl...ohhhh man. Yummy!

B Gilbert

Sunday brunch, no wait. Covered patio. Curried smoked pork hash was excellent. Fresh pickled veggie side. Surrounded by breweries, pizza and other restaurants.

Garrett Colon

Great decor, knowledgable staff, and delightful food. I'll be coming back to dine for dinner in the near future, as their brunch was divine.


I have eaten here twice when in VT for work and it is excellent. Ingredients always seem super fresh. The menu is interesting, not overwhelming but with a good selection.. . Great beer menu as well . . I would highly recommend eating here. It can be busy so I would make a reservation


Background: On the spur of the moment, we've tried to get into The Great Northern for dinner. It was so busy and the wait was so long, we ate elsewhere. However, this time, my wife met up with a friend at an early hour and brought home some amazing food!. . Verdict: The Asian Dumplings and Veggie Kung Pao were amazing! I want to eat food from The Great Northern again. Sooner rather than later!

Anne C

A great dinner. I didnt know what to expect but the homemade gnocchi suggested by our waitress is unbeatable. Cooked in truffle oil, garlic, and with fresh mushrooms and zucchini it was absolutely one of the best entrees I have ever eaten. I am almost 60. And I cook. From scratch. All the time. . All else was tasty but not uniquely delicious.. . Try this dish and enjoy.

Nicole D.

My husband brought me here for a date night which was my first visit here. This is my new favorite place, I was so impressed! We ordered several items to share, including the grilled octopus, the creamy polenta, grilled artic char, and the crispy chicken. The descriptions on the menu were a bit minimalistic, especially for the char, so I was unsure how the dinner would turn out, but my husband and I were blown away. Everything was so flavorful, creative and beautifully presented. This will be a special occasion place for us because of the price point, but you get what you pay for and I'm happy to do so here. There aren't a lot of fine dining options in Vermont. I'm so happy to have discovered this place.

Thomas Dalton

Amazing food and great service. One of the best restaurants in the area. Highly recommended.

M B.

I have been here a half dozen times now and each time it has been excellent. The chickpea fritters are the perfect meal - think two XXL falafel with the best composed salad around in a big bowl. I've also had the mushrooms and polenta - don't be confused by its 'small plate' designation. Super rich polenta with tons of mushrooms and more than satisfying as a stand-alone meal. Even better as a shared plate with one of their great salads. I could go on, but everything here is handmade with care, presented beautifully, and more filling than you think it will be. Everything I have tried has a complexity of flavors and textures in every dish that continues to blow me away every time I visit.

Kylie Halpin

Such an awesome find on the South end! We stumbled on this spot a few months ago and have come back several times for brunch. The cocktail menu is fantastic and the food is exceptional. Our server was so sweet and genuine, the experience was perfect across the board!

Mike R

Superb service stood out (Chef was even making some visits to check in with tables on the terrace on a beautiful summer evening). Creative menu, fresh ingredients, outstanding presentation. More than I might typically spend on dinner, but it was a special night. Right in the heart of the Pine Street (aka 'Pint Street') brewery and cider corridor. Attached to Zero Gravity Brewing so also a nice spot to have dinner after some sampling along the way (or brunch to launch a Sunday brew tour). Beautiful, clean industrial look inside, great outside table (Albeit on the parking lot) to taken the active vibe of the area and the hint of sunset over the lake (just a few blocks away).

Joseph Normand

I had a nice experience. A little pricey with a small menu. Ruben was amazing.

Chris Lavallee

A bit pricey but very high quality food and a great atmosphere. Good for a special occasion.

Julian Angell

Very nearly perfect. Presentation was beautiful, wait staff was friendly and fairly quick, and the food was unique and delicious. It was a little too salty, and the lighting could be improved. But other than that, it's a nice, classy way too enjoy comfort foods with novel, delicious additions.

Jelly Beans

It was awesome. We reserved a table for 7:45 but it wasn't ready so they sat us down in the lounge, we ordered drinks, and they gave us apps on the house. The food was awesome- I ordered the pasta bolognaise and that was great.


Great food. I love the idea that you can get side half salad and half fries

Susan C.

I'm guessing people either love or hate this restaurant, I fall into the latter category. We ate there on our daughters graduation weekend and all 5 of us were disappointed with our meals. Worst beet salad (with mushy quinoa and flavorless dressing), almost everything (from octopus, to cod, to "stir fried" greens) are served in broth. The only dish we could get as pescatarians that was not in broth was the tofu dish, which was not gluten free and not at all flavorful. This chef needs to discover FLAVOR- garlic, ginger, heat, anything to bring the food to life. Even the wines were terrible. I gave it 2 stars for fresh ingredients. If you like bland brothy food, this is the place for you.

Cole Phelps

Great staff, great service all round! Drink selection was great, food was really good save the burger. It was prepared well, it was just the quality that lacked pretty hard. Honestly you can get a better burger just about anywhere else. Everything else was so on point that I will definitely be returning ð??

hannah townsend

Love this place! I find it difficult to find consistently delicious restaurants. I have NEVER been disappointed with Great Northern. They have such good fun food! Definitely my go-to place.

Steph Miles

Walked in and managed to get a table on what looked to be a busy Tuesday evening. The food was was their cava! The staff were welcoming and friendly and the food didnâ??t take long to come out at all, given there were so many tables to tend to.

Christopher H

Great modern American restaurant next to one of Burlington's more popular breweries. It's no surprise then that they have fantastic -- and varied -- beer selection that highlights local favorites and international beers. (But if you're not drinking they also have great coffee as well.)