Zero Gravity Brewery

716 Pine St, Burlington
(802) 497-0054

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Arsalan Hashemi

Very IPA, If you like it


Really fun atmosphere with seating both inside and outside. Quite busy on a Saturday afternoon. For $2 you can order a bottomless bowl of popcorn which was very good. We ordered 2 flights of beer (8 types all different) and did not really like the flavors. Not bad, but not great tasting for us. A fun place to hang with friends.

Gabriel Ananea

Great location, good beers!

Ben H L.

It's Day 2 of our Vermont stay and after going to the Burton store, we felt like our livers recovered enough to go to our next brewery. The vibe of this place is open and relaxing. Seating inside and outside is ample. Beer prices for flights and individual beers are cheap cheap cheap. I got a flight of four and so did my family who came with me. Between all of our selections, we were able to taste mostly everything that they had on tap. The selections usually run pale ale and IPA heavy with a few others scattered in the mix. I thought all of them tasted well made and flavorful although I may had been suffering from beer tasting fatigue. They had a small selection of food like sausages/hot dogs as well as some cheap popcorn. I actually elected to bring my own snacks when I came here. They have a fairly decent sized retail section here. Lots of T-shirts and assorted hats in one area while the cold chilled cans of beer were against the wall near the kitchen. As expected for a brewery tasting room, most of the people were friendly no matter if it was a worker or a customer. You're drinking beer in the middle of the summer. Life is good at least for today. Overall I liked the vibe and the environment more than the beer that I tried. If I do come back to VT, ZG will be on my short list of re-visits.

steven v

Just an amazing experience from start to finish. I love the Madonna double IPA and the Bob White Belgian Witbier. Also got a Green State Lager T-shirt! And don't miss Saison Day on April 6th, the flatbread is a nice addition much I could write but you need to see it and experience it yourself. Very thrilled to be able to claim these amazing people as 'Vermonters' (I'm sure someone isn't from here, but who cares they fit in!) and the product as Vermont made. Sadly last night they had a roof fire caused by some Chinese lanterns that were illegally lit and launched and landed on top of the rubber roof. The fire department had to open the roof to make sure the insulation wasn't on fire, which increased the damage. They have about a 15' hole in the roof and estimate the damage at $40,000, thank goodness for a driver passing by and seeing it or who knows. They are closed today 03/19/2019 but will re-open tomorrow. I wanted to add that in case anyone reads this and knows who is responsible, it's just sad that the people releasing the lanterns were likely well meaning and that Zero Gravity will now have to pay the price, even with insurance they took a hit and those responsible need to come forward and admit it because the police WILL figure it out. A great place that should be on EVERY beer enthusiasts list of places to go in Vermont!

Gabriel Harwood

A great selection of beers always. The food is good for a small snack including the sausages and wings. There's shuffleboard and plenty of seating. The deck is great during the summer.


Pretty cool place to go and grab a bite, offers tours of the brewery at a reasonable price, just wish they had a bit more seating. Very comfortable and warm space to eat, drink, and conversate!

Katrin Sara Sadigh

Great atmosphere with delicious draft beer, topped with an assortment of finger-lickin' side dishes.


My first time into Zero Gravity for Burlington beer and the result was....disappointing. It may be that BTV has a lot of good beer--and we love our East Coast IPAs here--and that Zero Gravity has such a solid reputation, but I tasted 5 different brews last night and there was not one that I could say was outstanding and desirable. Of Two double IPAs, each trying to outdo each other in danky malted flavor which interfered with a hop essence that is the reason you drink ipa, their Cone Head draft seemed adequate but why would anyone choose that over many other fine beers around this area?; their saizon was non-inspiring and dour, their extra stout was pretty good to my taste. I was looking forward to this visit but their brewmaster is apparently aiming towards some marketably different flavor profile so they feel they can differentiate from the already-crowded beer market in BTV. I would not choose ZG again; the suite of beers is going down a flavor and bitterness road I would not like to drink. Their commercial art and trade dress are the best part of ZG right now.

Jaclyn R.

Zero gravity is a nice brewery with lots of different beers to test. The brewery gets very crowded so sometimes if you are looking for comfort it is hard to not get bumped into. Over the summer it is beautiful and there is outdoor seating which is really nice (even in the winter if you bundle up).

Robin Z

Dog friendly outside only

Dash Porter

Not only is this place an amazing locale for local beer on tap but you can also have a great time with friends playing shuffle board or eating bottomless popcorn. This time we visited for the "Brewery Disc Golf Challenge". You have not experienced a brewery tour until you have disc golfed your way though it with a beer in hand. Events like this (and the amazing beer of course) is why we keep coming back.

Phil Imm

These guys have done it right high quality beer across the board with outstanding flagships!!!

Joe G.

Really great place to hang out with friends. If possible grab a seat by the fireplace while sampling some of their beers. Knowledgeable, friendly staff adds to the vibe.

Robin Z

Dog friendly outside only

Josh Fuller

It was good. Like so good. But donā€™t go there because I donā€™t like waiting in line.

Ira Gray

Fantastic brews and an amazing crew that will make your visit super fun!!!

Annie G.

Our vote for best brewery in the area. We came to VT for a beer weekend and this place was the best. First off, the bartenders are super friendly. Plus they have great beer, good food, and a chill environment. Would recommend. Much better than the brewery across the street.

mark p.

Awesome spot! Beer was really good and decently priced. A little walk from downtown but that's the way many breweries are. Would definitely recommend!

Adriana Honor

Great atmosphere / selection of beers .... right next door to great northerner if you get hungry

Zero Gravity Brewery

716 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401