The Dream Cafe

38 Lower Main St W, Johnson
(802) 635-7423

Recent Reviews

brian b.

Cute little place and nice homey feel. Good hot chocolate for the kiddo but man I was not impressed with my coffee. The cookie we got was good but nothing amazing. There's probably not a lot of competition in town so I guess this better than no cafe. Not a bad dream, but not a good dream either.

Katelyn Roussell

Love this place, it’s got a very calm feeling to the place and I leave content

Alex Harcourt

Almost always something different and fresh, can't go wrong!

Emma Testerman

People here are so kind, and it's incredibly cozy, especially in the fall and winter when I pop in for a cup of tea or hot cocoa. I love this place!

Master Maris

Delicious salmon salad and coconut water! Thank you!

Carolyn Mecklosky

Super....the the food, hooked on spinach feta croissant....soups and dessert fab......but best are the crew! Lovely folks!

Kathie Beckwith

We had a wonderful meal their panini's are fantastic and the atmosphere is eclectic

Taylor J.

Exceptional food and coffee made in exceptional company . I wish I could put the good vibes I get when I'm here in a to go cup and take it with me everywhere I go. Don't got through Johnson without stopping in for a meal!

Ivy G.

This is a really sweet cafe located in a converted house (lovely & homey). The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the staff are very friendly. I recommend the delicious homemade pastries. I enjoyed a spinach & feta croissant, a quiche, and a latte in the cozy dining room area.

Leah Sheridan

Amazing coffee and baked goods! Must try the espresso coffee bread.

Michelle Preston-strout

Cozy, unique, good food and coffee, and internet access. Lack of plugs if you need a 3 prong outlet. But a great place to meet a friend, or get some work done.

M S.

Every time I come here I love what I get BUT the service is terrible. I end up waiting way to long to be waited on. The girls behind the counter basically ignore me and talk to friends sitting at the bar until I have to interrupt to be served. I'd love to say this has only happened once or twice but it's literally every time I go in. Also- they need to turn their head up in the winter. It's FREEZING cold in the main seating area.

Liz J.

Has a coffeehouse atmosphere, why I gave it 3 stars. Ordered a earl gray latte (London fog), was the worse one I've ever ordered. My local Starbucks does better. Tasted like milky water with a touch of vanilla.

Sophie C

Favorite cafe in this county. Great, calm hang out spot. The "Hardly Jason" sandwich and the Spinach Fetta croissant are the BEST of their kind IN THE WORLD. Oatmeal is way overpriced. Chai Tea Latte is better bought at Common Grounds, up on campus. Customer service is sweet and gracious.

Philip H.

An interesting fusion of an inn with a cafe coffee shop. You order at the counter and then find a place to dine in the living room, dining room or porch. They bring the food to your location and you are good to go. The menu consists primarily of creatively prepared sandwiches. Lots of vegan options. But they have a couple meat based sandwiches as well. I will return if I find myself in Johnson at breakfast or lunchtime again.

C K.

This good-sized coffee shop in Johnson hits it well. Their coffee is good, a pretty decent selection of baked goods, as well as sandwiches, etc., and a very hang-outable space. This seems to be the place to visit and see everyone in town. A mix of students and their profs, as well as everyone else. I very much like stopping here when I am passing through.

Sara M.

Great food and friendly ppl! Perfect for when vsc residents need a break from the studios or food at the red mill. Comfy couches, outlets, and big beautiful porch make it easy to hang out here

Greg W.

Went for lunch after a ride with my family on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. Very tasty grilled sandwiches! Delicious iced mocha. The staff was great, nice and also real. Ate on their little wraparound porch, but it was also tempting to sit inside with all the cozy tables, couch areas etc. and it's nice they have kept the multiple rooms in the first floor of this hall and parlor.

Anthony B.

One of the most unique atmospheres of any coffee shop anywhere. Memorably eclectic. Feels like a converted, Victorian B&B inside. Such a cozy experience for groups or individuals. I wish I had work I could do as an excuse to sit here all day. Great mix of locals and out-of-towners makes for good conversation. The coffee itself was a bit underwhelming. Lattes taste like something I could make at home, but baked goods and sandwiches make up for it. In aggregate, it's the best spot anywhere nearby.

Scott W.

Where to begin. It was a dreary day in Vermont. Cold and rainy with the trees beginning to be denuded of leaves. Comfort food seemed appropriate and we hope to find it here.

Christa K.

I stopped in while on a road trip, just hoping for some semblance of a lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by my luck because this place is a gem. The curry chicken salad and coffee was delicious! Great ambiance and free WiFi. Can't complain!

Tia J.

This place was really good. It's a great atmosphere and the food was delicious. I was with a group of four and every single one of us enjoyed it. We even went back during our week-long vacation. I definitely would recommend it.

Jameth M.

I second one of the comments. I wish all coffee joints were like this. Great place for a coffee and book. So sick of the high volume, loud music and expensive Starbucks and their imitators. Very unique joint. Can both be an extrovert at the bar with the female servers and clients as well as an introvert in the living room portion on a big cozy chair and a book.

Joanne B.

The stars are simply for the amazing coffee and delicious baked oat meal breakfast that I am immediately going to recreate at home..... A bit more cheer would be desired from the ladies behind the counter. Friendliness would make this place a hit.

Marcus K.

Great coffee and sandwiches. Spacious room with couches, chairs and tables. Very chill place. Friendly staff. Restroom is really small though and has no sink. You have to go up some stairs to get in. Not sure how a wheelchair gets in.

Mel C.

This is what I wish all local coffee shops could be. Comfortable space, some wifi and printing capabilities, simple and healthy foods. Stop the chain coffee houses! The coffee machine is terrific and the coffee is roasted locally, by Awake Roasters in Middlebury. The pastries are local as well, from Sweet Crunch Bake Shop in Hyde Park. LCC strives to provide organic products whenever possible for sandwiches. What more can you ask for? Also, they provide all of this great stuff without any attitude. Only open during the day, it makes a great spot to get some work done when passing through. I always use it for wifi/email and for terrific coffee!

Thomas E.

Bright, cheery and wholesome. Sandwiches for the meat lover and vegetarian alike, with innovative twists. I had a Seitan Reuben, a first for me. The staff did a great job of describing a few things on the menu .. so good that I had flipped a coin to decide what I wanted among the many choices. Had a wonderful iced tea (hibiscus) to go with it, perfect for a hot summer's day. Seating on the front porch, in the front living room, at a bar or outside at a picnic table in the back means lots of choices for different moods.

Shannon Z.

The coffee is really good at Lovin' Cup Cafe, the space is a beautiful house renvovation with multiple rooms and they provide free WiFi! You gotta try the bagels, they are the perfect amount of doughy. I am not a huge bagel fan but these are pretty amazing. Also I love that they sell coconut water here, it's really refreshing and hard to find in Johnson, VT. I had to print somethings out and they offer computers and printers onsite, which is super helpful for people like me, just traveling thru town for awhile. Johnson is a pretty small town and this cafe has been a central part in my stay here.