Green Dragon

9 Portland St, Morrisville
(802) 888-2188

Recent Reviews

Susan Sykas

Best Chinese around, fresh and delicious. Nice friendly service.


I really like this place. Their food seems cleaner tasting than other places. The veggies and meats were very fresh. They let the ingredients speak for themselves with tasty sauce added, rather than heavy sauce taking over the dish. Staff was very friendly and food was made quickly.

Derek Carr

What you expect from a Chinese place.

Tina Norton

Food fresh!

Uriel Najera

The food was delicious and the staff was really nice. The whole experience was pleasant and felt safe in regards to Covid-19 protocols.

Hazel Margaret

This place is exactly what I wanted! Just like the Chinese places that I grew up eating from. Super delicious. Well priced.

Tessa McArthur

Not worth the nasty food...... should be ashamed ...... don’t spend ur money there it’s garbage!!!!!!!

Edward Jones

Decent food

Ed Jones

Decent food

Erica Key

Dumplings! Nice family operation and a great stop for really good dumplings to go. Lovely park down there street to eat then while they are still hot. Review score is for dumplings only. Didn't try anything else.


Ordered the beef and scallops says it’s served with snow peas and it was served with 2lbs of broccoli. When I called to ask about it I was told that you should have asked and that “you pay to get a new order made” how about you keep your stinky broccoli and the tip I gave your free child labor “counter helper”. ps it’s false advertising.... and your job to inform customers if you are altering the dish due to lack of inventory!

John Hanf

THE WORST CHINESE FOOD EVER disgusting they should be embarrassed in what they are serving waste of money

Kelly Wells

We love this place best food and great service.

Chris LeBlanc

Best Chinese food in Lamoille County!

Eric Mongeur

Not quite the same food as I remember, particularly the rice. It was decent, though.

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