Al's French Frys

1251 Williston Rd, South Burlington
(802) 862-9203

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Sherri Fournier Bird

The employee mixed my order up with a to go order the manager was annoyed started helping me pretty much threw my food at me . Got home

Juanita Hernandez

Al's French Fries is very popular! I went to work in Burlington and stayed down the street at the hotel. I was lookingfor a new place to eat at and drove by once and saw how busy it was so I skipped it. The next day, I needed to get food again LOL so I thought of Al's. It was somewhat out of the way of where I was, but chose to make the drive. The inside is like a 50s style diner and the staff are very friendly. I thought the burger was a little small but it was very good. It didn't have traditional burger taste. The bun was good and overall it was good!

Heb 11:1

The food is mediocre at best. They are dealing with COVID by setting up a maze of plastic walls to walk through. Friendly cashier, not so friendly in the cooking area.

Joe Wilkins

This long established burger joint is far and away the best. Was here 25 years ago and back again this week.french fries are the best, real handmade not processed. Burgers ? are great .

Kimberlee Curtis 'KC' Parker


James McCormick

Low price point. Fast food but you get to watch them prep everything compared to traditional fast food where it all is done behind a wall. Same staff year after year which makes me think they treat their employees well enough to stay. Great alternative to McDonalds!

Gloria E.

In terms of speed, price, and aesthetic, don't think anything could beat Al's. Their burgers aren't quite small, but definitely aren't large, but come with free topping choices to make them count. The fries were really tasty, big onion rings, and clam strips with tartar sauce were a fun little addition as well. Packets of vinegar are a great touch as well. Preferred the burger over the minute steak, which I had to get out of curiosity. Overall a fun stop near some sites in Burlington, just a quick drive away!

Trever E.

Like Als a lot. Why go to a crappy fast food place when you can go to ALs which has great value, good quality, and a nice atmosphere. Nice booths and usually pretty clean and friendly!

Collin Barber

Honestly I enjoyed this place. Great atmosphere, good food, excellent fries, shakes. etc. until one day I got a burger with God I don't even know what was in it. like a piece of cartilage or just solid fat.

Daniel Cates

Every local has told me to try this place. Its was pretty good. I dont know if I can handle that kinda grease content regularly, but all in all, not bad.


Went inside and the cashier told me I can only buy that outside through the window. I walked out all the way around the building and found the window. Ordered, and my large ice cream was just under $5. I only wanted ice cream to go so I didn’t want a cone and I didn’t want any toppings. I left empty handed because of the minimum card charge of $5. Super disappointed and frustrated.I only came here because someone heavily suggested it and that is was at least a must-see. It’s only a run-of-the-mill 50’s diner with less food options than a Steak N’ Shake or Johnny Rockets. Who else makes their guests go outside to a back window to buy dessert?? Bunk.

Kevin Mayor

From a vegetarian/vegan perspective, Al's gets big bonus points for having dairy-free creemee/soft serve ice cream. All the flavors are fruit though; it'd be great to get some chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, etc vegan flavors. As for sandwiches, there's only grilled cheese for vegetarians and nothing for vegans. There are some salads, but I didn't try them.

Marjorie McCabe

It was a really cool place. I would definitely recommend. Burgers a bit small but to have the production system they have its needed.

Jozef Harrewyn

Respect to all the employees great service.. Great fast food down and under.Just do it. Ice-cream counter tip top.

Sam Smith

I used to go to Vermont every summer cause my family lived in South Burlington. And we would always go here. This is where I was first introduced to French fries with vinegar and feel in love with. Their food is always good and so is their ice cream. I haven't been there in a while but I always make an effort to stop there when i do.

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