Marco's Pizza

1301 Williston Rd, South Burlington
(802) 658-5858

Recent Reviews

Marcy Carton

I have been enjoying food from Marco's for over 20 years and I always look forward to my next meal there. Whether it's a fast and affordable lunch special, a full dinner for the family or a hot, fresh slice after a long day, Marco's always hit's a home run. The portions are large and the prices are really affordable. Get a cookie, if you have a couple of extra bucks-totally worth it! The owner, Sean, and his staff are awesome, friendly and always seem to be in a great mood.

Christian M.

I always order from here when I'm in town. Food is always hot and ready to go. I usually get the New Orleans pizza and it's always good. Staff is friendly and was wearing masks while I was there.

Ryan McCullough

I love marcos , they make a wonderful pizza . Always friendly even when slammed busy .

Randy Abair

I’ve loved this place for years - super cheap and always delicious. Daily specials: pizza, calzone/stuffed bread, pasta, sandwich, etc... if the day’s specials don’t excite you, you can always just go for 2 slices (with topics of your choosing) and a drink for cheaper than fast food.Added bonus: your previous orders are in their computer system so half the time they’ll tell you your order before you can.


Marco's is more than a low cost great quality pizzeria.It is staffed, owned, managed and run from the top down with customer care as the highest priority.From remembering customers, their names, their life story, caring for them as if by extention of their own family; to dedication to their craft. Hand over foot the best pizzeria in the greater Burlington area with the best dinner deal around. It is a testament to Vermont values and heritage.I cannot recommend Marco's enough.

johnny vermont

They let me down with their mask regulations when you walk in and see a dude with no mask on leaning on the counter... they offered to take the pizza outside for me but that's not the point it was made inside! Right next to that dude! It's a bummer to because this was my go-to place every time I come to Burlington! I'm pretty sure I even left the good reviews somewhere along the line here. Unfortunately the way everything stands it's really not their fault but when we are left without leadership to our own devices the stupid do whatever the stupid want and the rest of us have to deal with it.

Da Rokwiler

Easily my favorite pizza place in Vermont. Delicious and great prices. Very friendly vibe. Always my goto

Travis Napoli

Delicious food as always and great value! The staff was really friendly and so much food!

Lona Exware

I have a$50 credit on When I went to Marco's the owner was very short with me. While I was talking to him, he turned and started waiting on other people then he went to the other end of the restaurant and started making a pizza and totally ignored me. Food is awesome but he is very rude

Michael Sweeney

everytime I go to Marco's pizza I get confused as to what I'm going to have. pizzas are great, pastas are awesome. then there sandwiches of fresh ciabatta bread.

Joni Jenkins

Wow! So good! I loved the vibe of this place, and the food was tasty!

Joni J.

Wow! Fast and friendly service, great food, large portions, great vibe in the restaurant! Loved the Artichoke dip and our large calzone!

Kevin B.

Picked up my food. It was put in the bag sideways but was given the bag normal carried to the car and one of the tops fell off. Burned my legs. The negligence of how the food was placed in the bag is beyond comprehensive. Also the garlic knots didn't have enough garlic!

Zauhn Burgey

Great place for a quick lunch or a whole pizza and friendly to the wallet The food is great and the staff is friendly.

Frank Castro

I love this place they make you feel like family such a friendly atmosphere. And they have amazing food

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