35 White St, South Burlington
(802) 489-5165

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Alyssa R.

NOT FOLLOWING COVID RULES Just went in to pick up an order and workers wearing masks but pulled down so the nose is exposed, and not enforcing customers wearing face coverings in store. Will never be back.

Rob E

Quick service, friendly workers.

Amelia P.

I was there today at 5:15pm and neither employees had their masks on. Furthermore there were guests in there with no masks on. This is absolutely not ok. Employees who work around food, please wear your masks. Please mandate your employees to wear mask. Please plead your guests to WEAR masks. This is too soon people. I'm an essential healthcare worker and I'm begging you PLEASE WEAR MASKS. Department of health are giving away masks for FREE. NO EXCUSES. people are dying because of ignorance and carelessness. Be kind Be thoughtful of others

scott miller

I get lunch there about 4 times a week at the white street location it is the best lunch I know I get lunch there about 4 times a week And never had a issue they are 100 times better then mcdonalds

Corinna Giles

Mobile order worked great, always pleasant customer service. Sandwiches always made exactly as requested. The sandwich maker was kind enough to double check the ingredients on their veggie patty for us, despite how busy they were. They have been especially great during COVID with all of the increased protocol. Would definitely recommend if you're in the mood for Subway.

A Pearson

Amazing customer service

Kevin Henrichs

Excellent food & service

Samantha M.

The assistant manger here is Awesome any problemsHe was very attentive and was so welcoming! I do doordash and my order is always ready and they are great! Never had any problems, bathrooms and dining room always clean!

Natalie D.

Went to Subway on Valentine's Day and Erica/Erika was the kindest employee I've ever met. I told her I didn't have any Valentine's plans and she gave me my sandwich for free so as long as I agreed to pay the kindness forward to someone else (it was her free sandwich that she gets to have every shift). Made my day and just thought she deserved to be recognized for her excellent customer service.

Alaura T.

I've never had a problem with this place before but this hard brown/black thing came out of my sandwich and I have absolutely no idea what it is. Chicken kind of tasted a little bad too.

Patti Walbridge

We eat here often and when we travel we'll often look for a subway. Good food.

Jeff M

I saw mouse droppings there around the food station and just walked out wow .r u serious

Mr Jiggles

Very nice people

Sheb Jewell

I ordered using the app for the first time. Picked up my sandwich and discovered it was incorrectly made. I brought the sub back in and explained. The man working immediately apologized, took ownership of the mistake and promptly re-made my sandwich correctly. No arguing, no excuses, no blame shifting. Very refreshing to see someone admit an error and work to correct it. Fantastic service - good sandwich too.

Roxanne n William Nelson

Sandwiches r to die 4

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