Duke's Public House

1117 Williston Rd, South Burlington
(802) 658-0250

Recent Reviews

Alyssa Hannah

Great people and good, fresh and delicious food and drinks!!! I would highly recommend breakfast, lunch and dinner at Duke's Public House, but yesterday's Triple Club Pub for lunch was the perfect ending to a long work week!

Patrick B.

It was nice to have full service, super efficient and friendly service we had oatmeal and English Muffins - Priced Right as well . Good Coffee!

Stephen McElroy

Was there for an office party. Staff was very attentive. The food was extremely average and not up to temperature.

William F.

Went on the 15th had reservations for a party of six at 7pm arrived to a "wait to be seated" sign ...stood there for ten minutes had to go find somebody even though the restaurant was only a quarter full. Had to wait another ten minutes before being seated. After seating took 20 minutes before our waitress took drink orders and another 15 for drinks to arrive. Table ordered ....about twenty minutes after ordering we were told kitchen is out of steaks this is around a six entree menu so poor planning, I guess. Either way reordered food came out piecemeal about 15 minutes from the first entree to the last. Food was trying to be good but failed on almost every metric from temperature to taste profiles to over and under seasoned. Cesar salad was way over cheesed and the dressing had to much acid also waiting 45 minutes for a salad in a 1/4 filled restaurant is ridiculous. Waitress never brought water as requested and only came back once to get another drink order in the two hours we were there. Given the absolutely horrible serve and the mediocre food this was one of the worst dinning experiences I've had in the past ten years.

Phil Messina

Very nice hotel restaurant. Good enough that it draws plenty of people who are not hotel guests. We had breakfast and it was very good. Wait staff was attentive and helpful.

Stuart Floyd

The updated Former Trader Dukes by Hilton now Dukes Public House by Marriott is much much much better than the former. This is a hotel restaurant so you have guests as well as locals that come enjoy the bar area or dining room. Moderate menu with various soups, sandwiches, meals, burger etc. Always good and friendly service.

joseph poulin

Much better than expected. I haven't been since it was renovated. Dinner was great and I was surprised that my drinks were outstanding! I'll definitely come back for another meal. Nice decor too. Pleasantly surprised.

Vince Wicker

The food was great. They made visiting Burlington with my son for college a great experience. The fish and chips were great (not a gamble here). I highly recommend.

Ben Maye

Wonderful place for any meal. Good food great service and an excellent selection on draft.

Sidney Diaperbottom

Great food. Great people. Muscular employees.

Nicole Shepard Holton

Have enough food for people!

Nicole H.

My family and I had a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner. Looked forward to the meal all day. After 1/2 an hour our food shows up and we are told they are out of stuffing, out of mashed potatoes, out of squash, ect. The plates they did bring out looked like they had to pick the bones to get just enough. Absolutely unacceptable!!! The waitress sent the manager over and she didn't see why we had an issue. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!? I will never go there again, I will never recommend them again. Our thanksgiving was ruined! After 2 hours we finally found a pizza place open to get something to eat. This restaurant doesn't care about customers at all! An no you offering us the dog scraps you tried to pass off as turkey and ham to take home does not change anything. I hope you enjoyed them. If you are going to take reservations and charge $25 a plate, you had better have enough food for those reservations!!!!! This place is a joke. STAY FAR AWAY!!

ed b

Service is always prompt and courteous. Drinks are expensive as is the food. This place is geared to the captive business crowd. You can get better food for less money at many other places close by.

Sandra Reynolds

First time since the change to Marriott! Lunch and service were both excellent! Will go again!

Jon Harris

My breakfast was subpar but my wife said hers was good. Family friendly, good service. I'd give it another chance.

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