Café on Main

38 Main St, Stowe
(802) 253-0077

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Brian F

When I visit Stowe, this is one of the places I always count on for lunch. I visited this month and enjoyed my cheese sandwich, mocha, and peanut butter cookie. I especially liked the cookie, as did my wife when I delivered hers. My only complaint would be that they should not make people sign their ipad for credit cards with their fingers right before they eat. There was not even any sanitizer nearby. Really, they should redo that pandemic procedure completely. Really, what are the odds someone will dispute the signature for next couple months? Many places have given up requiring signatures, which is wise. Some have a jar of clean pens provided to sign on screens with, etc.

Chun G.

Came on Sunday for grab and go coffee and a sandwich... was not grab and go. Got my sandwich, ate my sandwich, waited at least 45 minutes for the coffee. Had to remind the barista at the window, dude where's my coffee? Then they made it right away. Would've gave 1 star, but the sandwich was pretty good. Service needs some work. Wouldn't recommend if you're in a rush.

chris macdonald

Quick service and great coffee! Highly recommend a maple latte.

Korey B.

Best cappuccino around! Delicious baked goods, friendly staff and speedy turnaround We will definitely be coming back ASAP.


Sandwiches were great but they forgot to include the kids PB&J.

Caitlin M.

Sandwiches were delicious and hearty. Chips at $2/bag is a bit steep but probably also the going rate. Would definitely pick up lunch here again.

Matthew Pelto

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Café on Main. We placed an online to-go order for breakfast and lunch. I made a request to wrap the lunch sandwiches tightly as we would be carrying them with us on a hike of Mt Mansfield. We were met with not only phenomenal sandwiches, but personalized notes that made our day. We highly recommend Café on Main and will continue to visit on our trips to Stowe.

Jennifer Arseneau

To begin with, it is understandable that an order can be forgotten in the food service industry. What is not understandable, however, is the unfriendly demeanor of the counter person and the rude response given when you ask when your food will be ready since there were many people with similar orders after you getting their orders before you. She very loudly told us that this was their busiest day of the year and we would just have to wait and then huffed and ignored us. To be honest, all this person needed to do was apologize and let us know she would check on our order. This particular woman working for this cafe most likely hates her job and shouldn't be dealing with the public. The food was adequate at best and certainly not worth the rude service.

Lisa Griffin

Delicious sandwiches. Worth a wait even on a busy day. Friendly staff even under the pressure of many orders. Recommended!

Meghan Duff

Yummiest chicken salad in town! These guys are doing a great job with great food, despite tough times, every changing guidelines and poorly behaved tourists. 5 stars for Cafe on Main!

Ethan Zawisza

Excellent food and very friendly staff, we sat outside and even with a long line and greater-than-usual wait times, we got our delicious soups, sandwiches, and hot drinks for great prices. A must-stop if in the the area!!

Barbara Polano

We visited this café today and both the menu was just an average looking menu with your typical sandwich and soup options I decided on getting the turkey pesto sandwich. It was OK, nothing special just what you can imagine a turkey sandwich being. The reason for this post is for the terrible service. I witnessed a customer waiting for an unacceptable amount of time for his food. First the woman behind the counter told the people ordering including myself to go outside and wait by the window which we did. After standing for close to 30 minutes they open the window calling everyone except us (some of which came in after us) her name which indicates your order is ready. She open the window and told the man would he mind moving away from the window. His response was would you mind telling me where my food is? She responded with a smart rude explanation as to the fact they are busy and it is a popular town in New England blah blah blah which wasn’t his question. She proceeded to call other people by name ignoring him again and finally when she brought his food to the window she open the window toss the bag out and slammed it shut. Needless to say he was not happy. He knocked on the window and thanked them with attitude of course and proceeded to walk away where she opened the window screamed at him to get off the property that she was going to call the police etc. it was the most bizarre ridiculous situation ever. Next thing you know police cars seriously are arriving the woman actually called the police. This café hires very unstable people who might need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. In all honesty I would not return to this place.

Andy V.

My friends and I came here on a Sunday at around 9:45AM and the place was packed. We all ordered some coffees/teas along with some sandwiches. Everyone thought that this was going to be a fast coffee run, but it all went downhill after we ordered. Due to COVID, they wanted everyone to go outside and wait in the front patio, which was fine. However, it took an hour to get our drinks. Notice here that I said drinks and not food, because for some weird reason, our food came out first and we finished all our sandwiches before even getting our drinks. This was also an issue for everyone around us, as we kept on asking the employees where our drinks were. I don't know if its the system that they're using or the lack of workers, but an hour for some coffee and tea is unacceptable. Eventually after asking a third time, I see the worker prepare us our drinks. The only reason why I'm not giving this a 1 star was that the sandwich was decent and the drink I got tasted good.

Andrej M.

Great coffee and muffins. I had the lemon poppy mused in and a drip coffee. This is an amazing place to grab and go in the morning.


This placed looked cute and quaint but did have a line to place our order. We were then required to take it outside. Our order was placed, nothing that a top chef was needed to fulfill, and we proceeded to wait outside at the takeout window as we were told to do. The older woman who was in charge of delivering the food through the window was very rude, asking us to move away from the window in a loud and aggressive tone after telling us to wait at the window earlier. 45 minutes went by for a sandwich and a cup of premade soup and my husband asked her when our food was going to be ready, and she went into a tirade of how busy they were and this was Stowe’s busiest weekend of the month and then proceeded to slam the window in his face, giving him no opportunity to respond with anything other than shock! We also witnessed a man that she was so hateful and rude to, that he yelled back at her, and she then proceeded to call the police on him! She was the one that needed to be arrested. I would never go back to this place ! Mediocre food and absolutely horrific service.

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