Ranch Camp

311 Mountain Rd, Stowe
(802) 253-2753

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We did a "to go" order from the Ranch and the burrito was excellent. We were in Stowe for three nights and did this one of the three.

Portia B

We 4 ordered burritos all around. Three were served with the promise that the 4th was coming. Meanwhile.......My husband finally asked when we might expect the 4th burrito (everyone was waiting to eat) and was told it was coming. When it finally arrived and I unwrapped it, it was cold! As in, the tortilla was cold to the touch! Hubs went back to the desk and they took it back to the kitchen with a promise to deduct from the bill. Some drama was going on between the young girls working there. I don't know if my husband made one cry or if it was something else. The burrito was OK, but for $11+ I expected something great. Not as good as I'd get elsewhere for $6-7 --like Chipotle. Disappointing,


Atmosphere from the street is great but I think food was an after thought. They have a store front of clothes, bikes, etc. but you order food at register and they bring to the table. I was expecting a little more and that’s why we went. Prices are too high for the service and food style.


We love Ranch Camp! It's a great place to grab a bite. Well located at the heart of bike trails. It's half bike mountain bike shop and half restaurant. First, you'll need to get used to the ordering system with seat yourself: there is a main counter that is for takeout and a 2nd counter near the kitchen that is for sit-down eat in. This counter has the complimentary cold water and large glasses (help yourself). There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. For eat in, you'll get a number on a stand so they know where to bring your food. We've been here a number of times and they always get our order correct :-) The portions are healthy and the food is fresh and tasty. The burritos are a strong choice and the kids chicken fingers never fail. In the past, I've had the falafels and they aren't the best choice. The pearl bowl is tasty but there weren't a lot of scallops; our neighbors had the T-bowl and he likened it to tuna sushi. It's not fancy but you'll feel happy you ate here. Note: the family taco box is take out only and a great choice


Went to Ranch Camp because it was recommended as being very good. Unfortunately, we did not find this to be the case. Two of us ordered the vermexico burrito. They both came out hardly warm. The waitress apologized and sent them back to be reheated. One was not any better than the first time. Also, there was only one small piece of shredded meat in one of the burritos. To be honest, I thought I got the wrong order. The third person in our party ordered a chicken quesadilla. It came out with burn marks on top. Pretty sure I will not return.


We were suppose to ski but due to the warm weather and rain that was cancelled. We were looking to rent bikes and this is the only place that had them available this time of year. They were so nice and friendly. Great service and the fat tire bikes were fun to ride and great on some of the icy patches of the tail. Highly recommend Ranch Camp!

Cathy Richardson-Fitzgerald

Mar, Evan and staff are always helpful and awesome to deal with! Thanks for all you do. :-)


We liked the bowls, and if you are vegetarian or vegan, it is possible to have an excellent meal. The place is simple, but very friendly and if you are a biker, you can find all you might need!


This place is seriously SO cool, I'm not even a biker but I loved the vibe. The food was solid and the employees were really nice. One thing to note, the little driveway going up can be a little gnarly driving up if muddy, thankfully our jeep rental handled it with ease.

Thomas Fowler

Rented a fat bike from the Ranch, rode Cady Hill and the Rec path, then had some of the best chicken tenders and fries (and a beer) afterward at the Ranch. All the staff were friendly, professional and very helpful. overall a great day thanks to Ranch Camp's support!

Benjamin Black

Went here to rent fat bikes and enjoy some craft beer with a burrito. 5 stars all the way across. There are great trails for mountain biking right behind the location. They have a great craft beer selection and the menu is very cool... I recommend the burritos. There are plenty of gluten free options if thats what you are looking for. The staff is friendly and helpful and the location is close to town. Check it out!

AP Rouge

We are vegetarian, and are not fans of pub fare food. Most places in Stowe are meat driven and/or fried food. We weren’t lucky to find places that offer the variety of vegetarian options as Ranch Camp. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere low key. They have a good beer selection. We went here almost everyday for lunch and on some evenings for dinner.

Mike Mills

Great experienceThe wife and I rented fat bikes, pretty last minute. I wish I remembered the gents name who set us because he was great. Got us all checked in, set up, and rolling in no time. And, the trails out of the parking lot were great too.

Olivia Baxter

Ranch Camp is a must-see destination in Stowe. The food and drinks are incredibly delicious and reasonably priced - great portions to share with friends after a day on the slopes or mountain bike trails. The bike shop is also really great - all of the technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. I always go to their bike shop for apparel, bikepacking bags, parts, tune-ups, and more. Most recently, my friend and I tried their rental service and rented Altai skis - We had a blast on the Cady Hill trails which are just steps from the Ranch Camp parking lot.


We're locals and heard great things about Ranch Camp. We went there today, and aside from the great service by Holly, we had a very disappointing experience. The fried 'chokes were super salty and there were hardly any "hearts', mostly fried leaves. Since the 'chokes were so salty the tamari dipping sauce was just too much. The sticky balls weren't sticky at all. They were mushy and boring. There was nothing about them that stood out, which was disappointing. We had high hopes for them. The falafel nuggets had good flavor, and the outside was crunchy, but the inside was terribly undercooked... not fluffy at all. The hippie fries were the consistency of biscotti... not much to praise and wouldn't order again. The nachos were pretty good. The "crunchy"/baked cheese on the nachos would've been nice with a little queso for contrast. That being said. We finished most of them. The french fries were great. Maybe they were just having a bad day. We do believe in second chances, so we might go back.

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