Swiss Fondue By Heinz

48 S Main St, Stowe
(802) 999-8785

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john yoho

Very Cozy, the decorations, the music and cucuclock created the ambiance of a great meal. The food was tasty but portions small for the main course. Easy reservations and very nice staff, we wanted to take the older European guy home with us.


JUST GO! Oh my gosh, I wish I lived here in Stowe so we could go all the time. Such a great cozy atmosphere. The pictures of The Matterhorn on the walls and the Swiss decorations make you feel like you are actually in a Swiss town having great Fondue. We ordered the mushroom soup as well. Delicious and nice and hot. The sauces for the Fondue were the best I’ve ever had!!! I highly recommend you visit.


We had a fantastic meal here on a snowy February night. It is the perfect place to warm yourself up in snowy Stowe. There is something to be said for a restaurant that values simplicity, focusing on a specific dish and doing it tremendously well. That is what Heinz has done with his fondue. And if you have a meal here without chatting with Heinz, you are missing out on half the experience. This was the first of what will be many trips.

Elisa Mao

As french people my husband and I came there to hope to get good cheese fondue. First, they offered a salad with mayonnaise as serving... Why not. Then the cheese arrive quickly (why not) but the taste is not what we are used to in term of cheese fondue: 1. it does not really taste like cheese 2.the texture is way too different (looks more like a lot of cornstach has been put in it) 3. the bread (which is not great either) does not get overwhelmed, normally the fondue cheese penetrate in the bread (was not the case) and lastly at the end normally the melted cheese get hard at the botton of the casserole and nothing happened here (it confirms the texture was not right) . To be honest it was not tasty at all and the wine was not great either so I think it adds up. Anyway, if you had cheese fondue before i dont think you should go to this place you ll be disappointed.

Hadrien GLAUDE

Disclaimer : I am French and I ate fondue all my life. That was disgusting and a scam. This is not what fondue is supposed to taste like. The owner doesn't want to admit he is robbing people. It doesn't taste cheese at all. In the kitchen, the microwave is heavily used and I have seen only one cheese when it is supposed to be made from 3 cheeses. The cheese I have seen was looking very industrial. The content of the pot is mostly made of corn starch. It was tasteless. To avoid at all cost. Ignore the 5 stars comments from those ignoring Americans. Microwave mac cheese taste better than this IMO. In addition, they were not wearing covid masks in the kitchen. And the owner was not not wearing a mask but a chin diaper.Pour les francophones qui ont du goût : c'était immonde. Une vrai arnaque. On a essayé pour vous, n'y allez pas.

Michael Petrov

Unhealthy and not tasty. Bad cheese mix for fondue. Expensive for the low food quality it is. Old bread. Tiny salad with myo poured over. Not worth the life span worth.

Adrienne W

Not going to lie, I had doubts going into the restaurant with the negative reviews. The staff was very personable and caring. The decor was very homey, I felt very safe and comfortable with my partner (especially during covid).Here’s what we had for dinner:appetiser: cream of spinach with crab meat⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️Very home made, I loved it! It’s not gourmet, but the soup with the crab meat was excellentFondue: cheese fondue + beef&shrimp combo⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Despite the negative reviews about the cheese fondue, I think the alcohol level was just right! The bread is a bit stale, but overall it was not disappointing. THE SHRIMP Was the winner!!! It was so fresh! Maybe we weren’t supposed to dip it in cheese, but I highly recommend you dipping in the cheese.With all the complains with the small amount of potatoes, I don’t think it was a bad choice to have a smaller portion. After all IT IS ALOT OF CHEESE AND BREAD. And the potatoes are cooked to perfection, it was so delicious. So no complains on the fondue and broth ??Drinks: glued wine⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Basically a mulled wine, excellent! You should get it ?Overall, AMAZING dinner! Thank you for hosting us, can’t wait to be back!


My husband and I got away To Stowe for my birthday and had dinner together here. My husband is a cheese And restaurant connoisseur in his Own right and was so impressed with the quality all around. Not only is the food top notch but the service and atmosphere is attentive, authentic and just from the heart. Heinz is a rare breed and truly pays attention to detail. I felt as if I was in a cozy chalet in the Alps and the cuckoo clock just made it that much better.

Jess B.

This place was perfect!! Traditional Swiss Fondue that was absolutely delicious. The hospitality was amazing as well. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a cozy, delicious meal.


Our whole family LOVES the adventure of Swiss fondue and raclette, and our dinner this week at Swiss Fondue was magical! We go out for Swiss meals frequently in our home city in NYC, and we all now put Heinz and his team at the top of our Swiss list! Delicious and fun!

Wesley W.

Just wanted to make sure I left a recommendation that if you're in the Stowe area this is a must stop destination. The owner Heinz was incredibly hospitable and interesting to chat with. Everything on the menu was fantastic too.


What a delicious treat! The fondue was incredible. Heinz and his staff were so gracious. The ambiance was so cozy. Our family loved every minute of our dinner-thank you!


We have been to Swiss Fondue by Heinz several time, and recently spent another great evening there with our children. As usual, the food was fantastic and Heinz and his team made the evening one to remember. Heinz and his entire staff are personable, engaging and a delight to spend time with. This is one of my teenagers favorite restaurants and they can't get enough of the fondue Chinoise and the chocolate fondue for dessert. We always make it a point to dine here when we visit Stowe.

David Lee

Authentic atmosphere and friendly staff.

emily niklaus

Loved this charming and quaint restaurant. The fondue was delicious and the owner was so sweet. Other reviewers with negative feedback have probably never been to Switzerland. This place is very authentically Swiss.

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