The Roost

4000 Mountain Rd, Stowe
(802) 253-6471

Recent Reviews

Sandy Albright

Wonderful experience in a beautiful, clean and well-maintained facility with a caring and helpful staff.

Sarah Elizabeth

Really nice place! Loved the pool and hot tub. Was really annoyed though with air conditioning being on a timer and turning off after about 20 then re starting... pretty irritating. Please fix that.

Catherine A.

We loved our dinner at The Roost! We started with the charcuterie plate for the appetizer and the local cheeses were perfect. We had the salmon and steak for our meals and they did not disappoint. The atmosphere at Topnotch was great and staff was friendly. The perfect getaway

William W.

The restaurant was disappointing from start to finish. Many of the staff seemed not interested in serving the restaurant guests. Specifically the waiter that served us was extremely disinterested and repeatedly made snarky remarks about the menu and the restaurant in general. Not sure what the problem was but it did not add to our enjoyment of the restaurant. There was no one to greet us when we arrived and menus given to us were for breakfast instead of cocktails. At the bar there was an individual that was talking to others at the bar by yelling across the bar which was distracting. The menu was overly focused on comfort food geared towards I am guessing those after a long day of skiing but with limited options and subpar food that overall restaurant was disappointing. There were several options not available which limited the options even more. The lack of attention to detail at this restaurant was evident and led to an overall poor experience. It was very disappointing all around. Not what I am used to based on past experience at this resort. I hope management takes a hard look at the service at this restaurant and their food offerings. It needs a lot of rebooting.


We were guests at Topnotch and ate at the Roost for three meals and visited the bar twice. We would have visited the bar two more times but they allowed kids with parents to take the few seats available during this COVID season. Is that even legal?? If it is or isn't, there were tables open for families but these men had their kids seated at the bar while under 18 crowd did not watch games and instead perused their phones and ate kids meals while we took our money to other local bars to watch NCAA March Madness games. We enjoyed the food when we did eat there: fish tacos, salads, outstanding burger...Bartenders are great - especially Brian and lunch time table waiter,

Gordon Senzer

Operating a restaurant during COVID times is certainly challenging and, Roost did a good job of making our party feel safe.Prices for entrees run from $25-$44 per plate. Our party ate for $65/person with a drink and tip. This is certainly towards the high side and, places Roost just into the "Fine Dining" category, price-wise.The menu is interesting but, not very inspired. Lot's of sandwiches, including a basic burger for the price of a good steak.I had the braised short ribs ($35). The taste was fine but, the meat was slightly overcooked and dry. Usually, braised short-ribs leave a little "juice" on the plate. Nothing there. The plate also included a nice-sized serving of sweet corn polenta which was delicious but, "set-up" with a slight crust, probably from sitting. Candied Carrots, too, and they were good. I think the disappointment was the meat.Another member of our party had a beet salad and, she was very disappointed. The salad had a mundane vinaigrette dressing. No cheese, which usually accompanies beets in a salad and, no nuts even though the menu listed them. All-in-all, a very boring, not delicious $25 salad. Boo.Service was adequate but, the waitress exhibited signs of inadequate training. The restaurant was not busy yet, the waitress more or less disappeared after serving our meals. One of our party was compelled to get up and find her so, we could get some salt and pepper. At one point, someone ordered another glass of wine. The waitress poured the glass from the bottle at the table (ok). The pour wasn't quite 2/3rds and the bottle was nearly empty so, the waitress dumped the last half inch of wine from the bottle into the glass with a vertical pour, thus dumping the sediment from the bottle into the glass. Very amateur. Finally, after we paid, the waitress came back to the table and asked us why we didn't leave a good tip. The thing is we did leave a 20% tip but, she had the check confused with another check...The problem with Roost is that it charges "fine dining" prices but, doesn't deliver the fine dining experience. If the tab was 25% less, the food and service would have been adequate but, given the prices, it was a miss.


Had dinner reservations on a snowy night. Wonderful Chicken Schnitzel and my husband and sons got the Large Grill Platter with bratwurst, knackwurst , Austrian potato salad, sauerkraut. We shared the radish starter. It was quite different, but good. The wine list and beer flight was fun. Felt very safe and seating was ver distanced. A fun place with good food.

Chase Murphy

I came In and I was 13 when my food came I had graduated high school

Katelyn Kirby

Great amenities! The spa is so nice!

Jis David

Clean and well maintained place. Friendly and professional staff. Can be a little difficult to get their attention when it gets busy. Good food. The breakfast seems to be a bit overpriced compared to what's available in the cafes in the village about 4 miles from the resort. All precautions are taken for COVID.

Stefanie Smentek

That club sandwich (added chicken) is the flavor bomb! Sure it's a bit on the pricier side for a sandwich but it's off the charts! It's so hard to order something else because it's that good. The fries that come with are some of the best around too.


Great lunch outside tacos and burger were outstanding with a great view

Jennifer M.

I waited 30 minutes with no one acknowledging me to simply place a take out order. I had to ask someone at the front desk to help me. They sent a waiter named Doug over who rudely said "what do you want". I started reading my order to him from a list I had on my iPhone and he interrupted me and asked me if he could just take the phone. I didn't feel comfortable with that so I paused at which point he asked again "what do you want". He was miserable and rude and shouldn't be working in customer service. They may be busy but if he can't handle being busy he shouldn't work there. I was being patient despite being frustrated after waiting and he just took it right over the top. Needless to say I left and did not order anything at all.

Lisa N Brian Cooper

delicious!! great drinks

Ali Toal

Beautiful location but way overpriced for what you get. Kind of ruins the experience.

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