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Lucy Y.

I do not know why I don't choose German food more often. If I lived close by, I definitely would be here! Out of the things we tried, the standout was the pork belly add-on to the 3 wurst entree. Three fat, fatty pork belly slices were crusted w/corned beef spices, & caramelized - omg. The purple cabbage & kraut mashed potatoes were great with it. This wasn't even my order, but a taste of it made me plan my next meal here (pork belly, red cabbage, kraut mashed potatoes). The Chicken Schnitzel sammich was an exceptionally crunchy, slaw-y experience. The side I chose was the spaëtzle, which was REALLY good too. Definitely a repeat! The Salads plate had 5 yummy cold veggie salads - carrot, tomato, radish, beet, cucumber. Great compliments to the rich meats. I especially appreciated the mini Underberg bottles of the herby bitters that are so great for digestion, by the registers in front. One please!

Kate C.

If you are a Sound of Music fan, how can you not stop at the Von Trapp Family's brewery?! I recommend starting the day by touring the lodge. We definitely took some videos of ourselves twirling around and humming that the hills are alive with the sound of music! How can you not?! There are some great hiking trails on the property with excellent views of the mountains. I highly recommend hiking to the chapel behind the lodge. After you've gotten your fill of beautiful Vermont scenery, head to brewery for a drink! You can get taster portions of all the beers and there are food options as well. The gift shop is a bit pricey, but who doesn't love Von Trapp memorabilia?

Amy T.

We arrived without reservations during an event. We asked if they could prepare takeout and were turned down, but offered a place at the bar which has full food service. Luckily there were 2 spots available. The bartenders were able to tend to the large crowd albeit likely slower than one would expect outside of reduced COVID-related service levels. It took a little bit of time to clear the bar from the previous occupants, which is to be expected as of late. This bierhall, in a traditional sense has a hunting theme. There are animal heads and a few stuffed creatures throughout. Be aware in case you intend to bring a vegetarian/vegan who might be turned off by this. There are 2 sizes of beer glasses, regular and a "tasting" glass. The latter is much larger than a shot glass, which is what I expected when they offered this size. We are not beer drinkers, but we ordered a kolsch and a radler. I've been to Cologne and remember the kolsch having a much lighter flavor and color than what was offered. The radler contained grapefruit, of which I'm not a fan generally, but this didn't contain the bitterness I dislike. For appetizers, we ordered a large pretzel with cheese dip and zucchini fritters. The cheese dip was so good I wanted to lick up the last bit of it. The zucchini fritters were tasty and the corn relish that was served with them added a bit of sweetness to the dish. For entrees, my boyfriend ordered a burger with a side of carrot salad. You're able to choose which side you prefer. He noted that the burger had a nice char flavor and the carrot salad was not vinegary like he expected, slightly sweet. I ordered the spaetzle with roasted vegetables. Some of the veggies were not fully cooked as can sometimes happen, but everything was very tasty. There was so much spaetzle, I couldn't finish it all. A unique experience in a lovely town. Recommended stop for any tourist and the events are solidly supported by the locals.

Yaroslav Sapozhnyk

We were there in the middle of the week during lunch time. There was a line already and only one host at the counter. There was clearly a lot of space available inside, but seems like nobody cared about people waiting. We just left with couple other people.The place looks nice though, with they had more efficient service.

Jacqueline G

The VSO string quartet was magical tonight! We had a reservation for 5:45 to see the quartet and eat dinner as a family. We left at 7:15 because we could NOT get a table or service the entire time despite repeatedly checking for any type of service as we had our 3 & 5 year old in tow who expected to eat dinner. Very, very poor execution on a show night.That said, the staff related how poorly they have been treated by entitled guests. After a year of Covid, you would think we could express a little more kindness for the people who take care of us. Have a little respect, and class it up people.Contradictory review? Not really. Be kind, but expect efficiency, with some small deviations tolerated.

Herman Baumgartner IV

Good lagers, unfortunately somewhat of a tourist trap. Pun unintended. $125 later (2people) Couple beers, burger, bratwurst, and pretzels. Service lacking but I believe that’s a post COVID thing. Just crazy expensive. $8 for a Pilsner that I can get for $10/6 at the store, and very over priced food. Atmosphere is pretty good, not sure if it was worth it though.

Robert Mason

I must preface with this: I have worked in restaurants in the past. You will note that by and large, most of the ratings I give are 5. If I go somewhere and receive less than stellar service, I will typically go a second time. Everyone can have an off day and I don't want to sabotage a place due to someone having a bag day. I have been vacationing in Vermont for the last 6 years and spent many thousands of dollars in goods and services throughout the state. On this occasion we spent an hour getting to the von Trapp facility. Before going to the Lodge, we decided to grab something to eat. A very nice young man suggested that we go to the Bierhall. We walked in behind 2 other parties. The first was a party of 4. Do you have a reservation? No. Don't worry we will seat you. The second party of 2. Do you have a reservation? No. Don't worry we will seat you. Our party of 4. Do you have have a reservation? No. I'm sorry. We can fit you in in an hour and a half. There was no one behind us (even when we were leaving). The outside seating area was half full. There was seating at the bar. I could not see into the dining area to see the occupancy. Needless to say we did not go to the Lodge. I'm rethinking next year's trip to Vermont. Perhaps it's time to go to another state where they appreciate thier customers.

William Eisner

I feel fortunate to live about an hour away from the Bierhall. Love the menu and the friendly yet efficient service. Then there's the beer, which has lightness and a subtle complexity. The price is good and the portions are generous.

Ronnie King

Called at 6:00 pm to get a reservation. Was given an 8:15 pm reservation. Showed up 15 minutes early, checked in with the host, and got a beer from the bar. At 8:30 checked on when we might be seated and was told the reservation had been canceled because we had called and said we were in Boston and had not requested a reservation. They finally seated us at 9:00 pm. They never brought us 1 of the 2 appetizers we ordered. They were out of the side that was supposed to be served with the entree we ordered. They also burnt one of the 3 sausages on the entree to a crisp. The only semi-good things about our visit were that their overpriced beers tasted good and the server removed the appetizer that we never got from our bill.The von Trapp name has been forever marred by such inept service and a total disregard for customer service.

Andrew H

Made reservations and had to wait 15 minutes past our scheduled reservation to finally be seated. Once seated, we sat there for another 15 minutes without a single employee coming over to even bring waters. Servers passed our table multiple times with no greeting or "I'll be right with you". Message received that our business wasn't wanted, so we left.

Pam C.

Food was good and husband liked the beer. We went there because we were staying at the lodge but probably would not go out of our way to go back. It was just ok.

Patricia M.

Wow- this place is great. We sat inside in a Glassed in patio area which was great as it was very hot out. However they do have a nice patio with umbrellas. First, the beers are great. I ordered a dunkel and it was smooth and delicious. My husband ordered a Radler and pronounced it the best he ever had. We both ordered the schnitzel Chicken sandwich and I can honestly tell you it was the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. Thin but moist and crunchy on a nice soft bun. I ordered the spatzle which was good but next time I am going to get the Austrian potato salad my husband had. Typically I order mayo based potato salad but this potato was delicious- perfect amount of cider vinegar and was so tasty. Service was spot on. Reservations are recommended. We saw a lot of people being turned away who didn't have them.

Abbey L.

The von Trapp brewery is arguably one of my favorite spots in Stowe! It is located on the same property as the von Trapp Family Lodge and has plenty of parking. The menu has Austrian inspired dishes that are cooked to perfection. I always enjoy a Bavarian pretzel with beer cheese and their pickled beets, both of which are delicious. They serve their own von Trapp beer, I would highly recommend trying out a flight if you have never tried their beer before! Having been here in the summer, winter and fall no matter what the weather the high ceilings and large windows bring together the perfect ambience to compliment their delicious menu

Jane O.

We have visited this place on multiple occasions in the past but today when we walked in (two people) at 4:45 on a Tuesday in June, we were told that there were no tables available until 8:45-she said that we could sit at the bar. The outside was at least half empty. Inside was 3/4 empty. I asked if she was serious and asked if there was a waitlist for no shows. She gave a very firm and not friendly no. I was disappointed because we have enjoyed the atmosphere, beer and food previously. I understand that covid has created staffing challenges but there are better ways to treat people that don't make them think they won't come back.

Melanie McQuistion

Beautiful area! The food was served in large portions and delicious! We enjoyed looking at the brewery.

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von Trapp Brewery & Bierhall

1333 Luce Hill Rd, Stowe, VT 05672
(802) 253-5750