Domino's Pizza

4025 A St SE, Auburn
(253) 275-1266

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Alison Shimamoto

Poor product quality is an understatement. I can’t make a corporate customer concern because I keep getting error messages. Sandwich was prepared the best but was a little dry, specialty chicken could have used more cheese. The pizza though, despite being free, should have never left the store in this condition. It should be in the trash. Bubbles over one inch, not enough sauce or cheese and barely enough toppings. Definitely did not use a scale. Delivery charge is way high but driver was nice. Probably won’t order for delivery for a while.

Kristal Chandler

I order through the app to get the best coupons and do in store pick up most of the time. My daughter has her friend’s over frequently and it really is an easy way to feed a bunch of teenagers. When I pick up, everyone is always nice and courteous. Thanks Dominos for being a lifesaver!

Just James

The manager and assistant take no responsibility for the stores mistakes. They blame the corporate system for their failure and the customer.In a situation of trying to deliver to the wrong address, they first blamed the customer telling them they input it incorrectly. When it was shown to be correct they immediately blamed the corporate system for changing the address.When asked for a discount on a redelivery they said "no it's not my fault the address was wrong."This was approx two hours after the order was placed.The leadership and customer skills of the manager are equivalent to that of a 6th grader.I would highly suggest giving your business to another store entirely. The corporate office will be receiving a written report.

Charles Morley

Seriously, delivery charges that are almost half the order price!?! Knowing that the driver uses their own vehicle, their own gas money, and their own insurance, and then gets paid around minimum wage. I still tip but it makes it hard to want to order when I pay almost as much in taxes, delivery charges, and a fair tip as I do for the food. I think everyone should complain until the delivery charge goes to the drivers. Thank You!!! Drivers for saving me the trip...

Kali D

Today I ordered pizza for my grandkids. Ultimate pepperoni was so salty the baby couldn't eat. And had to order another pizza. Last time I ordered deliveryas I always do from this location. I didn't hear from them for 1,1/2 called and the manager told me he don't have anyone to deliver after almost 2 hrs and your pizza is sitting here. It's to bad I don't live close by so I can solve this issue in person and see who is running this franchise. Think I'll change my location to round table. Too bad

Jim Brass

Still great products but unfortunately like everything else the prices have gone up. Even though it's an outlet store that items are fresh

Bill Clugston

The pizza was ready at the pick-up time that I chose and tasted great. It's been a long time since I've used Domino's pizza and I really like their pizza configuration app.

Aly Rizzo

Kelcie is so unprofessional. We called the store after two hours of placing an order and not receiving it to get the status and she just says they are understaffed so she’s moving as fast as she can. We asked for the delivery fee to get waived for the inconvenience and she said no and never apologized for the 2 hour wait.

Rick Bullard

I'm from Texas n I drive a truck making a delivery here in Algona WA. It's hard for us to go somewhere to get a meal in a large town but I ordered online n gave instructions where I was at and got just as good service as you would get if it was delivered to your home. Pizza was still hot..(I HATE COLD PIZZA ?)Good Job Domino's....?

Jjay Scoggins

Pizzas were fresh, everything was there, and even though it was a long wait. It was a rainy day and they were Uber busy so I don't blame them for that. Ordered via mobile app and had no issues

Joshua Cherry

My $16 pizza was torched. I gave it two stars because the second pizza was good. The app has a resolution system in place to offer a 20% discount. Which is terrible. This quality is what I would expect from the super cheap pizza places.

Sharon Saylors

Ive ordered from them many timesover the last 10+ mos. Even had 1 of the best pizzas ever!But this time? Thats it! I wont be buying anything else. Pizza was literally 1/4 inin thick with the toppings. Not exaggerating. Inedible. I called n the manager had the gull to jUstify that garbage!!im super done with dominos. And im not the only one. 2 other neighbor's are also done. . Plain n simple. Its garbage!

Christine Cherry

Your pizza tastes the way it looks. Disgusting and burnt !

Jane Doe

I love Domino's in Auburn so much. Always the best quality toppings and delivery. The only issue is I think the dough is starting to mess with my tummy. Not sure it that's corporate or local but its sad that I may not be able to get pizza here anymore. ?

Robert R.

Just bought a Canadian bacon and pineapple split 5050 vegetables. The pizza was only $27!Oh my God do I feel taken advantage of! A thin crust pizza delivered to my door that was absolutely terrible the vegetable side was awful the Canadian bacon side was horrible and had seasoning on it that I didn't even recognize my worst experience ever with domino's sorry sorry fellas I'll be moving on to the other local Pizza joints you guys blew it

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