Gor Gai Thai Street Food

614 E Main St, Auburn
(253) 455-7177

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Nader S.

Came in with a friend on a cold rainy day for lunch. Drove right past this place as it looks like a house with bamboo plants out front. Went in to order and was greeted, looked over their menu and was impressed. Plenty of stuff to choose from here. Ended up ordering the Green curry & my friend ordered a noodle dish. They were both spectacular! We also had the Thai tea and it was very good! Highly recommend you check this place out if you like Thai food!

Shelley- Real Estate Expert

My son had food delivered on his lunch hour per work and he shared with me. It was the best Thai food I've ever had! I don't normally like Curry but loved their curry. Went to the restaurant couple weeks later to order some food it's very nice and busy and clean and the people who work there are Super friendly. I would definitely go back again the food is delicious.

Brennan Jarchow

This restaurant used to taste very good, and I understand why it is so highly rated. However they have totally ditched the food quality. Instead of using rice noodles, they use a cheaper alternative now which tastes disgusting. The quality of spicy food and the proportions of meats and eggs are also terrible. Never return here now matter how good the food tasted before.

Thomas Payne

It is typical Thai food. It runs like a food truck. Order at the counter.Water is $1 a bottle, no tap. So bring your own drinks.There are some planters with bamboo, between you and the street.People watching is limited.The food is spicy, so unless you like to cry while you eat order the mild.Also if you don't want the plant flesh with your pad Thai let them know. Much better than having to pick it off and keeping away from raw vegetables greatly reduces your chances of food borne illness.Parking.Trying the beta for parking. So see how that looks.Some sedan length parking in an ally way on the side of the building. RV and trailers will need to find another place to park.Restroom.Didn't use it but it looks like a one seater, gender neutral.Food.Typical Thai. The curry was hot, but they got the medium.The beef Pad Thai was short on beef and okay.The fries pork belly was crispy and like done in industrial plant baby oil.If I was back I would be willing to try something else.Photo descriptions.I didn't take any.

Paige Reister

The stars are only for the gang dang curry, which was delicious. The pad thai and pad woo sen were adequate and lacked vegetables. I did not appreciate the servers remarks about us asking if we could just fill our water bottles for our drinks. He said "we wouldn't make any money if we let people bring their own food and drink". I simply stated we were trying to reduce use of plastic is all and it was just or water. But we ended up ordering the plastic bottles of water to make it less awkward. It was weird, not very pleased with the interaction while ordering. We probably won't go back there.

Michelle Sutterfield

Super great spot for some quick Thai food. Also a favorite of my mother’s, who is Celiac. She can’t often find food without gluten cross contamination but this place is very careful.

Lil Olin

Delicious Thai spot with a large menu variety including curries, noodles, appetizers and house specials. They have a very easy to use online ordering platform for to go orders!


Food is good - kudos to grandma's excellent cooking! However, their service is terrible. The cashier (guy with ash gray hair) was rude. He saw me holding a water bottle and told me that I should buy from them and pity the old grandma who's so tired from cooking the whole day. He repetitively did this 'guilt trip' when he asked for the bill and served our food. First of all, if drinks were not allowed then you should put a poster up. Secondly, our bill amounted to $120 (not to mention that the serving size has decreased so much). You tell me if that's not enough money I paid in one sitting and for you to guilt trip me for just a bottle of water I brought with me. Lastly, if you really care about your grandma working so hard, then why are you still letting her work at this point in her life? Your food might be good but it will never compensate the kind of crappy service you give your customers.

Ehren D.

Excellent Thai food. Great to have it ih town. The curry is excellent! Padthai is great!

John R

Our family has LOVED Gor Gai for years. Sometimes we would go twice a week. Their food used to be so flavorful and one of the best restaurants around. #1 in our books I have ordered twice in the past couple months and have been saddened by the changes and lack of quality. Today we ordered 8 meals for a staff farewell. I ordered online at 10:00 am for a noon pick up. We were there at noon and they hadn't even started the cooking yet. When we started eating, every meal lacked flavor. The pad thai was sweet and bland. I had the Pad Kee Mao - there wasn't any spice at all, the tofu was stale. I am not sure if it's a new cook, or a rushed afternoon, but for the amount money we spent - it was a disappointment. Because we know what they used to be like, hopefully this funk will be temporary. In the meantime, we wont be visiting for awhile.

Lani S.

Delicious and authentic food, great service!

Mark C.

I used to love this place when it first opened. Since the pandemic the indoor dining experience sucks. Food is served in small take out containers and water is now only available for purchase. The food still tastes decent but the last time I went, I got food poisoning. Unless you are interested in take out only and want to roll the dice on whether or not you get sick, I would not recommend Gor Gai anymore.

Jeremy S.

I was excited to try this place based on the reviews but was real disappointed. The pad see ew was disgustingly sweet and the noodles were way too soft and perhaps over cooked or over soaked in sauce. There are better options out there!

Amy Quispe

This was some of the best Thai food that I have had in a long time. Everything we tried was fresh and delicious. The flavors were amazing.

Mel G.

We always get gorgai & it's always been really good. Food is ready at a good time, hot and tastes good

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