Jack In The Box

524 A St SE, Auburn
(253) 939-3270

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Gregory Willey

Drive-thru opens when? 2 mornings in a row where there has been a cone blocking the drive-thru.

diana farias

Worst customer service today Jackie kept whitching about how short staffed they are and having to work and y everyone is out and picking jack in the box....I get it your short staffed and have to work extra hard were short staffed at hospitals too you know how hard that is ???? Anyways she was so bussy complaining we didn't get all our food I didn't even want another one in case it got spat in....if you don't like your job do something els

Teri Britton

they constantly get the bun wrong on my sandwich.. also whoever they have running the drive thru is TERRIBLE, I understand having a bad day, but when you can't hear me order due to the loud exhaust of the vehicle in front of me so I say give me just a minute till this truck moves forward so you can hear me better... and her response is if you're going to yell im going to ask you to leave, this is after she said 3 or 4 time "I can't hear you" . truck moves and I pull closer and say, ok you should be able to hear me better now, and nothing she ignores me and refuses to take my order.... piss poor customer service all around , I will never go back to the A st locationa


Came by to grab a quick bite late at night since I haven’t ate all day. Woke up the next morning with the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever experienced, I work in a kitchen, and they had to send me home because I was practically glued to a trash can or toilet.

Sandra Schemmel

Their mushroom buttery burger with Swiss cheese and garlic sauce us completely off the chains if you want the best homerun burger for all the fun events in your life on the go

Andriy Y.

Worst service ever! I just asked to add something to drink to the order, but she pretends not to understand me, do your employees speak English? and the food was disgusting

Ralph L.

WORST SERVICE EVER !! ... I have asked them to add another item to my order when I got my food I asked where's the extra item & said oh you're charge with one. I wanted another one & told me I have to go back around and order again WTF!! I asked for manager & supervisor & nobody was there. It is run by young kids with rude attitudes. Plus there was no napkins & sauces (ketchup). I got was one each & I ordered 3 meals. Happened 08/01/2022 about 2:30pm ... NO STARS !!!

Daniel Barbier

5PM at night on a Tuesday and the dining room is locked and only the drive thru is open. They wouldn’t serve me. I’m a truck driver who was staying in a hotel room next door. They said they couldn’t serve me at the drive thru window because there’s too many homeless people. I asked to speak with a manager and there wasn’t one on duty. This location is also connected to a gas station and the gas station is open on the inside. This is inexcusable. I know my order would’ve only been about 10 dollars, but what about the other potential customers they are turning away.

Tolliver Charles

This Jack in the Box says is open 24hrs but every time I visit this location after 11pm they say sorry but we are closed. THEY NEED TO SHUT THIS LOCATION DOWN FOR GOOD!!! And when they are open the service is rude as hell in the drive thru!!!!


I had a Doordash order to pick up at this location and they are never open, I had 2 orders last week at times that would seem normal for a Jack In the Box restaurant, but when I arrived they have a barricade sign blocking the drive thru and no one ever answers the phone. today as I'm writing this review this store cost me $12.50. I accepted a $25 order but since no one is here I lose half my pay.

Alex Madrigal

I used to go to this place when I lived in Auburn. The Mexican woman working there was a straight up rude. Made us wait a long time so I moved to the window to see if it was open but they said I had to make line again. There was a long line. I cursed at them and stop going there. At least she could just have taken my order quick and all I wanted was tacos. Never went back. And never will if im ever around that area again.

Josh Nanamkin

This place is continuing to go downhill. We couldn't even at a soda to our order at the window before we paid. The gal said they weren't doing add ons because too many people were doing that. Highly recommend going somewhere else.

Kristina Taylor

I went here twice, and each time I ordered the loaded curly fries. Always asked for no ranch because I can't have it. They keep putting it on, even if you see them put "no ranch sauce" on the ticket. So far I've wasted $14 approximately because they keep screwing up my order. If you have a custom order or an allergy, just don't go here. They don't care about dietary restrictions or severe allergies.

Jennell Meadows

Nobody freaked out a out me sleeping in my car in the parking lot and the only gas station in Auburn that let's you use the bathroom

Boa Boswell

Dont be fooled by the stickers in the window or the hours posted on google, sometimes they're "closed for the next 30 min". So apparently on some nights they are randomly closed from 2:15-2:45¿?¿? My guess is there are parts of the night were the employees cant be bothered to cook anything.

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