Joy Pho & Teriyaki

3930 A St SE #305, Auburn
(253) 735-0117

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Bob R.

Impossibility get food on time. Don't go here. The restaurant had 7 people and no one was eating. Calling ahead doesn't help.

Steve Tift

I have no Issues with increasing prices due to inflation but seriously parsley instead of Thai Basil? $13.99 for a bowl of soup and you give me parsley…… been going there for years for my lunch but I’m done.

Majenta 1

The bottles on the table are dirty, and grilled chicken spring rolls have no chicken, only rice and lettuce.Can't order kids chicken teriyaki to go so my sick son could not have teriyaki. Strange!!!Unhappy with my whole experience here and I drive a long way to come here!?

Todd Beals

Don’t bother calling in an order. It won’t be ready when you get there. They don’t start making any of the food until you arrive and pay for it. You could show up an hour after you call and it still won’t be ready. You’ll have to wait in the restaurant for 15 minutes for your food to be made. Ordered from here multiple times.Really good food though.

Richard T.

Went In to order 3 large orders of pho to-go and I asked if I can have extra veggies (green onions, cilantro, been sprouts) and the guy straights up said no they don't do that. Each order is already 15 dollars so I told him I don't mind paying extra. And he says okay 5 dollars I'll give you a little extra bean sprouts. At that moment I told him to just cancel my order and he shouts okay that's fine you can leave now. Do not recommend just from this experience alone. (After looking through their photos of the food in how much veggies their bowls are lacking, you can see why I asked for extra on the side)

Faviola B.

Owners were very friendly. Food and boba were amazing. My pho had tons of noodles and packed with meat. Food took a bit but everything was prepared to order Definitely recommend and will be returning

Glenda H.

Tried this place for the first time and it was terrible. I ordered chicken yakisoba and two egg rolls. the yakisoba has about three pieces of chicken and noodles very bland. I asked for teriyaki sauce and the guy said no, it was already mixed in. Egg rolls say two for 2.99 so when I questioned the $5.98 on my bill he said they are $2.99 each. on their menu the spring rolls clearly state each. The guy there told me that he'd give me a refund but took two phone calls then asked if I wanted the food or a refund? I chose to take the food hoping it would be another good place for teriyaki but got home and it was terrible. Noodles very bland and a few pieces of chicken scattered about. the guy attending was very rude and was agitated because I question him. I will never patronize this business again and hope that you won't either.


Flu season is here, let alone the notorious COVID, yet some restautants like this one still want diners to use common plastic chopsticks and spoons piled up on the table. These utensils could have been cross contaminated when kids play with them as they are waiting for their food, possibly by adults as well when they sort through the pile.Very greasy place and unsanitary. I asked the guy for a pair of bamboo chopsticks (wrapped) and obviously he was unhappy and started complaining loudly in Vietnamese. Can't you even wait to whine after customer leaves. Their pho was plain, no basil since they substitute it with only a tiny piece of cilantro.


Poor food quality. Also forgot forks and napkins.

Samantha G.

Portions have changed here.. owners are so polite and nice but now it seems that it's more money for less food. Never thought their pho was that great but it's close to home so convenient. I'd suggest going to teriyaki 2U across the street. Double portions for less money. Covid really screwed this one up.

Shelli A.

Sigh. This pho was so underwhelming. The broth was like water, completely bland. I asked for extra green onion, and you'll see what I got in the pic. I asked if I could have more and he told me the woman in the kitchen said no. They also were out of fresh basil but didn't mention it when I ordered. The grilled chicken spring rolls I ordered were just thrown together. Even the peanut sauce tasted watered down. Definitely should have gone somewhere else.

Mariah J.

Mom and pop restaurant. I ordered brisket pho and fried gyoza To go. Now, I did re fry the gyoza at home because I like mine extra crispy. But the flavors were amazing. Tasted fresh. Just wish that there was mint included in the pho toppings.

Nadine S.

This place is one of my favorite pho places in the area. Their broth is so good. I literally crave it all the time. It's family owned and everyone that works there is so nice.

Catherine S.

Honestly they charge so much and food doesn't even taste good way overpriced for little portions and shitty customer service I don't recommend this place at all! If you want teriyaki go the the other side instead they have better service and give you more food and cheaper price!

Vi Ha

All around pretty good pho. The restaurant is run by a fairly wholesome couple. I had #p13, soup was a tad sour and basil was not served. But good was very good overall.

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