Kampo Cuisine

739 W Main St, Auburn
(253) 880-7807

Recent Reviews

Minor but Major

My new favorite place! I ordered today for the first time and am very impressed. Totally will be recommending this place to my friends

DTanShin Jewelz

Food was delicious and portions were generous we even got some freebies for the amount of order we placed which was just awesome! Definitely our new go to place for Chinese food!!? ? ?

Nate Swanson

Called in order for dinner combination only to get call back 15 mins later to say sorry they don't do dinner combos anymore. This place has been declining for awhile now and just lost our business. Go elsewhere save your time and money.

Kelsey Holmes

Since moving to the area a little over a year ago we have gone to Kampo for our Chinese food cravings and are always happy with it! Delicious food, great service, even included free sodas for our daughters. The Kung Pao chicken, Chow Mein and Sweet & Sour chicken were some of our staples. Highly recommend!

Roxanne Hohl

BEST CHINESE FOOD IN AUBURN!FAVS AND GO TOS ALWAYS;-beef broccoli-honey walnut shrimp-beef lo mein (just wish the noodles were thicker, but that’s just my preference)-shrimp fried rice!

Joel Smith

Great food, great price and great people. My family loves this place, if you have not tried it, please do as you will surprised at how good it is..

Marie McKenzie

It was a wonderful experience ordering from kampo. The food was fres,hot and tasty. I will be ordering again for a fa.ily event

Danny Frantsevich

Got the Singapore rice noodles. Nice thick portion for price I paid. Flavor is also on point.

Moses Castillo-Mendez

Everything i've gotten so far is amazing i would recommend it to anyone to be fair. They're also really generous and customer service is better than happy express!

Brett R.

The food was edible. The bbq pork was dry and flavorless. The mustard was Chinese from a jar, not freshly made like most places. The hot and sour soup was neither hot or sour. Almond chicken had few almonds and the gravy tasted like thickened soy sauce. Garlic chicken was three stars.

Clayton J.

This ended up being a huge disappointment. A lot of independent restaurants are take out only. No big deal, Chinese food tends to be about as good to go. Unlike what the reviews said, I didn't find the portion or prices to be reasonable. For $25, I got Mongolian Beef that was way too sweet , Potstickers that were basically Gyoza and steamed rice. Based on the portion, the rice should have been included with the Beef and it all should have cost about $20. The potstickers tasted like grocery store gyoza. The beef was pretty tasty, but despite requesting it extra spicy, it takes more like candy because for some reason when you say spicy, Chinese restaurants hear, "More sugar". The people here were extra nice and I couldn't be more happy with the attitude, but again, the portion and price were a complete rip off. I ended up here because the place across that street that also had great reviews was on a run of bad reviews just like this where customers complain about the cost, quality and portion. I don't know what it takes to find great Chinese food, but I can tell you that no one in Seattle has figured it out.

Cristian Rodriguez

Very tasty Chinese food and personnel. You have to call their number when you get there to pick up your food and they bring it out to your car. I even got a complimentary soda!

Mecca F.

This place has good food and service. So I first ordered away from the house. The delivery services is perfect and affordable without using DoorDash or one of those apps. The delivery guy, even when running late, has great customer services. The food!!! Sweet sour prawns 4stars, Mongolian beef 4stars, fried rice 4stars, soup 4stars, salt&pepper wings 3stars.

Brenda Pierce

Very fresh! Really great Chinese food. Highly recommend the bacon broccoli rice and green bean /pork dish!

Yuri Gere

I already ate some of the broccoli beef but it was full to the brim and it was ? delicious authentic Asian cuisine. I’m gonna become a regular! Its a mom and pop shop and they deserve to be supported on the quality of food alone! The prices are verry reasonable as well

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