La reina del sabor

3506-3602 A St SE, Auburn
(253) 205-9141

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Seth Banks

Been hearing about this place from coworkers for a while. One of them I was working with the other day suggested we swing by for lunch before heading back to Tacoma, and they didn't exactly have to twist my arm to get me to agree as dudes have been telling me about this place for a while.Got one each asada, pollo, carnitas, and chorizo tacos. Quick service, decent prices. Asada and pollo were good, carnitas could have been better. But their chorizo was mind blowing! Not TOO spicy but had a great kick, great overall flavor. Some places the chorizo is too greasy, some places too dry, this place was JUST RIGHT.I'll be back for sure! Gonna need to do the full menu tour of this place, I think.

Cost Kate

elicious and fresh food! Super nice service.

Benjamin Trapp

The Tacos are good enough we can't bring ourselves to try anything else, maybe one day, but not yet. The kind of tacos your wife mentions in the morning and they consume your waking thoughts until you eat one.

Nikia Hay

I wished I could make my tacos like this. So much flavor and very affordable.

David Alire

Place is the best. Always good food and nice people.

Donavon Preiser

This is now my favorite spot to grab tacos. They are so friendly! The cabeza and carnitas tacos are especially great plus the horchata is also really tasty.

Sarah D.

Not recommended. We came on a Saturday afternoon. We ordered 5 tacos (2 chicken, 2 beef and 1 cheek), enchilada plate (chicken) a sprite and a regular sized Horchata. The only thing that was tasty was the cheek taco. The chicken in the tacos and enchiladas were very red and had a lot of a very off-putting spice. The beef was extremely chewy and hard to digest. The hot sauce was was oily and looked like straight seeds mixed with chilly powder. The mild salsa was a verse type salsa but I'd put it closer to a medium level of heat. The enchiladas were the worst we've ever had in ALL the states we've been to. They were dry enchiladas with only 2 of them having sauce on them. The sauce was cooked partially in to the tortilla and 1 enchilada was completely devoid of sauce. The sauce on the enchiladas tasted the same as the sauce the chicken was cooked in. The rice was dry and flavorless and the beans tasted like they had no salt. The pepper they give with the tacos was so spicy that it burned the inside and outside of my mouth so if you like the milder chiles...this is not the spot for you. The horchata was flavorful and the sprite came in a can. We give it 2 stars for the cheek taco but all-in-all it was a waste of $30 and wish we would have tasted the food before tipping.


I got the pollo tacos and the esiques and it was bomb. Definitely will eat here again! The woman who took our order was sweet also.

Maggie Frank

Amazing food and everyone is very friendly!!

Nicole Ruse

Perfect taco truck with a great selection. Unfortunately, they were out of lengua, so my husband & I got carne asada & chicken. The order came with radishes & a couple limes. We got an order of rice & beans too - a little pricey, yet delicious. The beans definitely tasted homemade. I recommend getting salsa verde with your tacos - so tasty. We ordered 8 tacos, plus tip, came out to around $23.

Luke M.

Best cabesa tacos, I've ever had. Other places will dice up the meat, but here they give you big chunks for beef cheeks. The other meat were super good, too. My wife and i are also big fans of the carnitas. We will definitely be back here to eat.

Francisco Contreras

Thus place is great. I definitely recommend it

Jim Clark

Delicious and fresh food! Super nice service. Got three chicken tacos with great portions. The rest of our order included a kids burrito and torta which were also great! Will definitely be back!

charisse goerke

There food is never consistent . The first time I went the pork was very try on the tacos and the corn taste like the only ingredient used was mayo. I thought I'd try again and both times the same result. I wont be returning for a third

Christopher Riebs

$2 tacos. Fast and delicious! My go-to for tacos in Auburn.

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