Midori Teriyaki Wok

1202 Supermall Way, 105, Auburn
(253) 288-1911

Recent Reviews

Adam Van Straten

Simple, satisfying, and satiating chicken teriyaki. I would return for the prices alone - quite reasonable. Clean, quick, and friendly service.


I ate the teriyaki chicken then Is gave me and my family food poisoning and covid for days we will not come here again even if it was the last food place in the world they didn’t wear gloves while making it. ?

V Evert (Vica)

Best rice I've had since I went to Japan in 2017.The dining area is beautiful and clean, well lit. Their food is very tasty and fresh. I usually call and order a head of time, and it takes them about 10 minutes. I'm less than a 10 minute drive away. Fast delicious food and good service.

John Rummel

Hands down best teriyaki chicken and beef I've ever had. Clean tables, quick service for an early dinner, expansive menu.

Amy Bergmanis

Was the best teriyaki I had in a very long time. The meat was well trimmed, free of much fat or gristle, presented nicely but most of all, absolutely delicious. Will be my go to place for teriyaki. My only wish, more sauce please.

Shi F.

Ordered extra meat, got extra veggies instead. Overall the food is good. But not good enough to not get what I paid for.

Matthew Reynolds

Loving it! Standard teriyaki joint menu options, but exceptionally well executed.My colleague loves Panda Express orange chicken, and said this was better. I had spicy chicken teriyaki, and I don't know how but they made that staple into something special.

01kk WAF00

04jan2022 TUE ~12:00 Swee & i went to Midori for lunch. We were the only 2 guests till ~15 mins later when a person came in for a Takeaway. ~12:30 after we completed our lunch, as we were leaving, a group of ~6 people came in. Midori is reasonably clean and tidy. We had a Lunch Special (Noodles & Beef) and Chicken Teriyaki & Rice .. both were yummy-licious .. and good value for money ?

Nerrisah T.

the beef and chicken yakisoba was really yummy and great portion. ( I recommended ) The Spicy chicken teriyaki and general chicken were decent.

Ayan Sanger

The food is really well cooked and tasty! Really kind gentleman in the front ! Great meal.

Susan D

Ordered Mongolian beef. Taste seasoning were all right but the beef was tough and chewy. Threw it away, disappointed, sorry to say.

Aynell J.

I have came here for years and the restaurant has changed but the recipes they have now are nasty. The cashier can't u understand you or hear you. I asked over and over about foods and just a blank stare. The service was bad very small portions as well. I ordered an appetizer and the man told me I never order them I'm like no u didn't hear me nor did you want to repeat my order. I will not return here just wasn't for me at all

Daniel M.

I've been going here for the last couple of years. The people are pretty nice. I love their House Yakisoba! It is awesome!

Alex A.

Excellent food. Great and clean environment. Although new ownership/new cooks affected the food quality, they bounced back up and their dishes are as amazing as ever

meg cruffi

This place has the best food! I'm so glad it's close to me. I've tried their Mongolian Beef. I also tried their combination Mongolian Beef & Teriyaki Chicken. Both very delicious. Both the chicken & and the beef is cooked to perfection. Teriyaki sauce has the perfect amount of sweetness. Mongolian Beef flavor is indescribably good. The green onions/onions add another layer of freshness to the flavor because they aren't overcooked and soggy. I can't wait to try out some of their other dishes. I was told that i could add substitute fried rice for a few extra dollars. The amount of food I get, the quality of food all compared to the price I pay, it is all worth every penny! :)

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