MOD Pizza

502 15th St NE Suite 101, Auburn
(253) 793-0750

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Marty Lyons

We tried Mid Pizza for the first time about a month ago. It was really good because we were able to get the pizzas WE wanted.Food: 4/5


Always a positive experience! Very clean and Well presented ! Service is top notch ? They are so upbeat ! And the pizza is delicious because you get to make it how you want ... It's like the subway of pizza !Vegetarian options: You make it how you want ! Toppings can be just veggiesKid-friendliness: Kid size options... Small pizza choicesParking: They have at least 6 spots in front and plenty on the side of the store. Outside dining for safety or just fun ?Wheelchair accessibility: No stairs ! Wide open dining room .. very spacious!

Riku Tolari

First time at Mod Pizza! Man! These guys are good! Appreciate the walkthrough from the helpful gal behind the counter, and the food is absolutely delicious!

Richard Flores IV

I've concluded that orders online are not done correctly. Today I got a pepperoni pizza, when I ordered a chopped garlic, pepperoni, mild sausage, mushrooms, and olives pizza. Also the labels on the pizza boxes were all wrong so we had to play musical pizza to figure out where they belonged. These types of mistakes happen, but this is my fourth incorrect order in as many months. I will say that the staff is very friendly and the service is fast.

Holly Thornton

If you're new to MOD, it's like a Subway that only does pizza and salad. Dessert is also available, and highly recommended! The No-name cake is a grown up, gourmet version Hostess Ding Dong.Can't be anything but delicious when you get to have your choice of sauces & toppings. From the crust up, your faves are artfully assembled, right in front of you.Shout out to Kayla, who was at the end of the line, boxing up original creations after adding swirls and flourishes, spreading the MOD-ness. .

Armando Bargas

Wow, staff is very friendly and helpful as well. Brought kids in for some bday dinner before heading to DnB, they loved it! Lemonade is ?Vegetarian options: Pick and chooseKid-friendliness: Easy to create your own and staff helpsDietary restrictions: Fully custom pizza!

Abigail Clendening

Usually we love coming here to have pizza. This time we ordered by ubereats. And was disappointed with the pizza quality. We asked for BBQ swirl not for it to be doused in sauce.

Jm P.

Walked in and I was surprised to see how wide and open the space is. There is alot of seating inside and outdoor is available as well. The restaurant is clean and the staff was quick to ask us what we wanted and if we wanted to add or change anything. I got the Caspian with white sauce and ricotta, it was so good. My son had the kids mini cheese and my hubs made his own. Great spot for a quick pizza and there is plenty of parking since it's next to the gym.

Estella S.

ordered food and waited in the car for it to be done and the time said it would be done at 8:57 so go inside just for them to tell us they haven't even made it yet when all of them weren't even doing anything and wasn't working. worst mod i've been to if you want to go to a better mod go to the federal way one!

June Fun

Good clean location. We did come at a time that was not busy. The severs were all nice. The space was clean and the food is always good.

Mike Pratum

Friendly staff, and it operates as a copy of Subway, for pizza. I had a good small Caesar salad and a not so good pizza. The crust is very thin and they burned the bottom. I don't care for thin, burned crust. I won't likely be eating their pizza again. I prefer a couple of other places in Auburn.

Annette A.

Went at 11:45am Saturday to get pizza to go. I've been here before with no issues really but this time was terrible. When we arrived there were only 4 people sitting at a table. My friend & I got to the counter, & their were 3 people working, 1 cooking pizza & 2 making pizza. It was not busy but we stood for 6min before being helped (they weren't doing anything). When the 1 gal finally started our pizza, she did put on disposable gloves, but after putting sauce on our pizzas, she went over to help a deaf couple, touched their phone screen(how they communicated) , had to get her phone out to give them the bathroom combination, put her phone back in her pocket & was about to touch our pizzas again until I asked her to put on new clean gloves. She did but with an attitude. Then the person cooking the pizza, went over to do whatever at the drinks area, no gloves, came back & put the pizzas in the to go boxes, still no gloves, and had an open cut on her finger... no bandage/ no gloves. I did see her touch other cooked pizzas but not sure she actually touched ours, but this was all VERY unsanitary... nevermind the covid cleaning issues. Not sure I'll be going here again until they hire more people (saw help wanted sign) hoping they'll get sanitary workers who care about being safe/ clean for the customer's sake. Maybe trained (again? ) in food safety handling.

Daniel Gonvar

Good service but need wait a lot for your pizza but if u not latino they are more faster.

Lauren P.

I had placed an online order for a salad with quite a few toppings. If you're hungry and it sounds good what's the problem?? They advertise any toppings any price but when I walk in before it's ready an older gal is talking sh** about how many toppings I have and that "they get a PINCH of toppings" okay that's fine but to hear you talking about me as I'm sitting waiting for the salad is a little annoying if you ask me. Next time maybe I'll add even more toppings. CHEERS. It's delicious by the way :)


Took my son here the other day. He really liked the fact that he could build his own custom BBQ pizza. We didn't call ahead and though there were a number of other people here they took are order quickly and got our food out pretty fast.The ordering process is straightforward, just tell them size of pizza you want then walk down the assembly line telling them what you want on it. You can order a standard menu pizza and then modify it or go completely custom.All in all a good experience, staff was friendly and food was good.

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