Muckleshoot Restaurant

2402 Auburn Way S, Auburn
(800) 804-4944

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Carol H.

Nice huge dining area in the casino. We went on weekday mid afternoon and it was nearly empty. Our server pleasant and got all our ordering details correct for the 4 of us. We ordered the Harvest salad, a Burger the Rueben and a Club. It took a bit longer than expected due to being a very quiet time but order came out together all hot and looking delicious. My rueben was generous on corned beef and overall tasty cooked great along with hot crispy steak fries. Hubby's Club good, no ham like typical clubs and could have had more bacon but he enjoyed. Friends salad looked impressive, lot of the toppings and she ate every bite of the hearty portion. Her husband had the create your own burger and he seemed to really enjoy as well. The patty was a bit too thick for me and I'm assuming he ordered rare because it looked super red/raw throughout and he didn't complain. He ended up taking most the bun off because too hard to pick up and eat being so tall. Loved that they didn't nickel dime you over tarter sauce and asking for some onion. Fair prices, really good food and service/atmosphere pleasant. I'd go back

Marsha McAuliffe

Horrible dinner. Sent back the baked potato twice, wouldn't even melt the butter. Tried twice to get "warm" broccoli, nah. The salmon was fine, but overpriced for the poorly presented sides. Management and or server never offered any compensation.I was never offered a beverage.Sent over half of my meal back, as it was too cold to even consider a To Go box!!I am thoroughly disappointed and do not plan on dining here again.This was during a very slow period on a Sunday night. I'm curious how they intend to handle the increase in diners once the hotel opens, if they cannot handle typical dinner dining now.......?

Just N.

They did their best to make a redo of a Cobb salad decent. Had ordered one out a couple weeks ago but nothing was really on it. So when I came back they made another for me. Sorry. Lettuce was old, but I got egg, chicken, bacon, and dressing. They offered me another salad. No thank you. Offered me dessert and did everything to make it right. I'll be back but not for salad. It's offf my list. I'm sure it'll be better next time.

Lu L.

Not very impressed with breakfast. They offer chicken tenders with their waffle but don't allow you to add them on to pancake orders. Since they have the product, it makes no sense. I really wanted the banana macadamia pancakes but needed a protein and I dont eat pork. Ended up with the waffle which just wasn't the same. Inflexibility when you have the product is just ridiculous.

Thakir- Al

I really enjoyed every single moment in this restaurant service is amazing with DeborahFood: 5/5

Robert K.

Came on for dinner around 4:30 pm on a Saturday night. The place is really upscale and clean. It's kind of cool to see the flanks of salmon they have cooking over an open fire towards the back of the restaurant. I got a cheeseburger and is was not too bad. The brioche bun was pretty good. But, the steak fries were limp and under cooked. She got the prime rib sandwich and she really liked it. It's was nice they face you warm fresh bread with a blueberry butter go out on it as an appetizer. I was not expecting that. Our waitress was really sweet and she did a great job.

Josh Nanamkin

The Salmon dinner was amazing! The pit fired filet was perfectly cooked. Flaky, juicy, and well seasoned. Highly recommend this place.

Mary S.

We enjoy going to the Muckleshoot casino to play slots and have a nice dinner. Well then nice dinner may be a thing of the past. Our dinner experience last night was worse than our previous visit. I wrote a review on the prime rib dinner I had, it was sub par, but last night it was service as well. Our server took our order, then we never saw her. We ordered entrees and a starter salad. Salad never showed up and we couldn't get her attention to let her know. Our dinner came, no salad. Our server came around after we started eating and we told her our salads never arrived and she said "oh" and started to walk away, we said No we don't want them now. No apology. Now the food. First off the menu was totally changed. My husband ordered the Reuben sandwich. The worst Reuben we ever had. Meat was very scarce as was the sauerkraut. The only thing I could taste was the caraway seeds from the rye bread. Very thin sandwich. The fries were good. I had the meatloaf, and I would never have gotten that but what I had come to eat was no longer on the menu. The meatloaf was dry and didn't have a lot of flavor and there was definitely not enough gravy. Mashed potatoes and green beans were cold as if our meals sat back in the kitchen for a while. I don't think there is any reason for us to give it another try! I am truly disappointed as we loved the Coyaba Grill but the Muckleshoot restaurant is not an upgrade. I don't mind paying more but not when the food is bad it's not even worth the old price.


Great environment, and great food too.

Mary Smith

Service was just ok, our server was nice but was not around when you needed her. I have been getting the prime rib dinner here for years but this was the first time in this "new" restaurant. I was so disappointed! The prime rib was terrible, so chewy and stringy. I left half and our server asked if I wanted a box-no thank you. My baked potato was hard and the spinach was cold. My husband got the chicken fried chicken and that was pretty good! Just not my day getting the prime rib dinner.

Bill H

Not what I expected from this to soon be a world class casino destination (hotel). Took my wife and a few family members here for our 25th wedding anniversary. We ordered the Rib Eye and the accompaniment Lobster. Well I should of sent the $55 Lobster back immediately barely 4 bites between both of us 2 each. (Fred Meyer has better at $8.99). The Rib Eye I could barely cut with a steak knife it was chewy, spinach side was great. My daughter ordered the Flat Iron Steak and the Dungeness Crab legs they were the bomb. Grandkids food was good as well. Bar service in NON existent in the restaurant as far as good drinks Bloody Mary was just tomato juice no bloody Mary mix or garnishment . Also margarita Im not sure what it was. Our server Mohammed was great service took longer than expected but no big deal. I told him the lobster was sub-par and super tiny for $55 he said he was sorry. Again I didn’t want bad memories for our 25th so I didn’t push it any further. The biggest disappointment was for my wife. Sorry Tonya maybe we try again for the 26th. Love you!

Paulina W.

I was pleasantly surprised with the new restaurant. The prices are decent and the food and service were great! They get busy so get there early.

SeaRock Hills

Dad wanted his Father's Day dinner at the casino, so we decided to check out Muckleshoot. I got the Prime Rib Melt, he got the Prime Rib. Both were tasty and came as ordered. They were understaffed, and though our server did her best, the staffing issue evidently extended to the kitchen because it took about 45 minutes to receive our food. The only other issue is that the restaurant smells like cigarette smoke. Hopefully, the renovation in process will take care of that issue!

Sue Habeck

I had the crab boil 2 weeks in a row very good.

Jon A.

May 15, 2022 12:45 pm So it's been years that we haven't been here, as we drove up, all the construction, new buildings, so many new changes coming ... Well we finally got to the restaurant and put our name in, was told it's a 90 minutes wait due to the 2 parties ahead of us, one was like 45 people and the other was 25 ... No big deal, we sat and talked to anyone and everyone that came by us ... We had a blast talking to whoever and before we knew it, we got a text and we got seated ... Our server was Shawndrea and she was awesome, her smile, her personality, as for a server, she was good but she wasn't the problem!!! The kitchen, we think they made my dish the same time as my buddy but his meal took 20 mins to fix and my one done, it sat until his was done, time our meals came out, his was hot and my was kinda cold ... Food was delicious, it was just cold ... Shawndrea asked me and I told her, she got hold of her manager and she apologized and was going to take it off the bill but I already paid for it and she said, please come back and let us make it right for me ... And I will, because it wasn't the girls fault, just bad timing, but im looking forward to my next visit ... Ask for Shawndrea, you'll love her customer service ... enjoy

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