Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

721 M A St NE Suite 107, Auburn
(253) 939-7163

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Kathy Shira

Love this place .they accept EBT .my fav is chicken garlicFood: 5/5

Jm Perez

Always quick, consistent and a staple at our house. Everyone's too tired or too lazy to cook so we always grab the Family sized gourmet veg with half cheese pizza for our toddler. My husband and son started a tradition to bake cookie dough after they have pizza and my son absolutely loves it.

Marlena DeRoche

BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! The whole point of ordering online AND PAYING online is so it’s ready. They never have my full order ready when I arrive. I am a busy mom with a tight schedule EVERY MINUTE COUNTS. So I asked the staff why this is never fully ready they say “it’s a lot of prep time and nobody picks up the orders” I could completely understand if this was an unpaid order however I paid prior to the scheduled pick up. Then what made it worse is as I’m waiting and the workers whisper talking about me. IM STANDING RIGHT HERE, seriously just understand my frustration to my paid online order not being completely ready and how that can bother me as a PAYING CUSTOMER ahead of time. Not to mention instead of “oh we’re so sorry , we can get better on that or we don’t make mini’s ahead of time for whatever reason…” I get a response that sounded like an excuse from the staff & manager on duty. Very frustrating and upsetting not to mention a waste of my time and energy. I probably will not go to this location ever again !!! This is the only location to ever have done this and on multiple occasions. Why have the feature to order online and pay if I still have to wait ?? And what happened to having a certain amount of mini pizzas on hand ??


The manager at this location was disrespectful tonight, I couldn’t believe my ears. I love Papa Murphy’s but from now on, I plan on traveling to another location.

Mad Mama McStrangé

Great staff, great fresh pizza, but at the register its posted that the manager is stealimg tips which is mad illegal! What the heck is an "administrative fee?" Stop stealing from your workforce greedy! Lol omg #worstjobsofWA

Shantea Hensley

My family and I we both enjoy Papa Murphy's very much is a take and bake pizza very family-oriented restaurant if you just want to have a family night at home and you don't really feel like cooking Papa Murphy's is a way to go because you can go in there and tell him your order or you can do it over the app or you can call it in over the phone then you can have it already paid or you can walk in there just pay it take your food and go and instead of at home I got to do is pre-heat your oven to 350 or 400 for stuffed crust a regular crust and enjoy your family night with your kids has been a wives at home or even friends you know whatever strikes your fancy to for low price not bad compared to Domino's or Pizza Hut

Ka Mau

Always fast and always good food. They have a ton of diff coupons of you get online and order. I wish they had more in person coupons and it would be nice if you could use EBT when ordering online.. I would give it five stars if you could use EBT online. Since you can't you miss out on the online only coupons

Jason Baker

Clean Store, exceptional employees, excellent Pizza! take and bake. A little bit pricy though for take and bake pizza. Better prices on Tuesday's. To save time from waiting call it in before you pick it up.


This time I'm not impressed. The pizza was baked 100% correctly and baked at the right time and it turned out like trash. 425° for 13 minutes


Ordered a gourmet garlic chicken pizza with 10 million times less sauce and no chicken the best always!!! It's my go to pizza.. Always get it with very very very very very very light sauce like the size of a quater because the sauce over powers the pizza so much. All the employees are super cool and 9 times out of 10 shows and asks me less sauce.. a d I'm like YUP..LOL... ?

Perry Kaufman

Can you say fresh cooked pizza was going give only 4 yums until they threw in the pepper and garlic sauce so pops u get all 5 yummy!!!!

Lindsey Martin

Way more expensive then the sale price they were advertising and they didn't even offer me a dressing for the chicken Ceasar salad I bought. I don't think I will be going here again

Stephanie Lethrud

Fast crew they made a handful of pizzas while I waited for the pick up order I was there for. The crew was helpful and very welcoming

Katie Duffy

Good service and good with getting orders done at correct time. Just make sure if your allergic to an ingredient you make it clear so they don't put it on the pizza.

Ben Boru

Great service! Made a small mistake on our pizza and fixed it immediately plus offered a compensation for the mistake. It's nice to see some places still care about customer service!Plus the pizza is always amazing :D

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Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

721 M A St NE Suite 107, Auburn, WA 98002
(253) 939-7163