Rail Hop'n Brewing co

122 W Main St #101b, Auburn
(253) 217-6800

Recent Reviews

Ryan Schump

I don't live nearby, but visited randomly. Guy/owner was friendly and had great beer. Definitely coming back. Also an easy recommendation to friends/family.Edited for grammar

Devin Haughton

Owner is very friendly and generous! Great music and brews ?

Craig McHugh

Really great beer and very friendly people behind the bar. Try the jalapeño/ipa mix. Just enough heat to be fun and very tasty.

Kevin R.

I've been drinking craft beer for 15 years. The bitter the better I used to say. Every single beer I tasted here was not good. I sampled five different (including the house favorites) and ended up settling with the Live Iron. The service was fine and sitting outside on the sidewalk covered area to drink was really cool. But, your beer has to be good and this brewer hasn't quite figured out their formula yet. Not to say they won't iron out the kinks in the future but at this point in time I would not spend money here without serious convincing.

Nick S.

Great spot! Super nice guy, good food, and great beer. This is going to be our new place to stop for post-hike beers when heading home from 410. Still catch myself craving the habanero beer!

Kheele Arrieta

Amazing! Down to earth, fun and fantastic beer!The owners/brewer are so kind and willing to get pegged by a ginger in a game of cribbage;)

McKell Bowen

Spent 4 hours there last night and enjoyed some great unique beers and wonderful atmosphere. The owners knew their stuff and were fun to talk too. They keep it really clean and family friendly.

Kevin Clift

Really awesome place. Owner really knows his beers and made the perfect mix to find something I really enjoyed! We had the Mac n cheese poppers which were perfect with our beer. Shared some cool stories with the owner too!


Great place to hang with some friends for a drink. Owner is very friendly and staff is great. Have some great brews on tap.

Galen Nixon

Great place!!! Friendly people and the Brewmaster Billy Jack brews fantastic beer. You won't be disappointed!!!

Vincent S

The absolute best 'home-brewed' beer in Auburn. Friendly staff, and you can bring your own food!

Andrew R.

I saw the bartender scratch is head intensely right before grabbing a handful of cheese for the pizza he was making. Other than that the beer was good. Definitely recommend this place.

Cheryl B.

Super friendly and great beer. Very cool venue. They did a 'name your beer' fundraiser that I won so I got to name a beer that was made by some other people that won. All the proceeds from it went to Hope Sparks.

Saurabh Bhatt

Enjoyed the delicious brews and games at this place. Staff here was very friendly and enjoyed answering our questions. They even told us about the history of the place.There are bunch of board games available and you can chhose any availabile game and play at no cost.In-house food is most likely frozen food microwaved and did not taste good. But you can bring your food or pickup food from nearby restaurants and enjoy.Recommend this place!

Marc Drieu

The coolest place, with great beer made right there! Billy Jack likes to chat, too -)

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