Sizzle Dogs

1232 A St NE, Auburn
(425) 484-9433

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Charles Bussey

If you're looking for that diamond in the rough restaurant, try Sizzle Dogs. As far as the food goes, the dogs are excellent. The service, is outstanding and the location is easy to find and easy to get to. In fact, it makes going to the Auburn Lowe's worthwhile. Even though you won't get any type of customer service from the Auburn Lowe's or find anything you're looking for there, at least you will get a great meal in their parking lot. Another nice touch is that all the dogs are loaded anyway you want without extra cost. I really can't say enough good things about Sizzle Dogs. And even though I did take a star away in the atmosphere category, after all, it is located in the parking lot of Lowe's no less, I still must give Sizzle Dogs an overall score rating of five stars.Parking: It shares the parking lot of Lowe's.Wheelchair accessibility: It shares the parking lot of Lowe's and therefore has plenty of free parking veteran, parking and handicap parking.

Charles Sallinger

Great food great customer service great prices!

Hector Aguirre

Yesterday 09/20/21 I got to buy three hot dogs but the person who was serving me did not give me a separate receipt, he served me some hot dogs so small that I never believed that something like that would give me that because what I paid was too much for what that person prepared a hot dog I think he He didn't realize what he was giving me because my friend received the hot dogs and he doesn't speak English and when I arrived the cook offered me free sodas and chips but I didn't take it because that's not done be very careful when buying there

Jennifer Valliere

Our food selections were wonderfully prepared; excellent taste and portions coupled with a great setting

Grant West

Great place cooks need air-conditioning in the summer though


Hot dogs are hecka bomb!???

Denis Tatarinov

This was the best polish sausage i had at a hot dog stand...

Audi-here Automotive

What a great tasting dog!! The prices are very fair, and fast service too!

Jesse Thronson

Nice hot dog stand. Although it's not hard to prepare a good hot dog... I was waiting for my order. I realized the guy forgot to ask me if I wanted cream cheese on my hot dog. Like they usually do. When I walked up to let him know I wanted cream cheese on my hot dog, he was really rude. Told me to go and wait until he's ready to ask me what I want on my hot dog because there was other people ahead of me... He was busy and overwhelmed, but that's part of being in customer service. It's his job to be courteous and helpful in all situations. I asked his name, he smiled and said have a nice day

Null Stryker

Deeeeelicious hot dogs with a wide variety of toppings.


I really don’t care too much for hotdogs, but Sizzle Dogs is the only place that I will always look forward to going back to, just for their hotdogs! It was soooo good! Not greasy and soooo tasty! Beats Costco! Everyone should have a Sizzle Dog in their neighborhood!tt

Dan Koialovitch

I stopped here one day for lunch when I was leaving Lowes. It's located in the parking lot. I was pleasantly surprised. The gentleman that worked there was friendly. It was very clean and well put together. The dog was grilled right in front of you and ready in a couple minutes. It tasted great and there were any toppings you could possibly think of. I will definitely stop again next time I'm at Lowes or just in the area.

Jacob Bruno

Best hotdogs we have ever had

Mike Matthews


Tao Nguyen

Their hotdogs are amazing especially if you put sate onions and cream cheese.

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