Taco Bell

710 Auburn Way S, Auburn
(253) 735-1544

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Matthew Le

Got two tacos with no filling and a crunch wrap supreme with a sprinkle of beef. Apparently should have ordered extra meat so that i could get any at all. Quesadilla was on point though so 1 star is well deserved. Spent 25 dollars on some shells and cheese.

juicy juice

Customer service is terrible with these people. I had Uber eaters pick up at around 10:30pm, got in the drive through and they refused to give me the order because supposedly “I had to come inside”. Instead of giving me the order and explaining that to me for next time. How smart is that? That’s dumb!

jm g

Worst lobby costumer service ive ever witnessed. They wont even greet you for 15 to 30 minutes then make you wait another 15 to 30 minutes for your food. Ive been here over a hundred times and everyday is the same. I want to know who the district manager is because this place has gone so far downhill its ridiculous.Food: 2/5

Lora Fair

Rushed through drive through, ordered a crunch wrap that had approx. 1 tbsp. Of fillings, the tortilla on 1 side was 2 inches thick, which caused me to lose a tooth biting into it! Not joking. I will not go to any taco bell again. ?Food: 1/5

Nancy Washburn

I get pintos and cheese, 6 at a time, 5 to 6 times a week from here. Never a problem until last night. I paid more than normal, but thought prices may have gone up again. When I got home I discovered 7 tacos. I don't eat tacos, tried calling establishment for 2 hours straight, no one would answer the phone. Got ripped off will never go back to this establishment!Parking: Plenty

Nancy W.

Taco Bell 710 Auburn way, screwed me out of $18.41. I ordered six pintos and cheese, cost me $18.41, went I got home like 8 tacos. Tried to call for hours phone just rang! It is late, and I am 71 years old, too dark for me to go back out and they will not answer their phone. Called constantly for one hour. Want my money, don't eat tacos!!!

Elli Owens

ordered 3 grilled cheese burritos, got 3 normal burritos which wouldn't have been a big deal if the order total hadn't been almost $20. They did not give me a receipt either. Check your food before you leave the drive through.

Elli Sowers

ordered 3 grilled cheese burritos, got 3 normal burritos which wouldn't have been a big deal if the order total hadn't been almost $20. They did not give me a receipt either. Check your food before you leave the drive through.

Brenden Riley

Went here at 10:46 pm order 451 I ordered a number 8 and some other items, they gave me some sort of burrito filled with tomatoes. When I ordered the number 8 shekida(spelling)who took my order she even asked me if I wanted supreme or regular. How can you ask me that question and still get my order wrong. It makes no sense. I gave them all the food back and the manager or acting manager who didn’t know how to do refunds apparently and had to ask for help, so whoever helped him tried to only give me my money back for the burrito. How ridiculous. They did give me my money back eventually but it was just all together a bad experience. You need to hire people who understand how to do their jobs. The girl who was at the register was playing on her phone watching videos I could hear them from my car I’m assuming she got my order wrong because she was on her phone and not paying attention. Pitiful.

michelle hyatt

My food has never been wrong but the customer service at any locations i have been at could use alot of work.... plus there breakfasts are very good and should be ALL DAY nit just am

Kassy S

Some days are really good, others are very poor in terms of the customer service and quality of food. The staff are usually very nice or a bit blunt and abrasive but with this type of industry that's kind of expected. Overall I would come to this location over many others, definitely not a bad place to go.

Jessica Pérez

Food was good but they mixed up all three crunchwraps with nothing identifying. We also asked that the cream and sugar be put on the side. If this wasn't possible, a heads-up would be nice, then it wouldn't have been a problem. They did not tell us and also mixed up which coffee was which even though we ordered differently.

Alejandra Thunder Hawk

Went there yesterday, they missed multiple things, went inside to get the rest of my food and was literally called a liar by someone stating they were the manager. She was the youngest girl there and she kept saying how much she hated people while swearing at me and tried to refuse me service. There were two guys working there and they obviously realized how crazy she was because they helped me even when she told them not to. Def would not recommend.

Josh Stewart

After midnight the system always “goes down” but even when they are able to take a order, it’s sub standard. The lady working the drive up is also extremely rude and seemingly not very bright


Got a black bean crunchwrap supreme instead of a black bean quesarito TWICE now. Absolutely irritating, as I think hot lettuce is gross and haven't been able to enjoy my lunch two days this week. Definitely don't recommend placing a mobile order here, unless you're willing to get something random instead of what you ordered.

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