urban chops

512 Auburn Way N, Auburn
(206) 565-4430

Recent Reviews

Brian P.

I have only tried one sandwich here, but it keeps me coming back. The curry pork with shrimp is delicious and huge. I'd like to try more of the menu but this sandwich is so good, I probably won't.

Michael B.

The chicken bacon bao is amazing. It's crunchy and juicy and absolutely delicious. My close second favorite is the urban pork which is also amazing. I can not express enough how delicious this food is! Pair with a Thai tea and you've got a great meal. Yum!

Heather B.

Great flavor fresh ingredients. Just plain good food. Auburn needs more flavor town! Never had an issue with any of our orders out of this joint.

Jason M.

My favorite vermicelli bowls! Their lemongrass grilled pork is awesome. Service fast and friendly. Awesome Banh Mi too!

Donny D.

I found this sandwich shop through Yelp as my coworker and I headed back to the office from an onsite visit. The descriptions and pictures were spot on and I am glad we tried a new Banh Mi restaurant! The sandwiches were huge and filled with pork that was so flavorful! Why not try something new and different?! I can't wait to return with family and friends!

Viet Kieu

wow, traditional dishes are good, but fusion dishes are better in my opinion. Fusion dishes show the creativity and outside the box thinking. Tried my first sandwich today and will be returning to try others. If you love Binh Mi this is the spot.

Kevin G.

I will be thinking about the crispy chicken and bacon sandwich for a long time. It was that good! I would definitely check it out if you're around because it really hit the spot. I'll be back to try more options. We also finished it off with the crème brûlée which just rounded out the meal real nice!

Michael Davis

Everytime I've been here I've tried to try something I haven't had before. At this point I've had pretty much everything haha so much flavor and the Ingredients are always fresh!!Food: 5/5


Great food, fresh veggies, crispy chicken, and yummy sauce! Dessert was great too.Food: 5/5

Archie C.

Place was really good, if you decide to get a bahn mi for an actual full meal, do recommend this place I got the Urban Bahn Mi and was very generous With the portion of meat, and one sandwich filled me up for 12$. Will come back here. Be mindful this place does get busy

TeresaFuture M.

This restaurant came up on my Yelp app recently, and we gave it a try. I am glad we did; this place is nummy! My husband isn't a big fan of Vietnamese food and loves his teriyaki./Chinese food. We went back again later in the week- his recommendation.

Maribel Lara

First time eating Vietnamese food and it was delicious!

Zoryana Koval

Delicious sandwiches! The crunchy chicken is amazing. So unique and yummy.

Matt clem

This was such a great lunch! I'm absolutely lost for how pleased I am! I loved the food so much I'm already planning another stop & I haven't left yet!

Dustin Tanner

Best bahn mi sandwiches I've ever had period. I've tried their bao burgers as well and shrimp and its all phenominal. Also prices are fair and you get alot of food.

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