West Hill Deli

3615 W Valley Hwy N, Auburn
(253) 929-8632

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Brandon Hunt

This is an amazing little deli that serves delicious food! I got the Brisket sandwich with homemade potato chips. My wife got the Brisket bowl which was rice, pasta salad, veggies, and chunks of Brisket. Then we both split a bowl of chowder. The Brisket was tender and juicy and the chowder was rich and creamy. Overall it was a really good lunch and we are looking forward to our next visit!

Marc B.

One of the best Filipino joints south of seattle. Worth the trip and the hospitality is on point. The food reminds me of my grandmas cooking and will forever be a loyal customer.

C L.

Got there on a busy Saturday morning. Food came pretty quickly considering the volume of ppl there. We got the pork belly Benedict and Ube French Toast. The pork belly was delicious! The Hollendaise sauce was delicious and egg was cooked perfectly. 4.5/5 I had higher hopes for the French toast but I found that there wasn't much Ube flavor to them, just the nice distinct purple color. Basically just tasted like a normal French toast, which you know, was still good. Just not up to expectations. 3/5 Calamansi Ice Tea was like a perfect 5/5. So delicious.

Jayme F.

My friend & I met here on a Saturday morning at 9AM for breakfast, it was chill and there were only two other people in the restaurant. The food was delicious! You know this because after an hour of being there, the restaurant was literally PACKED. People were waiting for tables! They got everything out super quickly though. The only downsides were that nobody really checks on you after you get your food. It's more like an order your food and have a seat to eat your meal kinda vibe but not like a full-service type place. Also, there were a few flies roaming around--not too bothersome, but they are there. Overall, it was a great first time visit & I can't wait to go back!

Erica C.

Honestly our go to spot for delicious, comfy yet trendy Filipino food. There's something for everybody. Along with their various choices of Filipino food they also offer sandwiches and burgers. I'm making my way around the menu and now their daily specials. There's always something new to try. On this certain visit, I had their Kare Kare, the ube crumble cake that my boyfriend always has to get every time we come. My favorite drink to get is the calamansi iced tea, so refreshing. The Kare Kare was a great portion, freshly made garlic rice and the vegetables still had the crunch. I would prefer a more peanut butter taste and flavor in the Kare Kare. The soup was creamy and really went well with the garlic rice. Don't forget to eat it with the bagoong, adds umami and a nice saltiness. We also got the potato & leeks w/ bacon soup. Impressed how flavorful it was and would get it again. I wonder if they serve oyster crackers or any type of crackers for the soup. That would be great! My boyfriend just threw in some of his chips he got with his sandwich. Crunch really made a delicious difference! It is a 'bus your own table situation', and you'll find the table where to put your dishes near the bathroom. Customer service is great and they play pretty good music while you dine.

Olga O.

BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER! (Insert clapping emoji) Do not drive by this place without going in. You're stomach and wallet will thank you. The portions are perfect, the food is tasty, and the price tag is unbeatable. I recommend first trying their classic eggs Benedict. The hollandaise is 5 stars itself. Grab a coffee as well and top off breakfast with the ube pancake, that's their star! Once you try this place, there's no going back. Im already planning my next visit. For those who don't like sit down, they have a very efficient and fast pick up option.

Mo22 T

Satisfied my cravings. Only disappointment was how thin the slice of pork belly was on the eggs Benedict. Other than that everything was good. If you love Filipino food get your butt there. You have to order the ube pancakes. It's the ube butter & syrup for me? masarap

Kyle W.

Amazing Filipino brunch spot with very good value. I would go here very often if it weren't that far away from Seattle - this place is located all the way in Auburn, about a 30-45min drive from Seattle. You can preorder ahead online for "pickup" and specify that the order is for dine-in (so that your food will come out with actual plating rather than a to-go package) to avoid waiting too long for the food, but regardless they seem to prioritize dine-in orders first, but you will be gambling on seats. Typically online orders take 30-40min while dine-in took maybe 15-20min. Fortunately, the place is very spacious so there is more than enough seating usually, and for large groups (of party of 10 or more), simply call ahead so they can rearrange tables for the party. If you choose not to preorder online, you can also order at the front. This is more of a fast casual spot so you will need to bus your own table after you finish eating, which is the only downside of this place. We ordered the following and shared family style: Toasted coconut waffle: fairly standard, with a light coconut flavor from coconut flakes. This is not really anything special. Ube pancakes: 3 large pancakes with ube butter and sauce. This is quite delicious and very aesthetic. It is just the right amount of sweetness, though it is more than enough for one person. Pandan fried chicken: nicely battered, juicy, and well spiced fried chicken, plated in sweet and sour sauce and served with macaroni salad, garlic rice, and pickled vegetables. It is also a fairly large dish so it is meant to be shared. Sisig (special): though sisig itself is generally very fatty, this sisig is not super heavy. It comes with rice and a large plate of garlic rice, the perfect combo for some Filipino comfort food. The people in the Southside have it good - this is a place I would definitely go again for some brunch. It is well-priced (we spent less than $13 per person after tax) and we were very full at the end. This brings me back memories of good food when it was cheap, before all the inflation going on right now.

Faith O.

Different takes on Filipino dishes, I would definitely be back to try the more authentic style stuff, but the calamansi chicken sandwich was really good and refreshing. Gotta get the Taho, where else you gonna get it unless your mom makes it at home or you go to the pi and wait for the uncle to wake you up yelling "taho!!!".. anyways this place is in the industrial area and worth the try!. Pleasant staff and clean interior!

Al Ikeda

Came to West Hill Deli by a recommendation from a friend. I was very surprised to see and meet one of the owners, Head Executive Chef and friend, who works at one of the large major resort hotel in Seattle.Having to have worked for a few different large hotel brands, I had a good feeling that we will experience having a higher food quality and standards at this restaurant. If you have experienced dining at any of the large major hotel restaurants in Seattle, you will definitely know what I mean.Yes the food was excellent, from plating, presentation, and taste. Take a look at the pictures. Portions are large as the plates they use are the oversized hotel dinner plates.They have great breakfast, Asian fusion food, smash burgers, pastries, deserts, and real barbecue - this restaurant will please just about anybody!Prices - very reasonable, costs are lower than most places. Will definitely be back and highly recommend this place to anyone wanting comfort food.

Long N.

Amazing food for a cheap price. I enjoyed all 3 we ordered. Deducting 1 star because: . The smoothie ice needs to be blended more. There are still big chunks of ice . The garlic rice plate needs some sauce. The meat is kind if sweet already so thats why the rice should have something savory added to make it more balanced.

Suki H.

I love the pictures posted for this establishment of the ube pancakes and french toast, I had to come to try out myself. Plus, having a Filipino boyfriend who was curious to try it out was a good sign as he usually says no to Filipino food as he favors his family's cooking. He ordered for us as I know how nice it can be to talk to someone who can speak your native language. The cashier was very sweet and helped us out with some recommendations. We ordered the ube pancakes, longganisa plate, kare kare and calamansi lemonade. My boyfriend was very impressed with the food and loved the ube pancakes! I was a bit disappointed with the kare kare as it did not have the peanut butter taste that I love but I did enjoy the meats and vegetables as there was plenty of them! We are looking forward to coming back and trying more of their dishes! The space is huge and there are plenty of tables and chairs for parties of all sizes!

Hamala Makala

Surprised to find a place that offered ube pancakes here. Great mix of Filipino food and desserts with some American options. Biscuits and gravy was amazing and the ube pancakes were better than the ones I had in Hawaii.

Monyca W.

I drove by this place a thousand times before seeing the Yelp reviews and checking it out. In my mind, a "deli" would serve portable items like sandwiches, but this place has so much more! You order at the counter and take a number to your table. I had a pork belly benedict that was delicious, and my husband had a crispy garlic rice bowl with pork bowl that was also great. I saw kids enjoying purple ube pancakes, and many Filipino families eating what I imagined must be a taste of home for them - next time I'll have to try a Filipino favorite! They also had ice cream, chips, and drinks - so you could easily stop here for a treat to go.

Samantha O.

TL;dr: the flavors are authentic af. Packed plates of food. Will be a regular. Service: they are so nice! There's a bunch of them behind the counter and the kitchen and they are all helping each other out. Food is pretty quick to come too. Environment: it's very spacious, high ceiling, and lots of light coming in from the window. There's some art painted on the top of the counter and enough tables to join for bigger families. Food: the food is really good. The crispy pork belly was hecka crispy and there was so much on that plate, it came with Mac salad, veggies, and rice and for the price which I believe was around $12 it's so worth it. Friend ordered the calamansi sandwich and it came with the a side of soup and they chose salmon. The sandwich was extremely juicyz couldn't tell about the calamansi tho. But I'd get it later for myself still. The price for the amount of food is pretty good. The buko pandan is pandan ice cream and pandan jelly. The flavor of the pandan ice cream is great, not super fake tasting and not overwhelming. I'll be back for more pandan!

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